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网络创业达人:我有我精彩 New Entrepreneurs Young Guns Go for It(2)

  All very 20)benevolent but still, given the current climate, it seems 21)bonkers to invest seven years of education into a non-profit scheme, 22)subsidizing your rent by tutoring maths when you could be 23)making a packet in the City. “I know,” he laughs. “All my friends are bankers and I'm their poor student mate. But it's my choice.” And, frankly, there are enough bankers to go round, allowing people like Dr. Broni-Mensah to turn 24)staggeringly obvious ideas into life-changing schemes.
  Poppy Dinsey, 23: Fashion blogger
  It is 10 am on the first day of 25)London fashion week and Poppy Dinsey has already been photographed four times. “I think it's the coat,” she says as yet another blogging 26)fashionista takes a 27)snap of her 28)canary yellow 29)Burberry 30)mackintosh. “I am a walking 31)highlighter, essentially.”

  The coat is just one example of Dinsey's 32)uncanny ability to 33)channel the latest 34)sartorial trends 35)with 36)consummate ease. Last year, she turned this talent into a thriving business by launching What I Wore Today (wiwt.com), a blog that does exactly what it says on the tin by uploading photographs of Dinsey's chosen outfit on a regular basis, accompanied by her commentary (a 37)jumper featuring an 38)appliqué39)reindeer is deemed: “Well Christmassy.”). The website has details of where to buy the clothes, and for each sale directed through wiwt.com, Dinsey gets a40)percentage.
  “I started the site as a new year's resolution,” she says, sipping a coffee outside Somerset House in London. “I was already posting what I wore on Twitter. I had 2,500 followers before I launched the site and I thought I'd try it for a year to see what happened. It wasn't a pain to do. I mean, I'm getting dressed every day anyway.”
  “创建这个博客是我的新年决心之一,” 丁思坐在伦敦萨摩塞特中心外一边喝着咖啡一边说。“之前,我在推特上发布过自己的时装照片。在创办‘今天我穿了什么'这个博客之前,我已经拥有了2500名‘粉丝',于是我决定尝试一年,看看结果如何。这一点都不难。我是说,反正我每天都要穿衣服。”
  But Dinsey has turned getting dressed into a successful business model: there are now plans to expand the site into a social network where anyone can upload their daily outfits and where there will be competitions in different parts of the country where users can vote for “the most fashionable” in 41)Leeds, Manchester or other cities. Again, any sale made through the website will be 42)monetized through affiliate deals. 43)Vodafone was so impressed by Dinsey that it recruited her to be an official blogger at London fashion week.
  “The site kind of supports itself but I'm here being paid by Vodafone and that sponsorship is what keeps me 44)afloat,” she says. “The biggest 45)outlay was £4,000 to buy the 46)domain name because I realized if I was trying to build a global brand, it wasn't going to work without the dotcom.”
  It is, perhaps, a curious career for a woman who graduated from 47)UCL in economics, business and East European studies in 2008, but Dinsey insists she never liked the traditional office environment. After graduating, she worked for two web start-up companies specializing in property searches—“If I worked hard on something and it didn't get used, I'd be furious. And I got really sick of working with estate agents.” Instead, she moved back in with her parents, and set up What I Wore Today. And does she already know what she will be wearing tomorrow? “Oh yeah. I've got it all written down and planned for the week ahead.” She laughs. “I've turned my 48)OCD into a business.”

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