司夜女神尼克斯 Nyx—The Goddess of Night



Nyx was the goddess of night and she dictated to men and gods alike. Her name, 3)synonymous with Night, describes how her dark light falls from the stars. She was one of the most powerful goddesses to be talked about in Greek mythology. In ancient art Nyx was 4)portrayed as either a winged goddess or 5)charioteer, sometimes crowned with an 6)aureole of dark mist, 7)trailing stars and painting the night sky accompanied by her two sons, 8)Hypnos and 9)Thanatos.
尼克斯是司夜女神,她向人类以及诸神发号施令。其名字与“黑夜”同义,描绘了她的黑暗之光是如何从星空映射下来。她是希腊神话中最强大的女神之一。在古代艺术中,尼克斯被描绘成长着翅膀的女神或者司夜女神尼克斯 Nyx—The Goddess of Night战车的御者,有时还戴着由黑暗迷雾形成的光环。她的两个儿子修普诺斯和塔那托斯与她同行,星星尾随着他们,为天空绘上黑夜的颜色。

Nyx lived in 10)Tartarus which was considered both a place and also the name of her brother. It was said that she spreads around him in a 11)triple line like a necklace. The stories say that at and above the gates of Tartarus were the sources and ends of heaven, earth and sea. And this dark-robed goddess, the giver of sleep, lived here.

It is said that both Day and Night lived here in the same home, behind the gates of Tartarus, yet they were never there at the same time. The myths say that when one, either Night or Day, crossed the earth, the other would wait at home. Nyx 12)resided in her home all day long, taking care of her dark-spirited children. But when the evening set in, Nyx left her home to set off for her nightly journey. On her way she met 13)Hemera, the Day, who was returning home from her daily trip and they would greet each other.

The exact origin of Nyx is unknown. Some sources say that she is the daughter of 14)Eros and other sources say that both she and Eros are children of 15)Chaos. Some sources even say that Nyx is the mother of Eros and that she laid a 16)germless egg in the bosom of 17)Erebus and the golden-winged Eros was born (after many long ages).

All those who favor 18)mischief and 19)misdeeds are said to get along great with Nyx. Many stories of 20)treachery involve the black-winged Nyx and her dark doings. It is said that during the Trojan War, it was Nyx who protected the spies. It is also said that she is with 21)fugitives and thieves who escape or move about in the night doing evil deeds.

Yet it is sometimes said in stories that Nyx may help spare lives, such as by parting warriors. Nyx is very different from most goddesses. She can either be helpful or harmful to mankind. Nyx can bring you either sleep or death depending on the situation. 22)Agate represents Nyx because it’s great for keeping bad dreams away. Also it can protect against stress.

For some that experience pain in the day, night and Nyx are a welcome relief. They welcome her into their lives and their arms. For others, night is a frightening time where you never know what is 23)lurking in the shadows or what Nyx’s children may do. For others, there is no difference in day and night and they care little for what Nyx may do, although it is said that Nyx will destroy what day has done.

Nyx is not all dark or bad 24)tidings. Night is also the time for inspiration and it is told that the muses sing during the nighttime to the gods and to Nyx herself.