队中有我,我心有队 There Is a“Me”in“Team”

As I turned into the parking lot at the tennis club the other day, I pulled my 1)visor over my face and 2)scooted down real low in the driver’s seat so nobody on my team would see me. They’ve 3)been after me for weeks, and they’re like: “Michelle, come on. We need you in the 4)lineup.” They are so 5)peer pressure! They totally know I’m not ready yet because I hurt my wrist and now I have to learn to 6)serve with my other hand. It could take years—ask anybody—for a former 7)leftie like me to develop a right-handed serve that’s good enough for competitive play. So I sneaked out of the car. Then I 8)crab-walked, all 9)hunched over, toward the privacy of the far court, where one of the club’s 10)pros, Rafael, would help me work on my serve. I did not get far.阅读更多 »队中有我,我心有队 There Is a“Me”in“Team”

“妈妈”发明家 If These Moms Can’t Find It,They Invent It

Eight years ago, Tamara Monosoff came up with an invention that she was sure mothers like herself would appreciate: a device that prevents children from 1)unspooling toilet paper from the roll. But she had no idea how to transform the concept into a 2)marketable product. When she turned to the Internet,“There was nothing—no road maps, no anything,” recalls Ms. Monosoff, who lives near San Francisco.阅读更多 »“妈妈”发明家 If These Moms Can’t Find It,They Invent It

光有激情和创造力是不够的——你还需要目标 Passion and Creativity Are Not Enough—You Need Goals, Too

Many of us fall into business because of passion, circumstance or perhaps an exciting idea, forgetting about the 1)endgame. However, goal-setting—making 2)tangible, definable goals—is critical in getting you to where you want to go.
我们大多数人从商的原因各有不同,或是因为激情,或是环境所致,抑或是出于某个激动人心的想法,而将商业的最终决战抛诸脑后。然而,设定目标——定下切实且确定的目标——对于你的预期发展至关重要。阅读更多 »光有激情和创造力是不够的——你还需要目标 Passion and Creativity Are Not Enough—You Need Goals, Too

步步为营 The Importance of Goal-Setting

There are many things that we wish to achieve in life. For some, we set goals and objectives, and for some we don’t. Now, I want you to do some serious thinking. Try to remember the last time you set a goal to achieve a certain task. Were you able to complete the task in an effective manner? I am sure that the tasks which are done by setting and meeting daily goals will definitely be useful and rewarding experiences. Be it your personal or professional life, setting goals both big and small is the ultimate key to achieving and enjoying what you want. A step-by-step approach towards achieving smaller goals is the key to achieving larger ones.
生活中,有很多我们想完成的事情。我们为其中一些事情设定了目标,而有一些则没有。现在,请认真地思考一下,回想自己最近一次为完成某个任务而设定目标的情景。你是否有效地完成了这个任务?我确信,通过设定并完成日常目标而完成的任务无疑是一份有用而值得的经历。无论是个人生活还是职业生涯,设定或大或小的目标都是实现和享受梦想的最关键因素。一步一步地朝着小目标迈进,是完成大目标的必经之路。阅读更多 »步步为营 The Importance of Goal-Setting

我的三项全能之路 My Goal to Become a Triathlete

Many people 2)reiterate the importance of a “life goals” checklist—a list of things that you hope to do, by a certain time or year, in your lifetime. Last summer I accomplished a huge life goal of mine: I completed an Olympic 3)Triathlon. It may seem like a regular goal to some, and it may pass off the 4)radar screen for many. My family and friends know me as an athlete—so why is one triathlon such a goal for me?
许多人都在反复强调列出一个“人生目标”清单的重要性——一张列举了你在一生之中某段时间或某一年所希望做的事情的清单。去年夏天,我实现了一个极大的人生目标:我完成了一次奥林匹克三项全能比赛。对于有些人来说,它看上去也许只不过是一个正常的目标,也许根本不会被列入许多人的考虑范围之内。我的亲朋好友都知道我是个运动员,那么为什么一次三项全能比赛会成为我的一大目标呢?阅读更多 »我的三项全能之路 My Goal to Become a Triathlete

心中目标指引我们 The Goals That Guide Us

“ Not all who wander are lost,” they say, but for the great majority of us, having a 1)road map for the future is a key element to well-being and success, however we choose to define it. This means setting goals for ourselves, and finding ways to achieve them. If you’re a wanderer, it might be time to realize the 2)boundless utility of setting goals.
徘徊的人并非都迷路,”他们说道,但是对于绝大多数人来说,无论我们选择如何定义它,为未来设计蓝图都是获得幸福及成功的关键因素。这意味着我们要为自己设定目标,并想方设法去达成。如果你正在游荡徘徊,那么可能是时候去发现设定目标的无限用处了。阅读更多 »心中目标指引我们 The Goals That Guide Us