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19 I Do 我愿意(嫁给你)(合集)


It looks wrong. 看起来不对劲。
Hmmm. It is wrong. 嗯。是不对劲。
Are they always that difficult to make? 领结这样难看吗?
The truth is ... yes. 老实说……是很难看。
I'll try again. 我再试一次。
At this rate, 照这种速度,
the wedding will take place tomorrow. 婚礼只有明天举行了。
Not to worry. 别担心。
OK. Here we go. 好吧。我们重来。
I'm worried, Philip. 我很担心,Philip。
What if we can't tie the tie? 如果我们不打好领结会怎么样?
If we can't tie the tie, 假如我们不好打领结,
then there can't be a wedding. 婚礼就不能举行了。
You'd better not make Harry 你最好别让Harry
any more nervous than he is. 更加紧张了。
Don't worry. 别担心。
We'll figure a way. 我们会想法子的。
How're you doing, fellas? 你们怎么样了,各位?
Not so good, Grandpa. 情况不太好,爷爷。
We can't get this bow tie tied. 我们打不好领结。
Nobody knows how to do it. 没有人会打。
Do you? 你会吗?
No. I never could, either. 不会。我也一直都不会。
Well, you have your own tuxedo. 噢,你有自己的燕尾服。
How do you tie your bow tie? 你怎么打领结的?
Yeah, Grandpa, 对呀,爷爷,
I've seen you in it. 我曾见过你那身打扮。
You look great. 你看起来很神气。
How do you tie it? 你怎么打的?
I don't. 我没有。
You don't? 你没有打?
What do you mean? 你是什么意思呀?
I never could tie one of those ... 我从来就不会打那一类的……
things ... bow ties. 玩意儿……领结。
I have always worn a clip-on bow tie. 我都是用夹上去的领结。
A clip-on? 用夹上去的?
Of course. 对啊。
Now I remember. 现在我想起来了。
Yes, it's so easy. 没错,它真简便。
All you do is 你所要做的就是
clip it around under your collar. 将它夹在领子下方。
We all need one of those. 我们都需要一个这样的领结。
The tuxedo rental store. 礼服出租店。
Do you think they're open? 你们说现在还开?
Should be. 应该是开的。
Sunday's their big day. 星期天是他们生意很火的日子。
I'll call and find out. 我打电话问问看。
Well, if they're not, 噢,假如店不开的话,
I'll lend you mine, Harry. 我把我的借给你,Harry。
You're the only one 你是我们当中唯一
who really needs to be wearing a tuxedo, 真正需要穿燕尾服的,
anyway. 不管怎么说。
Thanks, Grandpa. 谢谢你,爷爷。
I'm the father of the bride. 我是新娘的父亲。
I'm supposed to be worried about my daughter, 我原该为我的女儿担心才是,
and here I am with 如今我却与
the man that's marrying my daughter-- 将要娶我女儿的人在一起----
worrying about him. 为他操心。
Poor Harry. 可怜的Harry。
I know the feeling. 我知道这种感觉。
Wedding-day Jitters. 这叫婚礼紧张症。
Are they open? 店开着吗?
We're in luck. 我们运气好。
They're open. 店开着。
And they have lots of clip-on bow ties. 而且他们有许多夹上去的领结。
I'll bicycle down to the village and get them. 我骑脚踏车去镇上拿。
You'd better hurry, Robbie. 你最好快点,Robbie。
There's lots of time. 时间多得很。
A little over two hours. 两个钟头多一点。
In two hours and fifteen minutes 再过两小时十五分
I'll be married to Susan. 我就要和Susan结婚了。
And be a true member of the Stewart family. 也真正成了Stewart家庭中的一员。
Oh, you're a lucky guy, Harry. 噢,你是一个幸运的小伙,Harry。
Susan is one of the best women you'll ever find. Susan是你能找到的最好的女人之一。
She's just like her grandma. 她就像她的祖母一样。
Now, once you put the ring on Susan's finger, 现在,你一旦将戒指戴上Susan的手,
you are one of us, Harry. 你就是我们家中的一员了,Harry。
And don't ever forget it. 永远别忘记这一点。
Ring? Ring? 戒指?戒指?
Oh my! 噢 ,我的天!
What did I do with the rings? 我把戒指放哪儿了?
I put them in the pocket of my sports jacket. 我把它们放在我运动夹克的口袋。
No, 不对,
 I think you put them 我想你是放在
in your tuxedo jacket pocket. 礼服上衣口袋。
Remember? 记得吗?
Right. 对。
What did I do with the rings? 我把戒指放哪儿了?
Didn't you give them to Richard? 你不是把它们交给Richard了?
He's your best man. 他是男傧相呀。
I remember. 我记起来了。
You gave them to Richard. 你交给了Richard。
Oh, yeah. 噢,对了。
I remember now. 我现在想起来了。
You handed them to me. 你将它们给了我。
What did I do with them? 我把它们放在哪儿?
I hope they aren't lost. 但愿没丢才好。
Oh, don't worry, Harry. 别担心,Harry。
They have to be here. 它们肯定就在这儿。
I remember. 我想起来了。
I gave them to Robbie to hold 我把它们交给Robbie拿着
so I wouldn't lose them. 免得我弄丢了。
Where's Robbie? Robbie在哪儿?
Relax, Harry. 不要紧张,Harry。
Robbie went to pick up    Robbie去拿
the clip-on bow ties. 夹上去的领结。
Oh, I forgot. 噢,我忘了。
What time is it? 现在是什么时间了?
It's still a little over two hours, Harry. 仍然还有两个多小时,Harry 。
Just relax. 不用紧张。
What about the rings? 戒指怎么办?
I'm sure Robbie has them. 我确定在Robbie那儿。
No, no, Robbie doesn't have them. 不,不,Robbie没有拿。
He gave them to me to hold on to them 他给我戒指要我自己保管
because he didn't want the responsibility of holding them. 因为他不想承担保管它们的责任。
I put them in my tuxedo-- 我将它们放在我礼服的口袋---
but in the lapel pocket. 但是在胸前的口袋。
That's a relief. 现在我放心了。
I was really worried. 刚才我真的很担心。
I'll hold on to them for you. 我为你保管吧。
The best man always keeps the rings. 男傧相总是保管戒指的。
You're right. 你说的对。
You hold on to them so there won't be a problem later. 你来保管免得等一下又出问题了。
Well, 好了,
now, I think we'd better get dressed, fellas. 现在我们最好去穿好衣服,各位。
All right! 好的!
Robbie will bring the ties back. Robbie会拿领结回来。
Hey, leaving me? 嗨,丢下我啦?
You'll be fine. 你不会有事的。
Try to take it easy. 放轻松点。
It'll all be over in two hours. 再有两个小时就结束了。
Over? 结束?
The wedding ceremony will be over. 婚礼会结束。
You'll be husband and wife. 你们就成为夫妻了。
I guess you're right. 说的也对。
Two hours from now. 从现在起还有两个小时
Two hours from now. 从现在起两小时。

Hm, two hours from now,
two more hours.
Well, that's a long time to wait.
Grandpa's right,
I do have the wedding-day jitters.
But why am I so nervous?
I couldn't find the rings,
but they were in my pocket,
and now Richard's got them.
He's my best man.
He'll take care of them.
Right, right.
I don't need to worry about that.
None of us knew how to tie
my bow tie.
But that problem's taken care of now, too,
since Robbie went into the village
to pick up some clip-on bow ties.
So why the jitters?
Who am I kidding?
I'm getting married today!
Huh ... married.
Hmm ... married.
In just two hours,
I'll be married
to the most wonderful woman in the world,
the woman I love.
Huh, I fell in love with Susan
on our very first date!
"You know something?"
"I think we're going to be good friends.
Good night, Susan."
"Good night, Harry. Have a safe trip home!"
"Are you all right?"
I was nervous even then.
Susan is beautiful,
and intelligent, and kind.
And we have fun together.
She'd be a wonderful mother to Michelle.
Considering she'll be my wife--
Mrs. Harry Bennett--
I couldn't be any happier.
Less nervous maybe,
but I couldn't be any happier.



And now for ... something old, 现在接着是……一些旧的,
something new, something borrowed, 一些新的,一些借来的,
and something blue. 和一些蓝色的。
OK. Let's see.   好。让我们看看。
Something borrowed. 借来的东西。
That's this dress. Borrowed from Marilyn. 那就是这件礼服。跟Marilyn借的。
Something blue. 蓝色的东西。
My wristband. 我的腕带。
I wore it when I married your father. 我和你父亲结婚时戴着它。
Oh, Mother. I forgot you still had it. 噢,妈妈。我忘了你仍然保留着它。
It's just so lovely. 它是那么可爱。
I bought it in an antique shop 我在一家古董店买的。
when I was about eighteen years old. 那时我差不多十八岁。
I saved it for my wedding day. 我留着等我的结婚日才用。
And you saved it for me, didn't you, Mother? 也留着要给我,对吗,妈妈?
Yes, honey. I did. 是的,亲爱的。是这样。
Are we ever going to finish? 我们这样谈得完吗?
All right. OK. 好吧。行了。
Something borrowed. 借的东西。
The wedding dress. And something blue. 结婚礼服。蓝色的东西。
The wristband. Something old? 腕带。旧的东西?
Something old. 旧的东西。
Right. What's old? 对了,旧的东西是什么?
Of course! 当然有!
Something old. 旧的东西。
I had planned to wear them. 我早就预备戴它们。
Grandma's pearls! 祖母的珍珠项链!
Oh, Grandpa will be so pleased that you're wearing them. 噢,戴了它,祖父一定会非常高兴。
I'm sure he misses Grandma on a day like this. 我想在这样的日子祖父一定会思念祖母。
Help me with them, Marilyn. 帮我戴上,Marilyn。
I've never worn them before. 我从来没有戴过这个。
I've been saving them for today. 我一直留着等今天才戴。
Saving them for today? 留着等今天?
Oh, you're a real Stewart! 噢,是一个真正Stewart家的成员!
Oh, there you go. 噢 一切都好了。
Lovely! 太可爱了 !
Lovely! 太可爱了 !
Lovely! 太可爱了 !
Something borrowed, something blue. 借的东西,蓝色的东西。
Something old ... 旧的东西……
and now for something new. 现在轮到新的东西了。
The veil. 面纱。
Oh, it's so beautiful, Marilyn! 噢,它好漂亮, Marilyn!
You really are a fabulous designer, Marilyn. 真是一个绝佳的设计师 ,Marilyn。
Doesn't it look just right on Susan? Susan戴起来正好,不是吗?
Perfect! 太棒了!
And when you both say, "I do," 当你们两人都说,“我愿意” 时,
Harry will lift this veil over your head   Harry会掀起面纱
and kiss the bride. 吻新娘。
Oh, I'm so excited! 噢,我真是太兴奋了!
When you said, "I do," Marilyn, 当你说 “我愿意” 时, Marilyn,
it suddenly became real. 一切突然成真了。
That's all right, Susan. 没有错,Susan。
You've got the wedding-day jitters! 你已经得了婚礼紧张症!
In less than two hours, 在不到两个小时之后,
you will be Mrs. Harry Bennett. 将成为Harry Bennett太太。
Oh, that reminds me. 噢,倒提醒了我。
If we don't get dressed, 假如我们不去打扮,
we won't be there 我们将无法
to see Susan become Mrs. Harry Bennett. 目睹Susan成为Harry Bennett太太。
Before you leave--do I look all right? 在你们离开之前---告诉我我这样子可以吗?
You never looked better. 再漂亮不过了。
Mom. 妈妈。
She's right. 她说得没错。
And that's dear little Max. 那是亲爱的小Max。
Got to go and feed him. 我得走了该去喂他了。
What am I supposed to do? 我该做什么?
Take off the veil, 拿掉面纱,
kick off your shoes, and sit down. 脱掉你的鞋子,坐下来。
We'll come upstairs and get you in a little while. 我们待会儿就上楼来带你下去。
Richard's going to take some wedding pictures   Richard准备拍一些结婚照片
before the ceremony. 在婚礼前。
So just relax. 所以放轻松点。
Are you kidding? Relax? 在开玩笑吗?放轻松?
Susan Stewart ... Susan Stewart…
you are about to become Susan Bennett-- 即将成为Susan Bennett----
Mrs. Harry Bennett.   Harry Bennett太太。

Mrs. Harry Bennett, huh?
Soon our wedding will begin.
Am I ready?
Let's see.
I have something old.
The pearls my Grandmother gave me.
Err--something new.
My beautiful veil.
Something borrowed.
That's this dress from Marilyn.
Oh, it must be lucky.
Marilyn wore this dress when she married Richard.
And they seem very happy!
Where was I!
Oh, and something blue.
The antique wristband from mother.
Oh how sweet!
She saved it for me all these years.
I'm ready, but I'm nervous.
Are all brides this nervous?
I've waited for this wonderful day all my life.
The day I marry the man I love.
I love Harry.
He's thoughtful and kind.
"What pretty flowers, thank you!"
And a good father to Michelle.
"I love you, Daddy."
Oh I hope I'll be a good mother to Michelle.
It was tough for her after her mother died.
But now she's like a daughter to me.
I'm very lucky.
Today I'll become a wife
and a mother all at the same time,
the moment I say, "I do."
"Susan, will you marry me?"
"You bet I will.
I love you, Harry."



Philip ... Ellen. Philip ... Ellen。
Ah, Judge. 噢,法官。
How are you? 你好吗?
How are you,my dear?好吗,亲爱的?
Hello. 你好。
I think it's time for the wedding to begin. 我想是婚礼开始的时候了。
All right, ladies and gentlemen. 好啦,女士们,先生们。
Please take your places. 请大家就座。
The wedding ceremony is about to begin. 婚礼就要开始了。
OK, Jane. Start the music. 好,Jane。音乐开始。
Dearly beloved, 敬爱的人们,
we are gathered here today 我们今天聚集在这儿
to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. 见证这位男士和这位女士的神圣婚姻。
Do either of you have any reason. 两位之中可有哪位因为某项原因。
Is there anyone present who can show 在座可有人能提出
any just cause why these two people 任何正当理由说明这两位
should not be legally joined in marriage? 不该合法结婚的?
Then, Harry Bennett, do you take Susan Stewart 那么,Harry Bennett,你愿意接受Susan Stewart
to be your lawful, wedded wife? 做你合法妻子吗?
I do. 我愿意。
And you, Susan Stewart, 那么,Susan Stewart ,
do you take Harry Bennett 你愿意接受Harry Bennett
to be your lawful, wedded husband? 为你合法的丈夫吗?
I do. 我愿意。
The rings, please. 请戴戒指。
I have them, Harry. 在我这儿,Harry 。
By the power vested in me by the laws of the State of New York, 凭着纽约州法律赋予我的权利,
I now pronounce you husband and wife. 我现在宣布你们成为夫妻。
You may kiss the bride now, Harry. 你可以吻新娘了,Harry。

What a wonderful wedding, Philip.
Just perfect.
It was Ellen.
It was Ellen.
And you were the beautiful mother of the bride.
Look at you here with Robbie
as he escorted you onto the patio.
Robbie looked so grown up,
and handsome like his father.
And look at Michelle.
What a sweet flower girl!
She was so excited.
She's never been to a wedding before.
And here's Susan's bride's maid, Marilyn.
Marilyn was Susan's matron of honor, Philip.
Look at Richard and Harry.
They seem like brothers, don't they?
And Dad with our new grandson Max.
I love this picture.
And I love this one--
as you escorted Susan.
That's our little girl, Ellen.
Oh Philip, I remember
when she was just a baby.
Our little girl grew up so fast.
Now she's a mature married woman,
with her own family.
I feel like I've lost my daughter.
Ellen, you haven't lost a daughter.
We've gained a son.
A talented, intelligent, likeable son,
who happens to love our daughter very much.
We also have
a lovely new granddaughter, Michelle.
What a wonderful family.
I love you, Philip.
I love you too, Ellen.