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24 Parting Friends 告别朋友(合集)


Hi, Mom. 嗨, 妈妈。
Hi, Robbie. 嗨,Robbie。
You're home from school early. 你今天从学校回来得很早。
Yeah, they're getting the assembly hall 是啊,他们在布置大礼堂
ready for the graduation ceremony, 为毕业典礼做准备,
so we all got to go home early. 所以我们都非得早回家不可。
Too noisy to study. 太吵了书看不下去。
Well, now that you're here, 嗯,既然你回来了,
you can help me with dinner. 你就来帮我准备晚餐。
I need those potatoes peeled and sliced. 那些马铃薯需要剥皮切片。
Mom, give me a break. 妈,让我喘口气。
Alexandra's coming over to help me   Alexandra就要来帮我
study for my math final. 温习数学准备期末考试。
Well, in that case, 嗯,既然这样,
you can wash the dishes and clean up after dinner. 你就在晚餐后洗盘子,收拾桌子。
Can I invite Alexandra to stay for dinner? 我可以请Alexandra留下来吃晚餐吗?
Of course. 当然可以。
Thanks, Mom. 谢谢,妈。
You and Alexandra 你和Alexandra
have become good friends, haven't you? 成了好朋友,不是吗?
Yes. I like her. 是的,我喜欢她。
She's a terrific person. 她人很好。
I'm going to miss her 我会想念她
when she goes back to Greece. 当她回去希腊时。
Would you like to give her a little farewell party? 你要不要为她举行一个饯行派对?
Mom, that would be terrific! 那太棒了,妈!
Maybe we could make it a surprise. 也许我们可以让它变成一个惊喜。
Oh, I don't know. 噢,这个我就不知道了。
Surprise parties don't always work out. 惊喜派对不是每次都能成功的。
Well, we could tell her 嗯,我们可以告诉她
it's a graduation party for me. 这是为我毕业所办的派对。
When Alexandra arrives, 等Alexandra到达时,
we'll surprise her. 我们再让她惊喜一下。
Well, I suppose that might work. 嗯,我想这样或许可以奏效。
I'd like to give her a nice going-away present. 我很想送给她一件好的离别礼物。
Fine. 好啊。
There's only one problem. 只有一个问题。
What's that? 什么问题?
I'm broke. 我身无分文。
I should have saved some money. 我早该存些钱。
I'm sure Alexandra 我相信Alexandra
would be happy with something simple, Robbie. 会欣然接受简单的东西, Robbie。
I know. 我知道。
But, well, 但是,嗯,
I'd like to give her something nice 我想给她一件精美的礼物
to remember me by. 让她看到东西就想到我。
Maybe I could borrow some money from you and Dad. 也许你从你爸爸那儿可以借点钱。
It's all right with me 我没有问题
if it's all right with your dad. 假如你爸爸答应的话。
Thanks, Mom. 谢谢,妈。
I'll talk to him. 我会去跟他谈谈。
Is he still in his office? 他还在办公室吗?
I think so. 我想是的。
Thanks, Mom. 谢谢,妈。
Robbie! Good luck! Robbie! 祝你好运!
Here are the X-rays you wanted, Dr. Stewart. 这是你要的X光片, Stewart医师。
Oh. Thank you, Molly. 噢, 谢谢你, Molly。
Now, let me check them. 现在,让我来看一看。
What do you think? 你看怎么样?
I don't see any breaks or fractures. 我看不出有任何破裂或骨折。
Well, well. Thank you, Molly. 还好,还好。谢谢你,Molly。
Thank you. 谢谢你。
Come in! 进来!
Hi, Son. 嗨,儿子。
Hi, Dad. Am I interrupting you? 嗨,爸爸。我打搅了你?
No, no, no, no. 不,不,不,不。
What's up? 什么事?
Can we talk? 我们能谈谈吗?”
Sure. 当然可以。
I need some help. 我需要帮助。
Well, that's what fathers are for. 嗯,父亲们的功用正在于此。
Well, before I go to college, 嗯,在我进大学之前,
I have the whole summer ... 我有一整个暑假可以用……
Yes ... 对呀……
And I'm planning to get a job for the summer. 我想在暑假打工。
And what sort of job? 哪一类的工作?
I applied for a job as a lifeguard at the community pool. 我申请了社区游泳池当救生员工作。
Sounds pretty good. 听起来不错。
Yes. I'll be earning pretty good money if I get it. 是的。假如我得到这份工作的话我可以赚不少钱。
But right now, I'm kind of short of cash. 但现在,我手头很紧。
Who isn't? 有谁不紧?
And my friend Alexandra is going back to Greece ... 我的朋友Alexandra就要回希腊去了…
Nice girl. 好女孩。
We'll all miss her. 我们都会想念她的。
Mom says we can give her a going-away surprise party. 妈妈说我们可以给她举行一个让她惊喜的欢送派对。
Good idea. 好主意。
And I'd like to get her a nice gift ... 我还想给她一份精美的礼物……
What'd you have in mind? 你心里有什么计划?
Well, a wristwatch, 嗯,一个手表,
so she'll think of me when she looks at the time. 这样当她看时间的时候想起我。
Nothing flashy or expensive. 不是什么俗丽的或贵的。
Something simple--but a good one. 要简单的---但要精采。
Sounds fine, Robbie. 听起来不错, Robbie。
Well, I saw a nice watch. 嗯, 我已看中了一个不错的手表。
But I'll need a loan. 但我需要借钱。
If you could lend me the money, 假如你能借钱给我的,
I could pay you back out of my lifeguard salary. 我可以从我当救生员的收入拿出来还你。
Well, I guess your mother and I can manage it. 嗯,我想你妈和我可以设法帮这个忙。
When do you need the money? 你什么时候需要钱?
Would tomorrow be OK? 明天可以吗?
You've got it. 没问题。
Thanks, Dad. 谢谢, 爸爸。
My pleasure, Son. 不客气, 儿子。
Oh, and, Robbie ... 噢, 还有, Robbie…
Yes? 什么?
You'll probably want the family car 你也许需要用家里的车
so you can drive her home after the party. 在派对结束后送她回家。
Could I? 我可以用吗?
If you drive carefully. 只要你小心驾驶。
I will. Thanks, Dad. 我会小心的。谢谢你,爸爸。
My pleasure. 不客气。
You're OK, Dad. 你很好, 爸爸。
You're not so bad yourself, Son. 你自己也不错, 儿子。

I'd like to give her a nice going-away present.
Robbie wants to buy a gift for Alexandra.
But he doesn't have enough money.
I should have saved some money.
He should have saved some money.
He should have saved some money.
But he didn't do it.
He should have put some money in the bank.
He should have put some money in the bank.
But he didn't do it.
Too bad.
He didn't do it.
Alexandra's coming over to help me,
study for my math final.
Robbie's gonna take a test in math,
but it's hard for him.
He's gonna study today.
But he didn't study yesterday.
He should have studied yesterday.
He should have studied yesterday.
But he didn't do it.
He should have looked in the book.
He should have looked in the book.
But he didn't do it.
Too bad.
He didn't do it.
You and Alexandra
have become good friends, haven't you?
Yes, I like her. She's a terrific person.
I'm going to miss her
when she goes back to Greece.
Robbie never told her that he would miss her
when she goes back home.
Do you think she knows how he feels?
He never told her before.
He should have told her.
He should have told her.
But he didn't do it.
He should have said, "I'll miss you."
He should have said, "I'll miss you."
But he didn't do it.
Too bad.
He didn't do it.
Wait, Robbie, you forgot
to put the milk back in the refrigerator.
He shouldn't have left the milk out.
He shouldn't have left the milk out.
But he did it.
He did it.
He should have saved some money.
He should have studied yesterday.
He should have told her.
But he didn't do it.
And he shouldn't have left the milk out.



You ready for the next problem? 你准备好做下一道题吗?
You know what? 知道吗?
I can't look at another number. 我简直一个数字也看不进去了。
How about a lemonade break? 休息一下喝点柠檬水?
Sure. 当然可以。
Oh, by the way, 噢,顺便问一下
when is your plane reservation for your flight to Athens? 飞Athens订的是什么时候的班机?
Sunday. Why? 星期天。为什么问这?
Would you be able to come over Saturday night? 星期六晚上能过来吗?
Yes. 能。
I should be finished packing by then. 到那时候我应该已经照理好行李了。
My folks are giving me a little graduation party. 我的亲人要为我办一个小小的毕业派对。
Terrific! 太棒了!
I'll pick you up. 我去接你。
That isn't necessary. 这倒不必。
My dad's letting me borrow the car. 我爸爸借我用汽车。
Oh, well, that would be very nice. 噢,好吧, 那倒很好。
About eight o'clock? 差不多八点钟好吗?
Eight o'clock is fine. 八点钟可以。
Great! It's a date. 太好了! 就说定了。
Who's going to be there? 有谁要参加?
Just my friend Mike and a few kids from school. 只有我的朋友Mike和一些学校的几个伙伴。
I'm going to miss all of you. 我会想念你们大家的。
You've been like a second family to me. 你们就像我的第二个家庭一样。
We're going to miss you. 我们也会想念你的。
Maybe you could come to visit me in Greece? 也许你可以到希腊来玩?
I'm counting on it. 我有这种打算。
Wonderful! 太棒了!
Are you excited about graduating from high school? 你从高中毕业会不会感到很兴奋呢?
Sure ... and a little scared. 当然……还有一点紧张。
Scared? Why? 紧张? 为什么?
Aren't you a little scared? 你不会感到有点紧张?
I was when I first came to the United States. 当我刚到美国来的时候是感到有点紧张。
I'd never been away from home, 我从来没有离开过家,
and I didn't know what it would be like. 而且我也不知道会是怎么一个样子。
But then I found out that people are the same everywhere 但是后来我发现哪儿的人都是一样的
once you get to know them. 一旦认识了周围的人以后。
I'm glad I got to know you. 我很高兴能够认识
Thank you. 谢谢你。
I'm glad I got to know you--and your family. 我也很高兴能够认识你和你的一家人。
Wouldn't it be nice if we could skip the examinations 要是我们可以略过考试那岂不是很好
and get right to the graduation party? 直接就是毕业派对?
It would be very nice. 那当然是很好。
But that isn't the way it works. 但是现实不是如此。
So ... back to work. 因此……用功吧。
Good night, Robbie. 晚安,Robbie。
Good night, Mrs. Stewart. 晚安, Stewart太太。
Thank you for dinner. 谢谢你的晚餐。
Good night, Alexandra. 晚安,Alexandra。
Will you be all right? 不会有问题吧?
Yes. The Molinas are waiting for me. 不会。Molina一家人正等着我呢。
Good night, Alexandra. 晚安, Alexandra。
I'll pick you up on Saturday night, OK? 我星期六晚上去接你,好吗?
Yes. 好的。
Eight o'clock. 八点钟。
I have to run. 我得赶紧走了。
Good night, Robbie. 晚安,Robbie。
She's really a good friend, isn't she? 她真是个好朋友,不是吗?
Yeah. 是的。
You are going to miss her. 你会想念她的。
Am I going to miss her? 我会想念她吗?
That's what I said! 我正是这么说的!
You are going to miss her! 你会想念她的!
I'm going to miss her, 我会想念她,
and my math teacher's going to miss her. 而我的数学老师也会想念她。
Well, you can write to her. 嗯,你可以写信给她。
It's not the same. 那可不一样。
How does that look, Rob? 看起来怎么样,Rob?
Great! Pass me the hammer. 很好!把钉子给我。
You got it! 给你啦!
You're sure Alexandra's going to be surprised? 你确定Alexandra会很惊讶?
Absolutely. 绝对。
She has no idea that the party is in her honor. 她不知道这个派对是为她办的。
Millie, did you bring the tapes for dancing? Millie 带来了跳舞的录音带吗?
They're in my bag. 在我袋子里。
What did you bring? 带的什么带子?
Some rock 'n' roll. 一些摇滚乐。
Perfect! Alexandra will love it! 太好了! Alexandra会喜欢的!
I can't wait to see her face when she walks in here tonight. 我迫不及待想看到她吃惊时脸上的表情。
What about the cake? 蛋糕怎么样?
My mom's decorating it right now. 我妈妈正在淋奶油。
Robbie, there's a phone call for you. Robbie,有你的电话。
It's Alexandra. 是Alexandra。
She sounds upset. 她听起来有点不对劲。
OK. 好。
Thanks, Mom. 妈,谢谢。
I'll take it in there. 我在那儿接。
Hi, Alexandra. 嗨,Alexandra。
What? You what? 什么? 你怎样?
Oh no! 噢,糟糕!

Wouldn't it be nice
if we could skip the examinations
and get right to the graduation party?
Attention please,
there will be no exams this year.
If they really canceled the exams,
Robbie would give his big graduation party today.
And if the big party was today,
I mean if the big party were today,
he would tell all his friends about it.
And if all his friends came to the big party,
Robbie would shop for lots of food.
He would buy all the food
for the big party
if he went shopping in the supermarket.
Ice cream, soda, candy and cake.
Everyone would have a great time
at Robbie's big party
if he bought all that food.
Hey Robbie,
you sure know how to throw a party.
This is great food.
But wait. What happened to the music?
If Robbie played some more music,
everyone could be dancing
and having fun at the big party.
Oh no, no music.
It's boring.
What do we do?
And if the big party wasn't much fun.
Well, if the big party
weren't much fun anymore,
everyone might go home.
See you, Robbie.
Let me try.
But no music?
Let's leave.
And if everyone left the big party,
Robbie would be alone.
Attention please. Exams will be given tomorrow.
Well, Robbie, the party's over.
It would be great
if the exams were really canceled.
But they're not.
So study, Robbie, study.
Ohhh, look at the book.
Study, Robbie, study.
Yaaa, Robbie.
Study, Robbie, study.



How about some music? 来点音乐怎么样?
No, let's wait till Robbie gets back from the airport. 不要。我们等Robbie从机场回来吧。
Did she say why she had to leave today? 她说了她为什么今天非离开不可吗?
She told Robbie that her flight tomorrow was canceled, 她告诉Robbie说,她明天的班机取消了,
so she had to take an earlier flight today. 所以她不得不乘今天早一班的班机。
This is terrible. 真是太糟了。
Well, that must be him. 噢,一定是他。
Why is he blowing his horn like that? 为什么他这样子按喇叭?
I don't know. 我不知道。
Maybe he's angry. 也许他在生气。
Do you think we should take down the decorations? 你觉得我们应当取掉这些装饰品吗?
They'll just make him sad. 那些只会让他悲伤。
Too late now. 现在太迟了。
We should have done it sooner. 我们早就该取下来的。
Oh, here he comes. 噢,他来了。
Hi. 嗨。
How'd it go? 怎么样啦?
OK, I guess. 我想还好吧。
Especially when Alexandra gave me a surprise ... 特别是Alexandra给了我一个惊喜……
Yeah? What was it? 是吗?是什么惊喜?
This! 这个!
Alexandra! Alexandra!
Hi! What happened? 嗨!怎么回事?
I called my parents from the airport. 我从机场打电话给我父亲。
When I told them 当我告诉他们
my friends were giving me a party, 我的朋友们为我举办了一个派对时,
they insisted that I stay. 他们坚持要我留下来。
So now I'm taking a flight on Monday instead. 所以我现在要改搭星期一的班机走。
That's great! Terrific! 那太好了!太棒了!
But how did you know the party was for you? 但是你怎么知道派对是为你举办的呢?
Well, Robbie told me when he gave me this. 嗯,当Robbie送给我这个的时候他告诉了我。
Oh, it's so pretty! 噢,它好漂亮!
It's lovely, Robbie. 它非常可爱,Robbie。
All right! 好啦!
Now we can really start the party! 现在我们可以真正开始舞会了!
No. Would you mind? 不。你们不介意吧?
I'd like to say something first. 我想先说几句话。
Hear, hear! 我们洗耳恭听!
I would just like to thank all of you, 我只是想谢谢你们大家,
my friends, 我的朋友们,
who have made my stay in the United States so wonderful. 是你们使得我在美国的生活如此多采多姿。
And to Robbie and the Stewart family 而且感谢Robbie和Stewart全家
for opening their home to me. 为我敞开大门。
We should thank you. 我们应当感谢你。
You're a real friend! 你是个真正的朋友!
You're a real friend! 你是个真正的朋友!
And I also have a little surprise for you, Robbie. 我也有一个小小的惊喜给你,Robbie。
A little going-away present. 一个小小的临别礼物。
Thank you. 谢谢你。
Open it, please. 请打开看看。
I think you might be amused. 我想你可能会觉得有点迷惑。
OK. I can't believe it! 好的。我简直无法相信!
I guess we were thinking the same thought. 我想我们的心意相同。
You had it engraved! 在上面刻了字!
Read it, Robbie. 读出来,Robbie。
"In friendship, always. Alexandra." “友情永不渝,Alexandra。”
I knew we thought alike, 我知道我们心意相同,
but this is too much! 但是这太令人难以置信!
Thank you. 谢谢 。
All right! 好了!
Let's have some music! 我们来点音乐吧!
Miss Pappas? Pappas小姐?
Mr. Stewart ... Stewart先生……
Mrs. Stewart, may I have this dance? Stewart太太,我可以请你跳这支舞吗?
My pleasure, Doctor. 非常荣幸, 医生。

You've become my friend,
though I haven't known you very long.
You've always made me feel so right at home.
You've become my friend.
I can always be myself with you,
and when I think of you, I'm not alone.
You've become my friend.
You were always there when I needed you.
Never had to ask for anything.
You were there to help me through.
I'll remember all the times,
that we spent together having fun.
I won't forget a moment that we shared.
I won't forget your smile,
won't forget the way you made me laugh,
the things you did to show me that you care.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you.
It's hard to say good-bye 'cause you're my friend.
I'm gonna miss you.
Yes, I'm gonna miss you.
But sometime in the future--
we don't know where or when--
we'll be saying "hello" again.