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永远的奥黛丽·赫本 Hepburn Forever(2)


Hepburn, the Actress

My mother’s acting career was a second choice, a  14)default choice. But the rules were the same as in ballet: hard wok, discipline and professionalism.

“Less is more” was at the core of my mother’s basic “look” philosophy.

Style is a word we often use, for a multitude of purposes. In the case of my mother it was the extension of an inner beauty 15)reinforced by a life of discipline, respect for the other, and hope in humanity. She didn’t go with the trends, didn’t reinvent herself every season. She loved fashion but kept it as a tool to 16)compliment her look.

When she appeared, her clothes didn’t scream out, “Look at me!” but, “This is me … no better than you.” And she truly believed in that. She didn’t see herself as anything special or unusual, which is why she worked so hard and was always pleasant and professional. Her style was only an extension of who she was, the person we all admired, because down deep we knew that what we saw was not just clever packaging but an honest and 100 percent genuine human being.





   当她出现在公众面前,她的衣着不会像是在尖叫“看看我!”, 而像是在说“这就是我……其实并不比你好。”她深深地相信着这一点。 她不认为自己特别或与众不同。因此,她努力工作着,而且总是投入并感到愉快。她的风格只是她个人的外延——一个我们都欣赏的人, 因为我们深知我们所看到的赫本不是只有着精美外在包装的人,而是一个诚实的、百分百真实的人。

Hepburn and UNICEF

Although she was never an ardent follower of any formal religion, my mother’s own faith 17)endured throughout her life: her faith in love, her faith in the miracle of nature, and her faith in the goodness of life. She honoured this second chance at life at every opportunity that presented itself and most of all at the end of her life, through her work for UNICEF.

Sometimes a near-death experience can free us of the 18)shackles that life slowly trains us to wear. We come to realize what’s worth the sweat and what isn’t. Although she had no memory of her childhood near-death experience, the knowledge of it, coupled with the fertile ground of an already self-effacing nature, were the roots of the humility that graced her entire life.

After having helped to feed millions of children, there she was: unable to eat, herself. To allow time for her to heal, they had to put her on 19)TPN (total parenteral nutrition).

She had described to us the basic corn and rice flour meal that UNICEF provides the millions starving in those camps. We had also seen photos of the children in Africa who, on the verge of death, are put on an 20)IV drip because of severe 21)dehydration.

She was now one of them.


尽管母亲从来不是任何正统宗教的虔诚信徒,但她个人的信仰贯穿她的一生: 她相信爱,相信大自然的神奇之处,相信生活的美好。无论任何时候,她都十分珍惜生活赋予的第二次机会,特别是在生命旅程接近尽头那段时间里,她通过自己在联合国儿童基金会的工作来实践自己的信仰。





My mother had a secret.

I don’t think she would mind my saying it. We see things much more clearly…after. So here it is, the great secret.

She was sad.

Not that life treated her badly, and therefore she was sad. Life was tough but good. My mother was sad because of what she saw happening to the children of this world. She never forgot watching those Somali families as they waited calmly and quietly in line for a turn that many never got. How hurt had she been by the sight of children dying in their mother’s arms? How had she slept at night, knowing that what was being done was not enough, that what could be done was limited and couldn’t undo the relentless growing roots of injustice and war? I think we all made her a little bit sad. Yes, you did as well as I. Not because we were bad, but because we couldn’t help. If she hadn’t done the work for UNICEF at the end of her life, I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve now done some work for the children and I’m sad too. I think if you got the full picture, you would be sad too.

Don’t worry, you’ll smile as well. A smile is the perfection of laughter. And you may cry a little too. But crying is good for your eyes and for your soul. It beautifies.








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1)  pang [pAN] n. 剧痛,悲痛
2)  profound [prE5faund] adj. 意义深远的
3)  snarling [snB:liN] adj. 纠缠的

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