爱科技还是反科技? All-Tech VS No-Tech?


英式发音 适合泛听

All-Tech Life in Seoul ★ 首尔“全”科技时代

In Seoul, everywhere you go you see people with the latest 1)gadgets. It’s hyper-real and hyper-active. They’ve got Wi-Fi and digital TV reception across Korea, even on the underground. You could be standing just inches away from somebody, and they’re totally absorbed in whatever they’re doing—watching 2)telly, listening to music—but, for some reason, in this country it doesn’t appear rude; it just seems to be the norm.
It’s odd to have witnessed so many people in their own private universes. Are they stimulated or 3)insulated against the world? Even in public places, you sometimes get the feeling that you’re on your own.

Say No to Technology ★拒绝“科技”

  Back in 4)Yorkshire, the contrast with Seoul couldn’t be 5)starker. In 30 years, Korea has been transformed beyond all recognition. It’s wired to the digital future and it’s years ahead of us in its connectivity.
These days there really aren’t many people who actively reject technology. Even the greenest of the greens have usually got a website. To find someone, who’d taken a stand led me here to 6)Pembrookeshire. For the past decade, Emma Orback has lived here without any of today’s “techno-trappings.”
Reporter: I don’t suppose there could be that many people in Britain who would want to…to live like this, do you think?
Emma Orbach: Yeah, sometimes I’ve thought about if, for example, I was discovered living like this, there could be, like, shock, horror headlines, you know, “Middle-aged woman found living in 7)hovel in woods without electricity or any water.” And so, what is the difference between that scenario and how I experience living here? And the difference is that I choose to live like this, and that, for me, it’s beautiful. I’m not a victim of a circumstance that I would wish to be otherwise.
Reporter: So, to own a gadget would not make you any happier.
Emma: No. It makes me a bit depressed.
Reporter: Does it?
Emma: Yeah.
Reporter: Why?
Emma: Because they always break down, and they make a noise, and they end up as landfill, and they’re just part of the consumer nightmare.
Emma has lived without a washing machine for 30 years. She’s got no TV, no microwave, no radio even. Her one concession to communication: a land-line two fields away. It’s low-impact living 8)in extremis. Yet, in spite of the absence of 9)mod-cons, Emma doesn’t seem to want for anything.
Reporter: Have you 10)renounced technology?
Emma: That’s a really interesting question for me, and…and I’ve started to feel that I’m a 11)conscientious objector, really. And, for me, I am not convinced that technology and gadgets add to the quality of my life. In fact, I think they 12)detract from it.