队中有我,我心有队 There Is a“Me”in“Team”

As I turned into the parking lot at the tennis club the other day, I pulled my 1)visor over my face and 2)scooted down real low in the driver’s seat so nobody on my team would see me. They’ve 3)been after me for weeks, and they’re like: “Michelle, come on. We need you in the 4)lineup.” They are so 5)peer pressure! They totally know I’m not ready yet because I hurt my wrist and now I have to learn to 6)serve with my other hand. It could take years—ask anybody—for a former 7)leftie like me to develop a right-handed serve that’s good enough for competitive play. So I sneaked out of the car. Then I 8)crab-walked, all 9)hunched over, toward the privacy of the far court, where one of the club’s 10)pros, Rafael, would help me work on my serve. I did not get far.阅读更多 »队中有我,我心有队 There Is a“Me”in“Team”