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有些话,我们在翻译的时候可能觉得不会有太大的问题。可是翻出来后,和Native Speaker的说法一比较就找到了差距。为什么会存在这样的差距?可能有文化上的、习惯上的、还有理解上的等各方面的原因。越接近Native Speaker的表达,我们的英语就越地道。今天,Steven就要检验一下大家英语的地道程度了。

1. 我一直反对靠裸露来吸引票房。
   What I've been opposed to is nudity for box-office draw.

2. Maillart的桥不仅给人美学上的享受,在技术上也是无法超越的。
   Maillart's bridges were more than just aesthetically pleasing--they were technologically unsurpassed.

3. 中国当局已经封锁了该农场,并对农场周围3公里范围内近1万4千家禽进行了捕杀。
   Chinese authorities sealed the farm and slaughtered 14,000 poultry animals within a 3-kilometer radius of the farm.

4. 我站在镜子前犹豫不决。
   I was standing in front of the mirror, stricken with indecision.

5. 没有人事先知道她在舞台上有那样的惊人之举。
   No one had prior knowledge of her stunt on the stage.

6. 我们的生活原来充满巧合。
   It turned out our lives were riddled with coincidences.

7. 我记得他以前一直是班上的尖子,所以他一定长成了个古板的工作狂。
   I remembered he'd been top of his class, so he was bound to have grown up into a square workaholic.

8. Beyonce平了由Alicia Keys、Norah Jones 和 Lauryn Hill 创下的女艺人得奖(葛莱美)最多的纪录。
   Beyonce's five awards tied a record set by Alicia Keys, Norah Jones and Lauryn Hill for the most Grammy’s won by a female artist.

9. 我依稀记得我们那天在别人的双层床上亲昵了很久。
   I have a dim memory of us making out for hours on someone else's bunk bed.

10. 不幸的是,其他两科的成绩把我的平均积点给拉了下来。
    Unfortunately, those two grades brought down my G.P.A. (Grade-point Average)

11. Steve Francis 和 Jim Jackson 的3分命中将拉开到83比69。
    Steve Francis and Jim Jackson hit 3-pointers to boost the lead to 83-69.

12. 在大萧条期间,爆米花儿成了影剧院内的主要商品。
    Popcorn became a staple at movie theaters during the Great Depression.

13. 只有像Julia Roberts那样有影响的女演员才能坚持“无裸露”条款。
    Only actresses with great clout such as Julia Roberts can insist on a no-nudity clause.

14. 日本经济正在复苏。
    Japan's economy is on the recovery track.

15. 他是个不太爱说话的人。/他沉默寡言。
    He is a man of few words.

16. Sen.John Kerry正取得接连的胜利。
    Sen.John Kerry is riding a string of victories.

17. 它和年龄、性别无关。
    It is independent of age and sex.

18. Miranda和酒吧男招待Steve的关系分分和和。(Sex and the City)
    Miranda had an on-and-off relationship with bartender Steve.

19. Carrie爱上了那位富有的Big先生。(Sex and the City)
    Carrie fell for the wealthy Mr. Big.

20. 该剧集1998年首次登陆时,其大胆直白让许多人猝不及防。(Sex and the City)
    When the series first premiered in 1998, its frankness caught many off guard.

21. Eminem从未在全国范围内为任何商业产品做过代言。
    Eminem has never nationally endorsed any commercial products.

22. 或许因为命运的安排,我和富人们的孩子同在一个公立学校。
    By some twist of fate, I attended the same public school where the rich people sent their kids.

23. 他仰面平躺在地上。
    He fell flat on his back.

24. 《国王归来》在通往奥斯卡的道路上所向披靡。
     'The Return of the King' is steamrolling its way to Oscar.

25. 六方正努力于周六结束会谈。
    Six parties were trying to wrap up the talks on Saturday.

26. 情况正在好转。
    Things are looking up.

27. 胜利在望。
    Victory is in sight.

28. 这些是76届年度学院奖(奥斯卡)必看的出席者。
    Here are the must-see attendees of the 76th annual Academy Awards.

29. 宗教题材的电影通常只为少数观众播放。
    Religious-themed movies usually only play to modest audiences.

30. 美国国家广播公司同福克斯公司并驾齐驱排在第二位。
    ABC and Fox were neck-and-neck for second place.

31. 美国经济正在恢复。
    The American economy is on the mend.

32. 肥胖率正在急速上升。
    The obesity rate is shooting up.

33. 大屠杀的历史正渐渐被人们忘却。
    The history of Holocaust is being headed into oblivion.
The history of Holocaust is falling into oblivion.

34. 在华尔街,亚洲股票正经历连续第5天的挫败。
    Asian stocks are experiencing a fifth straight day of losses on Wall Street.

35. 他们在掰手腕/拗手劲儿。
    They're doing arm wrestle.

36. 她还在那儿勉强维持着。(注:口语表达,处于弥留之际)
    She's still hanging there.

37. 当船快靠岸的时候,暴风把它掀了个底儿朝天。
    As the boat neared shore, the squall flipped it upside-down.

38. 一些尸体被烧得面目全非。
    Some bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

39. 观众向那个演员喝倒彩。
    The audience hooted the actor.

40. 连续不断的媒体报道也将势必促进利润的增长。
    Continuing media coverage can also be expected to boost interest.

41. 负责发行的ABC影业公司称,该片的总收益将在3亿5千万至4亿之间。
    ABC Films, which handled the release, said that the film is on track to gross between $350 million and $400 million.

42. 他说,政府忍耐已经达到了极限。
    He said his administration had reached the pinnacle of tolerance.

43. 他向歌迷飞吻。
    He blew kisses to his fans.

44. 想到这些使她流泪。
    The thought of these brought her to tears.

45. 她觉得呼吸困难。
    She felt shortness of breath.

46. 我知道你喜欢上他了,昨天晚上你一直在盯着他看。(口语)
    I know you got crush on him.
Last night you could not even take your eyes off him.

47. 一直以来,他都有些与众不同。
    All the way through, he was just a little different.

48. 你现在可真够时髦的。
    You’re so in style right now.

49. Magee正被关在少年监狱。
    Magee was being held in a juvenile jail.

50. 如果你要保持身材,就别碰那些高热量的汉堡包。
Just keep your fingers off those high-calorie hamburgers,
if you wanna keep fit.

51. 电影Rounders实在是没有达到预期(的票房)。
    The film Rounders is a real underperformer.

52. Kellys可没打算成为笑柄。
    Kellys aren't meant to be the butt of the joke.

53. 该专辑中已经诞生了一首冠军单曲。
    The album already has spawned the No. 1 hit single.

54. 她恢复的很慢,但最终她能够重新演唱并创作歌曲了。
    Her recovery was slow, but eventually she was able to resume singing and writing songs.

55. 固醇类药物在高中生中的受欢迎程度急速串升。
    Steroids soared in popularity among high school students.

56. 她的歌唱事业被一场车祸所终结。
    Her singing career was cut short by a car accident.

57. 尽管他们忙于工作,但还是能划出些时间做运动。
    They managed to carve out some hours for exercise, although they were packed with work.

58. 音乐电视马上流行了起来。
    MTV caught on straight away.

59. 我真的给吓着了。(口语)
    I was so taken aback.

60. 这本书在上架之前已经进行了第二次印刷。
    The book went to a second printing before it even hit the shelves.

61. 我们不得不付出加倍的努力。
    We have to double the effort.

62. 记者们正向所有人--从花匠到旅馆服务员--刨根问底,以探得接下来的大新闻。
 Reporters are canvassing everyone from gardeners to bellhops to sniff out the next big story.

63. 这盘专辑有足够的商业价值,将吸引一大批听众。
    This album has just enough commercial appeal that it would grab a very big audience.

64. “那天,我和那位叫Mary的女孩儿是在双方同意的情况下发生性关系的。”         (法庭证词)
    “On that day, I had consensual sex with the girl named Mary.”

65. 自1997年起,Disney已经将其动画工作人员大幅削减了约2/3。
    Disney has slashed its animation work force by about two-thirds since 1997.

66. DVD 市场正在飞速增长。
    The DVD market is growing by leaps and bounds.

67. Jackson连续命中三分球。
    Jackson made consecutive 3-pointers.

68. 我们正处在观望的状态。
    We're in a wait-and-see mode.

69. 这项研究是由加利福尼亚大学学生带头进行的。
    The study is spearheaded by students from University of California.

70. 满嘴脏字的喜剧演员Andrew Dice Clay是当晚的主持人。
    The foul-mouthed comic Andrew Dice Clay was host that night.

71. 时代华纳是美国在线的母公司。
    Time Warner is parent company of AOL.

72. 她曾经见过当时的总统Bill Clinton。
    She ever met then-president Bill Clinton.

73. 她的眼光定得更高了。
    Her sights are set even higher.

74. 我对穿着十分在行。
    I was very hands-on with wardrobe.

75. 大多数现代的锻炼方法不能达到目的。
    The most modern regimes are not hitting the mark.

76. 红色的头发瀑布似的披在她的背上。
    Red hair cascades down her back.

77. 他勃然大怒。
     He threw a tantrum.

78. 一个裸奔者将比赛耽搁了几分钟的时间。
    A streaker held up the game for several minutes.

79. 那里住着一些崭露头角的艺术家。
    There live some budding artists.

80. 斯皮尔伯格正瞄准Ben Kingsley,让他在自己即将开拍的戏中担任一个角色。
    Spielberg is eyeing actor Ben Kingsley for a role in the upcoming drama.

81. 她是个话语轻柔、身体羸弱的姑娘。
    She is a softspoken and slender young girl.

82. 上周取得的胜利给了我极大的信心。
    My win last week is a nice confidence booster.

83. 他可真够帅的。
    He is quite a looker.

84. 你一分钱也不用花。
    You don't have to pay a dime.

85. 那些大学里的拉拉队长现在可是香饽饽。
    Those cheerleaders at college are now hot property.

86. 这些问题变得棘手了。
    These questions become thorny.

87. 中层管理者们一直在讨好那些老板。
    Middle managers are endlessly sucking up to those bosses.

88. Dench的事业现已如日中天。
    Dench’s career has been anything but downhill.

89. 罗纳尔多已经恢复状态。
    Ronaldo has returned to form.

90. 这部电影在票房上遭到惨败。
    The film bombed at the box office.

91. 人们有点不耐烦了。
    The tempers were running short.

92. 我们得摆摆谱。 [说明]你明明喜欢上了对方,却要装作不喜欢的样子,让对方重视你。这就叫“摆谱”……
     Let's play hard-to-get.

93. 作为老师,我需要很清楚我的学生能否跟得上进度。
    As a teacher, I need to be clear about whether my students are catching on.

94. 你那时的傲慢据说是出了名的。
    Your arrogance back then was said to be monumental.

95. 你得和各种各样的人打交道。
    You have to deal with multiple people.

96. 他在用新买的照相机拍照。
    He is snapping photos with his newly-bought camera.

97.  记者:你是怎么做到的?
Journalist:  How did you make it?
Yoko:       It was a fluke.

98. 她只是个普通的上班族。
    She’s just an average nine-to-fiver.

99. 这对中国来说是个关键时刻。
    This is defining moment for China.

100. 他们靠两位新手取得胜利。
      They relied on two rookies to steer them to victory.

101. 她恢复了体型。
      She regained her figure.

102. Cedar Point花了大把钞票改善它的酒店住宿。(注:Cedar Point是某娱乐公司)
      Cedar Point spent a large chunk of money improving its hotel accommodations.

103. 比分依然是零比零。
      The score is still nil-nil.

104. 夏天快到了。
      Summer is just around the corner.

105. Capriati 在半决赛中打败了失误频频的Williams.
      Capriati beat an error-prone Williams in the semifinal.

106. 供电问题将再次引起关注。
      Power supply problems will become front-page news once again.
Power supply problems will hit front page once again.

107. 泰国的经济问题加剧了。
      Thailand's economic problems were compounded.

108. 我根本没法相信他。
      There’s nowhere I can believe him.

109. 绅士应当为女士叫出租车。
      Gentlemen should hail taxis for ladies.

109. 她正努力进入最佳状态。
      She is trying to get in top shape.

110. 她太害羞了,不敢和他搭话。
      She's too shy to strike up a conversation with him.

111. 别再理会那些事儿。
      Just don't give those another thought.

112. Saya正在步姐姐的后尘。
      Saya's following in her sister's footsteps.

113. 一些妇女吃阿司匹林以防(避开)乳腺癌。
      Some women take aspirin to ward off breast cancer.
114. 他们没有打算解散。
      They are not planning to go separate ways.

115. 损失巨大。
      The damage and losses have been of such magnitude.

116. Spadea被对手打败了。
      Spadea was outplayed by his opponent.

117. 两个人相差4岁。
      The two are 4 years apart.

118. 这将是极大的视觉享受/这将是一场视觉的盛宴。
      This will be a feast for eyes.

119. 我们的军队需要恢复士气。
      Our army needs to restore its morale.

120. 他总是努力保持低调。
      He always tries to keep a low profile.

121. 他是全队的核心。
      He's the nucleus of the team.

122. 之后不久,里根离开了公众的视线。
      Reagan faded from public view a short time later.

123. 他曾在一个百老汇演出中扮演一位连环杀手。
      He portrayed a serial killer in a Broadway show.

124. 我胃难受。
      My stomach is upset.

125. 她喜欢搬弄是非。
      She loves to peddle gossip.

126. 警方已经尾随他四个街区了。
      The police have been tailing him four blocks.

127. 你真影响情绪。
      You're such a moodkiller.

128. 不要让同样的事情降临到你的身上。
      Do not let the same thing befall you.

129. 《我将永远爱你》是Whitney Houston的招牌歌曲。
       'I Will Always Love You' is Whitney Houston's signature song.

130. 你还是做好最坏的打算。
      Prepare yourself for the worst.

131. 他边说,边强忍泪水。
      He said, fighting back tears.

132. 吃晚饭的时候,我宣布了这个重大的消息。
      I broke the big news at dinner.

133. 妈妈在15岁的时候开始在暗房里学习如何洗照片。
      Mom started to learn how to develop pictures in the darkroom, when she was 15.

134. 她喜欢吃甜食.
      She's got a sweet tooth.

135. 这坏消息令我震惊不已。
      I was floored by the bad news.

136. 糟糕的笑话会适得其反。
      Bad jokes can backfire.

137. 我这会儿脑子里想着各种各样的事情。
      All kinds of stuff is running through my head now.

138. 机遇四处都有,但它转瞬即逝。
      Opportunity is everywhere, but it is fleet of foot.

139. 他为该报弄到所有的头号独家新闻。
      He got all the big scoops for the paper.

140. 她也曾经历过许多磨难。
      She has had her own share of hard times.

141. 这叫做急于求成。
      It's called jumping the gun.

142. 我装作很酷的样子。/我假装没当回事儿。
      I played it cool.

143. 你能扭转自己的命运。
      You can reverse your fate.

144. 我并不是想打击你们。
      I didn't mean to bring you down.

145. 那让我吃了一惊。
      It took me by surprise.

146. Diana是个耐不住性子的人。
      Diana has a quick temper.

147. 她想在自己的第一张专辑中尝试各种不同曲风。
      She plans to cover a wide range of styles on her first album.

148. 他的歌唱事业已经暂时搁浅。
        His singing career has been put on hold.

149. 他的观点受到许多专家的支持。
        His view was seconded by many experts.

150. 她是一位典型的拥有魔鬼身材的美女。
        She is a classic beauty with a killer body.

151. 她在《我最好朋友的婚礼》中和Julia Roberts演对手戏。
        She starred opposite Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding.

152. 14、5岁的时候,她开始环球旅行。
         By her mid-teens, she began her round-the-world trip.

153. 他曾经与很多爵士乐的传奇人物合作过。
        He ever played with a bunch of jazz legends.

154. 她丈夫的暴力倾向开始浮出水面。
        Clues about her husband's violent side began to surface.

155. 他的转会已经引起了媒体的关注。
        His transfer has caught media's attention.

156. 我不是在指指点点。
        I'm not pointing fingers.

157. 肯尼迪家族决定扎根在波士顿。
        The Kennedys decided to sink their roots in Boston.

158. 我们的父母亲为婚礼支付了费用。
        Our parents footed the bill for the wedding.

159. 我们会玩得很高兴的。
        We'll make a day of it!

160. 14岁的时候,妈妈告诉他John Astin不是他的生父。
        When he was 14, his mother told him that John Astin was not his         biological father.

161. 在大片《Collateral》中,Tom Cruise饰演一位职业杀手。
        In the thriller Collateral, Tom Cruise plays a contract killer.

162. 那不过是冰山一角。
        That's just a tip of iceberg.

163. 我的父母对我的决定感到惊讶。
        My Parents raised their eyebrows at my decision.

164. 她还和Paris Hilton共同出演The Simple Life.
        She also shares the screen with Paris Hilton on The Simple Life.

165. The Simple Life为Nicole赢得的声誉使她脱颖而出。
        The fame that The Simple Life earned her allowed Nicole to branch out.

166. 她的成长阶段是在洛杉矶度过的。
        Her formative years were spent in Los Angeles.

167. 你会屈尊和他一般见识吗?
        Will you condescend to argue with him?

168. 他因为双误先失掉一分。
        He lost the first point by double-faulting.

169. 这可能会增加癌症复发的可能。
        This might increase the possibility of having a cancer recurrence.

170. 她是Jude Law的现任情人。
        She's Jude Law's current bed warmer.

171. 我得到外面透透气。(口语)
      I need to get some air outside.

172. 她在本周的仰泳比赛中排名第8。
        She placed eighth in the backstroke this week.

173. 4年前,中国在悉尼破纪录地收获了28枚金牌。
        China reaped a record 28 golds in Sydney four years ago.

174. 他三次破掉了Hewitt的发球局。
        He broke Hewitt's serve three times.

175. 这出戏是个失败。
        The play is a flop.

176. 别胡说!(口语)
        Cut your crap!
177. Marian Jones挺进跳远决赛。
        Marion Jones advanced to the final of the long jump.

178. 她经常上电视。
        She makes television appearances quite often.

179. 本月的利润创历史新低。
        Profits have hit a new low this month.

180. 你应该好好考虑那件事。(口语)
        You should give that a lot of thought.

181. 这部群星荟萃的电影是由Peter Jackson导演的。
        The star-studded film is directed by Peter Jackson.

182. 快点说。(带点不耐烦)
        Spit it out.

183. 站在那儿,他的眼睛模糊了。
        His eyes misted as he stood there.

184. 花那么多钱买辆自行车可不是他的作风。
        Spending so much on a bike is out of character for him.

185. 旅游业是这一地区的命脉。
      Tourism is the area's lifeblood.

     Former US President Bill Clinton's long-awaited memoirs will go on sale in June.

     Bottoms up!

     Children prefer strawberry-flavored yogurt.

     The total retail sales volume in Beijing kept a double-digit growth in April.

     I've never used foul language.

     He studied me from head to toe.

    The book is such a page burner.

    The company has been in belt-tightening mode these days.

       I was taken for a ride.

     The film scared the hell out of me.

     I used to play hide and seek with my friends here.

        Kelly kicked off his long-awaited world tour in Chicago.

     Those twentysomething boys decided to form a band.

     The track became a massive success.

     Winter is the off-season for tourism.
     You've got me wrong.