崭新的一天 A New Day

A New Day

The sun has begun to set and I hang up the smile I’ve worn all day, though I will make sure it is the first thing I put back on in the morning just in case it is “that day.” I want her to see me at my very best.

I do the normal routine, eat dinner, clean the house, write—the usual stuff.

And then I lay down hoping to fall asleep quickly so my new day will hurry up and arrive. A new day with a brand new sun.

But as I lay there and wait for the world to turn half way around, I think about her. And sometimes I smile, and sometimes that smile will turn into a snicker[窃笑], and then often that snicker will turn into a burst of laughter.

And then there are times I get that lump[块,团] in my throat and that tight feeling in my chest, and sometimes that feeling overwhelms[淹没] me and begins to turn into a tear, and often that tear multiplies[增加] itself and I can no longer fight the feeling and I lose the battle.

  Then somehow through either the joy or the sadness I drift[漂流] and find myself asleep. Then the dreams begin and keep me company[陪伴] until my new day arrives.

When I awake it’s with such excitement because I tell myself this could be the day that every other day has led up to[作为……的准备] and the first day of the rest of my life. I quickly don[穿上,披上] my smile because I do so want her to see me at my very best. Then I look out the window because, even though I know it’s dawn, I still have to confirm I’ve been given another chance to find her.

And there it is…the sun, even when it’s cloudy; somehow I still see it. And it smiles at me and I say, “Thank you,” and I smile back.

Then I ask myself, “Is this the day?” And the excitement rushes over me again. And then I ask myself, “Where’s it going to be?”

Maybe it’ll be at the water fountain[饮水器], and, unexpectedly, there I’ll find her, and much more than my thirst will be quenched[熄灭].

Maybe it’ll be at the grocery[杂货] store and there she’ll appear as I’m picking out fruit, and she’ll show me the difference between fresh and spoiled. Then, from that moment, nothing that I eat will ever taste the same because she’ll bring out the simplest beauties in everything I see, taste, smell, hear, or touch.

Or maybe today will be the day when my angel brings an item up to the cash register[收银机] without its price tag[标签]. And as I wait behind this angel with all the frustrated people who are in such a hurry with their busy lives, I will find myself with such blessed extra time. Just enough time to start a conversation with this beautiful vision standing in front of me that I might not otherwise have noticed, but, because of a “price check on register 5,” I was able to find her.

Thank you for the sun, which began my new day. Thank you for granting me the faith when I arose this morning that I would find her in this new day. But most of all, thank you for me not having to ever wait on another sunrise because whenever I want to see it, I will look at her and there it shall always be, in her eyes; she will forever hold it for me.

She is my sunrise, my dawn, my new day.