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18 Making a Difference 当仁不让(合集)


I don't believe it! 我简直难以相信!
What's wrong? 怎么了?
Carter Boswell! Carter Boswell !
Who's Carter Boswell? 谁是Carter Boswell ?
He's running for the school board. 他正在竞选联合校董事会董事。
The election's next month. 选举就在下个月。
What's wrong with wanting to be on the school board? 想进入联合校董事会有什么不对?
Nothing. 没有什么。
But he wants to cut the school budget! 但他想削减学校的预算!
Maybe it needs cutting. 也许真需要削减呢。
Cutting the budget is fine, 削减预算是好的,
but he wants to do it 但他要削减
by cutting all the cultural programs. 是透过取消所有的文化活动。
No music, no dance, 没有音乐,没有舞蹈,
no concert, no stage presentations. 没有音乐会,没有舞蹈表演。
Why does he want to do that? 为什么他要那么做呢?
He says it's to save the taxpayers' money, 他说这是为了要节省纳税人的钱,
and I think he believes 而我认为他相信
that the taxpayers will vote for him 纳税人会投他一票
if he spends less on the cultural programs. 假如他在文化活动上减少开支的话。
He's probably right. 他也许是对的。
Lots of people want their taxes 许多人希望他们缴的税
used for new books 被用来购买新书
and a new paint job in the schoolrooms. 和重新油漆教室。
Maybe some of us would like to pay a little bit more 也许我们之中有一些人愿意多付一点
and keep the cultural programs for our kids. 以便为我们的孩子保存文化活动。
Well, I'm not sure. Ellen. 噢,我无法肯定。Ellen。
I hear it from my patients. 我是从我的病人那儿听到这些的。
Lots of people are tired of higher taxes. 许多人对于增税很厌烦。
I know, 我知道,
but if Boswell wins   但是假如Boswell赢了
he'll be an important decision-maker 他将成为一个重要的决策者
on the school board, 在联合校董事会中,
and he doesn't know anything 而他一无所知
about our children's education. 对于我们孩子的教育。
Who's running against him? 谁与他竞选?
Nobody. That's the problem. 没有人。这就是问题所在。
Well, it sounds to me like Carter Boswell 噢,听起来好像Carter Boswell
is going to win this seat on the board. 稳登联合校董事会董事的宝座了。
Oh, not if I can stop him! 噢,要是我能阻止他,他就甭想!
And how are you going to stop him? 那你怎么去阻止他呢?
I don't know. 我不知道。
Maybe I'll run against him. 也许我与他竞选。
Well, you've got my vote. 哦,那我一定投你的票。
I'm serious, Philip. 我是认真的,Philip。
Why shouldn't I run? 为什么我不能竞选?
Why shouldn't you run for what, Mom? 为什么你不可以竞选什么,妈妈?
Your mother is thinking of 你妈妈正考虑
running for the school board. 竞选联合校董事会董事。
Hey, that's terrific, Mom! 嗨,太棒了,妈妈!
Against Carter Boswell? 和Carter Boswell竞争?
Great! 太好了!
Well, if I run for office, 嗯,假如我出来竞选公职,
the voters will have a clear choice. 投票人可以有明确的选择。
I stand for everything Boswell doesn't. 我代表Boswell所不赞成的观点。
I think a lot of people will vote for you 我想很多人会投票支持你的。
against Boswell, Ellen. 和Boswell对抗 Ellen。
I'll vote for you. 我会投你的票。
Will you help me if I do run? 假如我真的竞选,你会帮我忙吗?
Absolutely. 当然。
The trouble is 问题是
it takes a little bit of money to run a campaign. 竞选活动需要花一些钱。
I think you can make a difference, Ellen. 我觉得你可以发挥影响力的,Ellen。
And in a short campaign 而且这一场短暂的竞选
you wouldn't need as much money. 不需要花多少钱。
You know something, Ellen? 知道一件事吗,Ellen?
Why not give the people of Riverdale a clear choice? 为什么不让Riverdale地区的人民有一个明确的选择呢?
I'm with you. 我支持你。
You can make a difference.你会发挥影响力。
Come in. 请进。
Mr. Maxwell? 您是Maxwell先生吗?
Yes, Charles Maxwell. 是的,我是Charles Maxwell。
My name is Ellen Stewart. 我叫Ellen Stewart。
Hello. 你好。
Please, sit down. 请坐。
You asked to see me. 你要求见我。
What would you like to see me about? 找我有什么事?
I'd like your help. 我要请你帮忙。
Well, 噢,
I'm editor of the most influential newspaper in Riverdale. 我是Riverdale最有影响力的报纸的编辑。
Actually, it's the only newspaper. 事实上,它是唯一的报纸。
A lot of people would like my help. 许多人要我帮助。
Do you have a story? 有什么新闻故事呢?
I'm planning to run for the school board. 我打算竞选联合校董事会董事。
Against Carter Boswell? 和Carter Boswell打对手?
Yes. 是的。
Well, that is news. 噢,这可是个新闻。
Will you announce that I'm running? 你会宣布我参加竞选的消息吗?
Sure. 当然。
But I need some information. 但我需要一些资料。
Of course. 那当然。
Why will the voters vote for you against Boswell, 为什么选民会投票支持你,和Boswell对抗,
Mrs. Stewart? Stewart太太?
Because I care. 因为我关心。
"Vote for Ellen Stewart. She cares." “投Ellen Stewart一票。她关心。”
Not a bad slogan. 不错的标语。
But what do you care about? 但你关心什么呢?
Well, I care about the children of our town. 噢,我关心我们镇上的孩子们。
I don't want them to grow up 我不希望在他们成长期
without cultural programs in our school. 我们的学校没有文化活动。
Do you have a plan? 有计划吗?
I want our children to learn 我要孩子们学习到
more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. 比阅读,写作,及算术更多的东西。
I want to keep the after-school programs-- 我要保存这些课外活动
the music, the concerts. 音乐, 音乐会。
It's not a bad plan. 这是个不错的计划。
But who's going to pay for all of this? 但谁来为这些付钱呢?
We are. 我们呀。
The citizens of Riverdale, of course. 当然是Riverdale的公民。
I plan to get help 我打算争取
from the businessmen and the corporations of Riverdale.   Riverdale的商人和企业的支持。
That's fair enough. 这倒很公平。
Exactly what do you want from me, Mrs. Stewart? 究竟对我有什么要求,Stewart太太?
You don't know me. 你不认识我。
I can't expect you to take my side against Boswell. 我不敢期望你站在我这一边来对抗Boswell。
But I do need some publicity 但我需要一些宣传
so that the people of our town 好让我们镇上的人
know that I'm running for office 知道我正在竞选公职
and that I care about our children. 且知道我关心我们的孩子。
Fair enough. 很公平。
I certainly can print the news. 我当然可以刊出这则新闻
And you are now making news. 而且你现在就是在创造新闻。

Why will the voters vote for you
against Boswell, Mrs. Stewart?
Because I care.
Vote for Ellen Stewart.
She cares.
Not a bad slogan.
"Ellen Stewart. She cares."
It is a good campaign slogan.
People will hear it
and know what I stand for.
I care.
I care about our children's education.
Not just the school buildings themselves,
but the children.
I care about what children study,
what they learn.
I want them to learn
about a variety of subjects,
including music,
and literature and art.
And I care about
our children's activities after school.
I want to keep their music programs,
like the orchestra ... and the chorus.
I want children to experience the joys of music.
I play the piano myself,
and I've taught music
to many children in Riverdale.
I want to keep
the other after-school programs, too.
I have a plan.
I'll get local businesses, bands,
and other companies in the community to help.
We all have children in this town.
And I believe that parents care about education.
And I want to be on the Riverdale school board.
I know it's a big responsibility,
but I know I can make a difference.
Because I care.



Here are the fliers, hot off the press! 传单来了, 刚刚印出来!
Looks good. 看起来很好。
Simple. 简单明了。
Right over here, Grandpa. 请到这儿来,爷爷。
You fold the fliers. 你来折传单。
Richard and I will put them into the envelopes. 我和Richard把它们放进信封。
We finished addressing over three hundred envelopes. 我们写了三百多个信件地址了。
Need another box? 需要另一个箱子吗?
Good work, gang. 做得很好,大伙们。
Hi, this is Mike Johnson. 嗨,我是Mike Johnson。
Can I speak with Mr. or Mrs. Anderson? 我可以跟Anderson先生或太太说话吗?
Thanks. 谢谢。
Mr. Nelson. Nelson先生。
Hi. This is Robbie Stewart. 你好。我是Robbie Stewart。
Did you know 你知道
my mother is running for the school board? 我母亲竞选联合校董事会董事的事么?
Yes, Miss Kim, Ellen Stewart. 是的, Kim小姐,是Ellen Stewart。
"She cares." “她关心。”
Oh, see you at the polls. 噢,在投票所见。
Certainly. 当然。
I'll give her your best wishes, 我会转告她你的祝福,
Mr. Nelson. Nelson先生。
Hi, this is Mike Johnson. 嗨,我是Mike Johnson。
Can I speak with Mr. or Mrs. Burns? 我可以跟Burns先生或太太通话吗?
Thank you. 谢谢。
We have done so much 我们已做了这么多的事
in such a short amount of time. 在这么短的时间内。
I can't believe it! 我简直不敢相信!
Wait till Philip comes home and sees our progress. 等着Philip回来看到我们工作的反应。
Everyone saw the story in the Riverdale newspaper. 每个人都已看到Riverdale报纸上的新闻。
Mr. Maxwell was very kind    Maxwell先生很好心
to print my announcement. 刊登了我宣布竞选的消息。
It helps enormously. 这个帮助很大。
Everybody in Riverdale reads his paper.   Riverdale的每个人都读他的报纸。
Your photo in it helped, too. 在报纸上的照片也有帮助。
Thanks to you, Richard, 谢谢你, Richard ,
it's a good picture. 那是一张好照片。
Well, hi, all. 噢,嗨。
Hi, Dad. 你好,爸爸。
Hello, darling. 哈,亲爱的。
May I ... may I help? 我能……我能帮你忙吗?
Licking envelopes. 粘信封。
I fold the fliers. 我折传单。
We stuff them. 我们装传单。
And I lick the envelopes. 那我就粘信封 。
Hey, everybody, 嗨,大家听着,
Mrs. Greenberg is on the phone. Greenberg太太打电话
She says Carter Boswell is on the TV right now-- 她说Carter Boswell现在正在电视上----
doing a commercial. 正在做广告。
What channel? 哪个频道?
Five. 5号。
Five? 5号?
... and if you ask what I care about, I'll tell you. ……假如你们问我关心什么,我可以告诉你们。
I care about the school buildings in need of paint. 我关心学校的建筑物需要粉刷。
I care about more lockers for the teachers. 我关心教师要有更多的储物柜。
I care about new fixtures in the hallways-- 我关心走廊的新灯具---
not music or dancing or entertainment. 而不是音乐,舞蹈或者娱乐。
I care about the practical things. 我关心实用的事物。
If you do, vote for me, Carter Boswell. 假如你有同感请投我一票,Carter Boswell。
A lot of people will agree with him. 许多人会赞同他。
I told you. 我告诉过你了。
Too bad kids can't vote. 可惜小孩不能投票。
It's our school, but we can't vote. 那是我们的学校,可是我们却不能投票。
There are people in favor of the cultural programs, Mom. 会有许多人赞成文化活动的,妈妈。
There are, Ellen. 一定有,Ellen。
Don't be upset by Boswell's commercial. 不要为了Boswell的广告而忧心。
You have to go on television, too. 你也应该上电视。
Boswell's a powerful speaker. Boswell是个有辩才的家伙。
You can be, too. 你也能做到。
Your ideas are good ones. 你的想法很好。
I don't know. 我不知道。
I'm not sure I'm up to it. 我不能肯定我是否能做得来。

Vote! Vote! Vote!
Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!
Hey, everybody,
here's what we say.
Get out and vote on election day.
You can make a difference.
It's up to you.
We need your vote
if you want better schools.
So clap your hands!
Stomp your feet!
Ellen Stewart's running for the school board.
And we know
she can't be beat!
I said clap your hands!
And stomp your feet!
Ellen Stewart's running for the school board.
And we know
she can't be beat.
So vote!
Vote! Vote!
If you want better schools,
and if you want your vote to count,
Ellen Stewart is the one to choose.
Who do we want?
Ellen Stewart!
Who's gonna win?
Ellen Stewart!
Who do we want?
Ellen Stewart!
Who's gonna win?
Ellen Stewart!
What do you say?
Ellen Stewart all the way!
Come on, let's fight
for Ellen Stewart.
She's the one who's right.
So everybody
just be aware
that Ellen Stewart is the one who cares.
She'll make a difference for everyone.
Cause Ellen Stewart is number one.
She knows the importance of music and art.
Cultural programs play a big part.
Let's keep these programs in our schools.
Ellen Stewart
for me and you.
So let's all give her a cheer.
Everything's all right because Ellen's here.
Who do we want?
Ellen Stewart!
Who do we want?
Ellen Stewart!
I say, yeah!
Yeah, we're yellin' for Ellen!
Yeah, we're yellin' for Ellen!
Yeah, we're yellin' for Ellen!
Yeah, we're yellin' for Ellen!



... my slogan is "I care." ……我的口号是 “我关心” 。
I care about people, not things. 我关心人,而不是东西。
Vote for me, Ellen Stewart. 请投我,Ellen Stewart一票。
I care. 我关心。
How was it? 怎么样?
You were terrific! 真是太棒了!
Can I see it? 我可以看吗?
Sure. 当然可以。
Hello. My name is Ellen Stewart, 你们好,我叫Ellen Stewart ,
and I'm running for the open seat on the school board. 我正在竞选联合校董事会董事的席位。
My slogan is "I care." 我的口号是“关心” 。
What does the word care mean? 所谓关心是指什么?
... I care about people, not things. ……我关心人,而不是东西。
Vote for me, Ellen Stewart. 请投我, Ellen Stewart一票。
I care. 我关心。
I like it, 我觉得不错。
but now what? 但下一步怎么办?
How can we possibly get it on so Riverdale 我们怎样才能让Riverdale的人
will see it and hear it? 看到和听到它呢?
Leave it to me. 交给我来办吧。
... I mean that when I say "I care", ……我的意思是当我说“我关心”,
I care about people, not things. 我关心的是人,而不是东西。
Vote for me, Ellen Stewart. 请投我, Ellen Stewart一票。
I care. 我关心。
What happened? 发生了什么事?
Mom is now on television 妈妈现在出现在电视上
in every appliance store in Riverdale, 在Riverdale的每一家电器行,
except Hamlin's. Hamlin的店除外。
He's a Boswell voter. 他是Boswell的支持者。
That's a brilliant idea, Richard! 这主意太棒了, Richard!
You inherited your father's brains. 你继承了你父亲的好头脑。
We got our brains from you, Dad. 我们从你那儿继承了好头脑,爸爸。
And guess what? 你们猜怎么着?
I called channel five. 我打电话给了第五频道。
Their TV news is going to cover it. 他们的电视新闻将报导这一消息。
"Housewife campaigns in appliance stores."  “家庭主妇在电器行进行竞选活动。”
And I'll bet 我敢打赌
some magazine will pick up the story, too. 一些杂志也将刊登这项消息。
Mom, you're going to win! 妈妈,你会赢的!
I know it! 我知道!
Hold it, Robbie! 停, Robbie!
Just cool down. 冷静一点。
I know we're getting some attention now, 我认为我们现在固然渐渐引起一些注意,
but in the end the voters will have to decide. 但最后却要由选民来决定。
You're gonna win. 你一会赢的。
Trust me! 相信我!
In the hotly contested race 在这场激烈竞赛中
for the one seat on the Riverdale School Board, 争夺Riverdale联合校董事会董事的一个席次,
Mrs. Ellen Stewart has taken an early lead. Ellen Stewart太太初步领先。
She's winning! 她赢了!
Mom, you're winning! 妈妈,你赢了!
Now returning to other local news ... 现在再报导其它地方新闻---
Riverdale High School   Riverdale高中
beat its rival Horace Mann in baseball today ... 在今天的棒球赛中打败了对手Horace Mann队----
It's too soon to know for certain. 现在还太早,不知道确切情况。
You're ahead. 你领先呢。
That's better than being behind. 这总比落后要好。
More sports after this. 广告后还有许多运动消息。
It's not over yet. 还没有完呢。
Let's just all calm down, 让我们全都冷静下来,
and wait for the final results. 等待最后的结果。
Ellen, why don't you go out to the backyard   Ellen,何不去院子
and get some fresh air? 呼吸一些新鲜空气呢?
Thank you, Grandpa. 谢谢你,爷爷。
I need some. 我确实需要。
What happened? 怎么样?
You came very close, Ellen. 差了一点点,Ellen。
You lost by only a hundred and twenty-one votes. 仅仅以一百二十一票的微弱差距输了。
I lost. 我输了。
You tried, Mom. 你尽力了,妈妈。
You lost by a very small number of votes. 你输的票数非常少。
Only one hundred and twenty-one votes! 仅仅一百二十一票!
I'm sorry, Mom. 我很难过,妈妈。
There just wasn't enough time. 实在是没有足够的时间。
Look, 看,
you've made a very strong impression 已经留下了非常深刻的印像
on our community. 给我们的社区。
You'll have another chance next election. 下次选举时还有机会。
Hello. 你好。
Oh, yes, yes, Mr. Maxwell. 噢,是的,是的,Maxwell先生。
Hello, Mr. Maxwell. 哈, Maxwell先生。
How are you? 好吗?
I just called to tell you 我打电话是想告诉你
that you are very impressive. 你给人们留下了深刻的印象。
You lost the election,  尽管你输了,
but you won the attention of the residents of Riverdale, 但你已引起了Riverdale地区人们的注目,
of Boswell, and of me. 和Boswell,和我的。
Well, thank you, Mr. Maxwell. 噢 ,谢谢你,Maxwell先生。
I appreciate your kind words. 我很感谢你好心的安慰。
I needed that. 我正需要这个。
I hear Boswell 我听说Boswell
wants to appoint you to a special arts committee. 将任命你到一个特别艺术委员会。
I'm sending over a reporter 我将派一位记者
in the morning to interview you. 在明天早晨来采访你。
You are? 是吗?
I'm gonna do an article 我准备写一篇文章
on "Ellen Stewart--she cares." 叫做”Ellen Stewart----她关心 。”
Maybe we'll all care now. 也许我们大家现在都关心起来了。
Good-bye. 再见。
Thank you-- 谢谢你。
and good-bye. 再见。
What was that about? 说些什么?
You were right, Philip. 你说对了, Philip。
I did make a difference in town. 我确实在镇上发挥了影响力。
And in this family. 也在这个家里。

Good evening.
An important local election
took place today in Riverdale.
The people of this community
elected a new member of the school board.
Carter Boswell.
Opposing him in the campaign was Ellen Stewart,
a housewife from Riverdale.
Tonight we'll take a look at both campaigns.
First, we turn to the Boswell campaign.
Mr. Boswell reached many voters
by appearing on local TV.
"I care about the school buildings in need of paint.
I care about more lockers for the teachers.
I care about new fixtures in the hallways."
Less than a month ago,
a new face entered the race.
Ellen Stewart.
Mrs. Stewart disagreed with Carter Boswell's plans
for the Riverdale schools.
She campaigned very strongly
to keep the cultural programs
in music, art, and drama.
Local appliance stores
played a video tape of Mrs. Stewart
introducing herself to the voters.
"My name is Ellen Stewart
and I am running for the open seat
on the school board.
My slogan is 'I care.'
I care about people, not things."
Mrs. Stewart's unusual campaign
helped her win the attention of the local newspaper.
Charles Maxwell,
the editor of the Riverdale news,
praised Mrs. Stewart for caring about the cultural programs
in the schools.
When the first votes were counted,
early in the day,
it seemed as if Ellen Stewart
might win a surprise victory over Carter Boswell.
But once all of the votes were counted,
Mrs. Stewart lost by only 121 votes.
Well, it was a very close election.
And Ellen Stewart convinced
the people of Riverdale that she cares.
She also convinced Carter Boswell,
who now wants to appoint Mrs. Stewart
to a special committee
for cultural programs in the school.
Well, that's our special election day
report on a very important local election.
Thank you and have a good evening.