猎鹿人的自述 Hunting Deer With My Flintlock

She took me by surprise. Though I had been 2)stalking her through the dense 3)undergrowth for about 40 minutes, I had lost sight of her as the afternoon light began to fade. It was getting late and I was about ready to 4)call it a day when, just as I 5)hit the 6)crest of a shadowy 7)depression in the mountainside, I caught a glimpse of her, a beautiful 8)doe, the 9)matriarch of a small 10)clan that 11)foraged behind her. She saw me, too. Even in the spreading dusk I could see her eyes as she glared at me. She 12)stomped out a warning on the rocky ground.
她让我吃了一惊。虽然我在密集的丛林中跟踪了她约四十分钟,但随着天色愈渐昏暗,我已无从寻觅她的踪影。天色已晚,我正准备打道回府,就在这时,我发现了山边若隐若现的颈脊曲线。我瞥见了她,那是一只美丽的母鹿,一小撮鹿群的头领,鹿群正在她身后觅食。她也看见了我。即使暮色已浓,我仍能看到她注视着我的双眸。她用脚跺着岩石地面,发出警示。阅读更多 »猎鹿人的自述 Hunting Deer With My Flintlock