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23 The Community Center 社区中心(合集)


Morning, Grandpa. 早安,爷爷。
Is something the matter, Grandpa? 怎么了,爷爷?
The editorial in this paper has my friend Nat Baker real upset. 这张报纸上的社论着实令我的朋友Nat Baker不高兴。
Ah! I'll read it to you. 啊!我来读给你听听。
"The old library building on Chestnut Street, “Chestnut街的老图书馆,
which has been vacant for over a year now, 已空了一年多,
was supposed to be made into a community center 原计划改成一座社区交谊中心
to serve the senior citizens 为Riverdale的老年人
as well as the younger people of Riverdale. 和年轻人服务。
Due to lack of funds 由于缺乏经费
for the repainting of the interior of the building 用来重新粉刷内部
and for the furniture needed, 和购买必需家具,
the plans for the community center 这项修建社区中心计划
have been postponed indefinitely." 被迫无限期延迟!”
He's coming over to talk about it. 他就是要来谈这个问题。
Is it that serious a problem, Grandpa? 这个问题有那么重要吗,爷爷?
It is. 是的。
Nat's not as lucky as I am, Robbie. Nat不像我这样幸运,Robbie。
He doesn't have any family with him. 他没有家人和他在一起。
He lives alone 他一个人生活
and depends on places like a community center 主要靠社区中心这样的地方
to be with people--people his own age. 和别人交往。
But there's the old community center on Elm Street. 但是在Elm街有一个旧的社区中心。
It's small, 它小小的,
and the problem is that it's set up primarily for kids to play. 而问题是它主要是让孩子们去玩的。
Ping-Pong tables, soda machines, and lots of music. 乒乓球,汽水贩卖机,热闹的音乐。
It's too noisy for some older people like Nat. 它对于像Nat这样的老人来说太吵了。
I never realized that. 我从来没有意识到这点。
It's hard for some older people to take all that noise. 一些老年人没法忍受那些噪音。
That's why the new community center is a good idea. 这就是为什么新的社区中心是个好主意。
Part of the building for older people, 建筑物中的一些由老年人用,
part of the building for younger people. 另一部分给年轻人用。
I see what you mean. 我明白你的意思。
That must be Nat. 一定是Nat。
It could be Alexandra. 可能是Alexandra 。
She's coming over this morning to help me with my math. 她今天早晨要来帮我补习数学。
Hi, Robbie. 嗨,Robbie。
Hi, Alexandra. Come on in. 嗨,Alexandra。请进。
Do you want something cold to drink? 想喝点什么凉的东西吗?
I'd love some cola, please. 请给我可乐。
Cola coming up. 可乐马上就来。
I really appreciate you coming over to help me with my math. 我真的很感谢你过来帮我补习数学。
My final exam is next Tuesday. 期终考试就在下周二。
You're so good in all your other subjects. 你别的功课都那样好。
I just can't understand 我就不懂
why you have so many problems with math. 为什么你在数学方面有那么多问题。
Hi, Alexandra. 嗨,Alexandra。
Hi, Mr. Stewart. 嗨,Stewart 先生。
I thought that was Nat Baker who rang the front doorbell. 我还以为是Nat Baker按大门铃呢。
Don't let me interrupt you. 别让我打搅你们。
No problem, Grandpa. 没有关系,爷爷。
We're just having some cola 我们只是先喝点可乐
before getting to the tough stuff--math. 在对付难缠的数学之前。
He'll do anything to avoid getting down to math lessons, 他老是设法想逃避数学,
Mr. Stewart. Stewart 先生。
I was the same way. 我当年也是这样。
Really, Grandpa? 真的,爷爷?
Really. I didn't like math. 真的。我不喜欢数学。
I wasn't good at it, and I didn't like studying it. 我不精于此道,也不爱去学它。
But you had to be good at math. 但是你数学一科很好。
You graduated from engineering school. 你是从工学院毕业的。
I was. But not in high school. 说的对。但高中时不好。
For some reason, I couldn't get a handle on it. 因为某些原因,我就是开不了窍。
Then, in college, I became good at it. 然而,在大学,我变得很精于数学。
Then there's hope for Robbie. 看来Robbie还有希望。
I can't wait. 我迫不及待。
You think I can just skip it now and get to it at college? 你想我现在略过数学,等到上了大学再学可以吗?
You'll never get to college to find out, Robbie, 你根本就进不了大学去探究这个问题的答案,Robbie,
if you skip it now. 假如你现在略过它的话。
That must be Nat. 这一定是Nat。
Sit down, Robbie. Let's get to work.   坐下来,Robbie, 让我们开始做功课吧。
I'd like you to meet my friend Nat Baker. 我来向你们介绍我的朋友Nat Baker。
This is Alexandra Pappas, and this is my grandson Robbie, 这是Alexandra Pappas,这是我孙子Robbie,
whom I think you've met once or twice before. 我想你以前见过他一两次面。
Nice to meet you, Mr. Baker. 很高兴见到你,Baker先生。
Hi, Mr. Baker. We met before. 嗨,Baker先生。我们以前见过面。
Where? 在哪?
In town. At the hardware store. 在镇上。在五金商店。
I remember now. Right. Hi. 我现在想起来了。对了。嗨。
Hello, Alexandra. 哈,Alexandra。
Don't let us keep you from your math tutoring, Robbie. 别让我们打扰你的数学家教,Robbie。
I know you want to get to it. 我知道你想要开始啦。
Stay ... stay. 再待一会儿…再一会儿。
I told you. He'll use any excuse to avoid math. 我说嘛,他就适且找各种藉口来逃避数学。
Did you read the story in the paper, Malcolm? 你看到报纸上的新闻了吗,Malcolm?
I did. 看到了。
It's a serious matter for a lot of us. 对我们许多人来讲这可是个严重的问题。
A serious matter. 一个严重的问题。
It is. Come on out to the patio. 的确如此。请到院子里来吧。
We'll talk about it out there. 我们到外头谈。
Thanks. Nice to meet you ... again. 谢谢。很高兴再次…见到你。
What's the problem? 是什么问题?
Come on! You'll hear about it. 来吧!你将听到。

You can read it in the paper.
You can read what people say.
You can find it in the paper.
Most papers in the U.S.A.
Sometimes you can find good news.
Sometimes the news is bad.
Sometimes the news makes you happy.
Sometmes it only makes you mad.
But if you want to be informed,
take my recommendation.
Go to a newsstand
and pick up a paper,
if you want information.
If you want to read the news ...
look in the paper.
If you want an opinion ...
look in the paper.
If you want to buy a house ...
look in the paper.
If you're looking for a job ...
look in the paper.
If you want to buy a car ...
look in the paper.
If you want to see a show ...
look in the paper.
You can read it in the paper.
You can read what people say.
You can find it in the paper.
Most papers in the U.S.A.
If you want to know the score ...
look in the paper.
If you want the weather forecast ...
look in the paper.
If you want to see the comics ...
look in the paper.
If you have money to invest ...
look in the paper.
If you want a recipe ...
look in the paper.
If you need a vacation ...
look in the paper.
You can read it in the paper.
You can read what people say.
You can find it in the paper.
Most papers in the U.S.A.
You can read it in the paper.
You can read what people say.
You can find it in the paper.
Most papers in the U.S.A.



There is a way, Malcolm. 有一个办法,Malcolm。
We get our friends to roll their sleeves up and get to work. 我们召集我们的朋友卷起袖子来做。
It's certainly a good idea. 这的确是个好主意。
If I could take a look at the place, 假如我能看看那个地方的话,
I could probably tell what it requires to fix it up. 我大致能说出修理它需要些什么。
How much paint, how many hours of work ... 多少油漆, 多少小时的工作量……
That's what I came to ask you to do, Malcolm. 这正是我来请你做的,Malcolm。
If you would supervise the refurbishing, 假如你能监督修理工作,
I'll find the people to help do it. 我可以找人来帮忙。
I'll help too, Mr. Baker. 我也要帮忙,Baker先生。
I can get some of my friends to go around the neighborhood 我可以叫我的朋友们在这社区
and collect the furniture we need. 募集我们需要的家具。
I'll help. 我也来帮忙。
Tomorrow. Yes. We'll meet tomorrow morning, right here. 明天。对。我们明天早晨会面,就在这儿。
Can we help? 我们可以帮忙吗?
I'd really like to. 我真的希望你们可以。
Sure. 当然。
We might need you to come through with your friends, Robbie. 我们也许需要你们多邀朋友来帮忙, Robbie。
Not just to go around the neighborhood asking for furniture, 不仅在这社区募集家具,
but to help with the paint job. 还要帮忙粉刷。
That's backbreaking work and may be too much for us. 这可是累人的工作,我们可能负荷不了。
I'll do it. I'll talk to them. 我来做。我去跟他们谈一谈。
And tomorrow morning we'll all meet here to discuss the plan? 是不是明天早上我们都聚到这儿来讨论整修计划?
Tomorrow morning it is. 确定是明天早上。
Come in, come in. Please, come in. 请进,请进。请进来。
I'd like you to meet my friend Malcolm Stewart. 我来为你介绍我的朋友Malcolm Stewart。
Malcolm, this is Joanne Thompson. Malcolm 这是Joanne Thompson 。
Hello, Joanne. Nice to meet you. 好, Joanne 。很高兴见到你。
My pleasure, Malcolm. 我也很荣幸,Malcolm。
And this is Abe Lucas. You must remember Abe. 这是Abe Lucas。你一定记得Abe。
He ran the drugstore 他经营药房
and used to play drums with the jazz band on weekends. 周末还经常在爵士乐队中击鼓。
Oh, sure I do. Hi, Abe. 噢,我当然记得。嗨,Abe。
Hello, Mr. Stewart. 哈, Stewart先生。
Malcolm, please. 请叫我Malcolm吧。
Hello, Malcolm. 哈, Malcolm。
Sit down, sit down. Have some coffee. 请坐, 请坐。喝点咖啡。
And I've got some delicious Danish pastry for you. 我为你们准备了一些可口的丹麦点心。
Where's your grandson Robbie and his friend Alexandra? 你的孙Robbie和他的朋友Alexandra呢?
Weren't they going to be here this morning? 他们不是今天早上要来这儿吗?
I thought so, too. 我也这样想。
I'm surprised they're not here. 我奇怪他们怎么没来。
Robbie left early this morning to meet Alexandra. Robbie早上很早出去接Alexandra。
Frankly, I thought they'd be here, but ... 老实说,我原以为他们会在这儿, 但……
It's OK. I'm sure they meant well, 没有关系。我可以肯定说他们是有心帮忙,
but they probably had other things on their minds. 但他们也许还有其他的事想要做。
I understand you used to be in the construction business, 听说你过去从事建筑业,
Malcolm. Malcolm。
I was, indeed. 的确如此。
I wonder if you would take a look at the old library 我不知道你是否可以看一看旧图书馆
and make sure that it is in good condition 确定它状况良好
so that we don't have to worry about any structural problems. 我们就可以不必担心任何结构上的问题。
When can I do that? I'd be happy to. 我什么时候可以去看? 我很乐意做这项工作。
We've got permission to go inside the old building 我们已获准进那栋老建筑物
during the week-- 在本周内---
Tuesday or Wednesday. 星期二或者星期三。
That's fine with me. I can do it either day. 对我来说时间适合。两天哪一天我都可以。
That would be very helpful. 你这样做帮忙很大。
I think the building just needs a good cleaning. 我想那座建筑只需要好好地打扫一下。
And a good paint job. 还需要好好的粉刷。
Then we have to furnish it. 然后我们还得加点摆设。
I wish Robbie and Alexandra had come to this meeting. 我真希望Robbie和Alexandra已经来参加开会。
They had some ideas about getting the place fixed up. 他们对于怎么修复这个地方有何构想。
Perhaps they'll show up. In the meantime, 也许他们会出现。在这等待期间,
let me give you some additional thoughts and ideas I have. 让我提出一些额外的想法。
OK. 好。
Go ahead, Joanne. 请讲吧, Joanne。
As I said, mostly the building just needs a good cleaning. 就像我先前所说,这栋建筑物大部份仅需要好好打扫一下。
This place can be developed 我们可以拓展这个地方
with one real intergenerational program. 用一套真正跨辈份的活动。
That's an idea I like. 我喜欢这样的创意。
A community center 一个社区中心
with the kinds of programs that fit everyone. 拥有适合任何人的活动。
And programs that don't leave anyone out. 而且是些不排除任何人的活动。
It's asking a lot. 那需要做许多操作。
But we can't do it without talking to the young people. 但我们不能在没跟年轻人谈谈的情况下就去做。
Finding out what they want. 得看看他们想要什么。
If only Robbie and Alexandra were here. 要是Robbie和Alexandra在这儿多好。
Don't be upset, Malcolm. 别懊恼了, Malcolm。
We'll have a chance to talk to them later. 我们以后还有机会跟他们谈。
It's not like Robbie. 这不像是Robbie的作为。
If he says he's going to be here, he's here. 假如他说他要来这儿, 他就一定会来。
I wonder what the problem is. 我不知道发生了什么问题。

I wonder what the problem is.
What's the problem?
What's the problem?
I wonder!
I wonder what the problem is.
Robbie and Alexandra aren't here!
Why not?
Where are they?
I don't know.
I don't know where they are.
Why didn't they come?
I don't understand.
I don't understand why they didn't come.
We need a new community center.
But we can't do it without talking to
the young people.
Finding out what they want.
What do the young people want?
We'd like to know.
We'd like to know what the young people want
in the new community center.
What does Robbie think about it?
We'd like to hear.
We'd like to hear what Robbie thinks about it.
But where did he go?
We don't know.
We don't know where he went.



Hi, everyone. Sorry I'm late. 嗨,各位好。很抱歉我迟到了。
But Alexandra and I 但Alexandra和我
have been busy at work this morning 一早上都在忙事情
on the community-center project. 为社区中心的计划。
And we brought someone along who can help. 而且我们带来一些可以帮助我们的人。
You remember Charles Maxwell, Grandpa? 你记得Charles Maxwell吗, 爷爷?
He's the editor of the Riverdale paper. 他是Riverdale报的编辑。
He wrote some nice articles on Mom 他写了一些介绍妈妈的好文章
when she was running for the school board. 在妈妈竞选校联合会董事席位时。
Yes, I remember. You were a great help. 是的,我记得。你帮了个大忙。
Hi, Mr. Stewart. 嗨, Stewart先生。
Hope to be a bigger help on the new community-center project. 希望能在新社区计划这件事上提供更大的帮助。
From what Robbie and Alexandra have told me, 从Robbie和Alexandra告诉我的情况看来,
you people are making one big story. 你们正在制造一件大新闻。
Let me introduce you, Mr. Maxwell. 让我给你介绍一下,Maxwell先生。
This is Nat Baker, 这是Nat Baker,
who's responsible for this meeting, 他是这个会议的负责人,
and this is Joanne Thompson--and Abe Lucas, 这是Joanne Thompson----还有Abe Lucas,
who used to run the drugstore in town. 他过去在镇上经营药房。
Robbie and Alexandra told me    Robbie和Alexandra告诉我
what you need to fix up the old library. 你们修复旧图书馆所需要的东西。
I am planning to write an editorial that I think will help you. 我计划写一篇报道我认为应该能帮助你们。
Let's go. What are your questions? 我就进行吧。你们有哪些问题?
OK. Now, I have ... first ... a couple of questions here. 好,现在, 我有……第一……几个问题。
Have you talked to the community council? 你们跟社区的议会谈过了吗?
And have you had an engineer come in to do an inspection? 你们可有一个工程师来做过检查吗?
OK, what do you need most of all? 好,你们最需要的是什么?
People power. 人力。
Men and women, young and old, to give us their time. 不管男女老幼,请他们贡献时间。
To do what? 做什么呢?
To help scrub the building interior clean. 帮忙把建筑的内部擦洗干净。
So that we can repaint it. 好让我们可以粉刷。
And you also need bodies to do repainting? 你们也需要人来重新粉刷吗?
That's right. 是的。
And we'll also need some ladders 而且我们还需要一些梯子
and some brushes and some paint. 刷子和油漆。
When do you need the volunteers, 你们什么时候需要义工,
and where do they report? 他们去哪儿报到?
I've got the council to agree 我已说服议会
to open the building for us on the next four weekends. 在往后四个周开放那座建筑。
How about furnishings? 家具摆设怎么办?
Are there any special requirements that I should list in the paper?有什么特别的要求要我列在报纸上的?
Yes. 是的。
Here is a copy of all the things we need to start with. 这是我们一开始需要的所有东西的清单。
Let's see. Four desks. 我来看看。四张桌子。
Eight straight-back chairs. Thirty folding chairs. 八张直背椅。三十张折椅。
Six table lamps. Three end tables. One piano. 六盏灯。三张茶几。一架钢琴。
This is a good start. 这是一个好的开始。
These items shouldn't be difficult to come by 这些东西应该是不难弄到的
once I print the article in the paper. 等我将这篇文张刊登在报纸上。
This community has always been very generous. 这个社区一向是非常慷慨的。
I agree, Mr. Maxwell. 我有同感, Maxwell先生。
What you're saying is, in order for this center to succeed, 你刚才所说的是为了使中心能成功,
we need to put together volunteers 我们需要募集志愿者
from the various generations of future users. 从不同辈份的使用者中。
That's right. 是的。
And without their energy and stamina, 没有他们的体力和耐力,
there's no way we can complete this project. 我们无法完成这项计划。
I've got it. Now give me some information about 我知道了。现在告诉我
how you see the building being used. 你们计划如何使用这栋建筑。
Oh, here. On the ground floor we have the reception area ... 噢,看这个。在底层我们会有一个接待区……
It's here, Robbie. 就在这,Robbie。
Charles Maxwell lived up to his word. Charles Maxwell 兑现了他的诺言。
"At the Stewart family home on Linden Street yesterday, “昨天在Linden街Stewart的家中,
a group of caring Riverdale citizens gathered 一群热心公益活动的Riverdale的居民聚集在一起
to plan the refurbishing of the old library 计划重新整修旧图书馆
to transform it into a new community center. 将它转变成一个新的社区中心。
The original plan by the council 议会原有的计划
was tabled because of lack of funds. 因为缺乏经费而无限期地搁置。
The new plan needs you. 这项新计划需要你的协助。
You could call it a community unity plan. 你可以称它为社区团结计划。
It needs your time, and it needs your energy. 它需要你的时间,需要你的力气。
And it needs your contributions of furniture, 而且也需要贡献你的家具,
paint, brushes, ladders, lamps, et cetera. 油漆,刷子,梯子,灯等等。
A list of these items and a volunteer form 这些物品的清单和义工申请表格
can be picked up at the Riverdale Press offices. 可以到Riverdale Press各办事处索取。
By working together, 透过共同工作,
this community can do anything to benefit its citizens, 这个社区可做任何造福居民的事情,
and we know you will all work together 我们相信各位会共同出力
towards refurbishing the old library 去重新整修老图书馆
and making it a new community center. 使它成为一个新的社区中心。
Charles Maxwell, Editor." 编辑,Charles Maxwell。”

OK, what do you need most of all?
People power.
Men and women, young and old,
to give us their time.
Pitch in, help out, volunteer!
Give your time, join in, lend a hand!
Pitch in, take part, we need you here!
We can do it with your help, yes we can!
We'll solve our problems one by one.
If we all work together, we'll get the job done.
Pitch in, help out, volunteer!
Roll up your sleeves, take part,
we need you here!
What you're saying is,
in order for this center to succeed,
we need to put together volunteers
from various generations of future users.
Pithc in, help out, volunteer!
Give your time, join in, lend a hand!
Pitch in, take part, we need you here!
We can do it with your help, yes we can!