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[吸血鬼的故事]恋上你的血 A TREND WITH TEETH


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  The symptoms are 1)unnerving: a taste for fresh meat—2)rare, if you please; an3)aversion to sunlight; and a passion for 4)spectral-looking, fine-boned 5)rakes. All are indications that the sufferer has been bitten by a 6)vampire.

   Sookie Stackhouse, the young heroine of 7)True Blood on HBO, risks 8)doom whenever she visits with her 9)otherworldly 10)beau. And Oskar, the adolescent 11)misfit of the Swedish art film12)Let the Right One In, a favorite in fashion circles, 13)courts extinction each time he ventures out with Eli, the ageless vampire he befriends.

  Sookie and Oskar are 14)in the throes of vampire lust, a pop-culture 15)contagion being spread via television, films and fiction. What began with the Twilight Saga, the 16)luridly romantic young-adult series by Stephenie Meyer, followed by Twilight, the movie, has been widely accepted.
  对吸血鬼的渴望折磨着萨姬和奥斯卡,而这股“吸血鬼热”,作为当下的一种流行文化,正通过电视、电影和小说散播开来。由斯蒂芬妮•梅尔创作,充满“血色浪漫”的青春系列小说《暮色》掀起了一股新潮流,紧跟着是改编自小说的电影《暮色》, 两者引发的“吸血鬼热”已风靡各地。

  Is it a wonder?

  Rarely have monsters looked so 17)sultry—or so camera-ready. “There is something so still and sexy about these young 18)erotic predators,” said Julie Plec, the writer and executive producer of 19)The Vampire Diaries, a forthcoming series on the CW network based on the popular novels.

  This generation of undead 20)prowls high school hallways and dimly lighted dance clubs as menacing—and as 21)seductive—as they have ever been. The June premiere of the second season of True Blood, in which Sookie, played by 22)Anna Paquin, is reunited with her 23)fanged beau, drew 3.4 million viewers, making it HBO’s most-watched program since the 24)Sopranos25)finale in 2007.


  The style world, too, has come under the vampire’s26)spell. The undead are returning 27)with a vengeance, in part because they “personify real-world anxieties,” said Michael Dylan Foster, an assistant professor in the department of 28)folklore at Indiana University.

  “Especially during these post-9/11 times of increased 29)vigilance, representations like the Twilight series reflect a kind of conspiracy-theory mentality, a fear that there is something secret and dangerous going on in our own community, right under our noses.”

  Given all that baggage, what keeps vampires so 30)alluring?

  One might point to their combination of deathless good looks and 31)decadent sexuality. Their faces, as described in Twilight, “were all 32)devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful. They were faces you never expected to see except perhaps on the 33)airbrushed pages of a fashion magazine.”

  Vampirelike glamour figures strike 34)come-hither poses in a flurry of recent fashion publications. Portrayed as 35)androgynous creatures in the June issue of W, they affect killer glares, their menace emphasized by their 36)pallor. The vampire’s attraction is “all about the37)titillation of imagining the monsters we could be if we just let ourselves go,” suggested Rick Owens, a fashion 38)bellwether. “We’re all fascinated with corruption, the more glamorous the better.”

  In New Moon, the Twilight 39)sequel that will open in November, the lead vampire Edward is a noble 40)swain, performing feats of 41)valor reserved for Superman. Seductive as he is, he, too, is a model of restraint. More than once in the original film Edward stops short of draining Bella, his mortal girlfriend. “I don’t want to be a monster,” he tells her urgently (though it seems she wouldn’t mind).

  “Edward has rejected all humanity, but he is struggling to be human,” Ms. Plec said, adding: “There is always the question, ‘Does this person have it in him to be good, to make the right decision?’ It’s a theme that works in films and television.”

  Impulse-control is an especially 42)resonant theme in the current era of conflicts and cutbacks. “Periods of war, economic downturns and cultural turmoil all give rise to the production of vampire and fantasy fiction,” said Thomas Garza, chair of the department of 43)Slavic and 44)Eurasian studies at the University of Texas at Austin, and a specialist in vampire 45)lore. “With a recession and war, the conflict has indeed seemed to turn inward, as we question our fiscal, political and moral status. ‘Have we been too excessive? Do we need to be more restrained?’ We seem once again to be questioning these very fundamental values.”


  And, at the same time, renewing a 46)flirtation with the dark side. Emily Rose, a performance poet in Chicago cataloged vampire’s 47)exquisite charms: “the 48)wantonness, the gorgeousness, eternal youth, 49)invulnerability and, of course, the night life—staying up way past your bedtime.”

  Surely there are worse things. Ms. Rose said. “Having somebody 50)clamp onto your neck and51)drain you — that doesn’t seem so scary anymore.”
  “It wouldn’t be on my top 10 list of ways not to die,” she added, “especially if that vampire is at all attractive.”
  当然, 也有更糟糕的一面。露丝女士说:“被紧咬脖子和吸干血已经不再是什么恐怖的事情了。”