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13-1 A Real Stewart 一个真正Stewart家的后代(上)


There's nothing more joyous than the arrival of a new baby. 没有任何事能比新生儿的到来更令人喜悦了。
I am so excited. Mother! 我好兴奋,妈妈!
Just imagine--Marilyn and Richard must be thrilled! 想像得出Marilyn和Richard一定乐坏了!
Oh, a new baby! 噢,一个新生儿!
Max ... Max ... Max. Max……Max……Max。
Oh, it's a sweet-sounding name for a sweet little boy. 噢,好一个甜美的名字配个甜美的小孩。
My first grandchild. 我的第一个孙子。
And my first nephew. 我的第一个侄子。
Isn't he just adorable? 他真是太可爱了!
He looks a lot like you, Mom. He does. 他看起来像你,妈妈。他是的。
Do you think so? 你真的这么认为?
Well, I guess. He does look a lot like Richard, 嗯,有点像。他的确很像Richard,
and I guess he looks a lot like me. 我想他看起来也蛮像我。
Oh, he's got Richard's eyes, though. 噢,他的眼睛跟Richard的像极了。
I really want Harry and Michelle to see Max. 我真希望Harry和Michelle来看看Max。
When are they coming? 他们什么时候来?
Tomorrow. Harry has an account to work on today. 明天。Harry今天有项会计工作要做。
Yes, he does have Richard's eyes. Big blue eyes. 是的,他的眼睛很像Richard。蓝色的大眼睛。
The baby even looks at you like Richard does. 这婴儿看起来很像Richard小时侯那样。
Well, children usually resemble their parents. 嗯,孩子总是像父亲的。
It's true. 对。
Michelle is a lot like Harry in so many ways. Michelle在许多地方很像Harry。
And she's shy with new people, just like he is. 她见了生人就害羞,与他一样。
You really like Michelle, don't you? 你的确很喜欢Michelle,是吗?
Yes. I'm very fond of her. 是的。我很喜欢她。
And Harry, too? 也喜欢Harry,是吗?
Well ... 嗯……
Uh, it's four-thirty. Oh my! 啊,已经四点半了。天啦!
Marilyn and Richard will be home from the hospital any minute, Marilyn和Richard随时都会从医院回来。
and we must prepare this room. 我们得收拾好房间。
Where will we put all the presents? 我们把这些礼物放在哪儿?
Well, let's take everything to the living room. 嗯,我们把东西都放到客厅去。
Marilyn and Richard and the baby need the space.   Marilyn和Richard及婴儿需要空间。
It's crowded in here. 这房间太挤了。
The welcome sign is up: 欢迎的标语已经弄好了:
"Welcome home, Max."   “欢迎你回家来,Max 。”
Isn't it exciting, Grandpa? 真令人兴奋,是吗,爷爷?
Your first great-grandchild. 你的第一个曾孙。
Yes. Yes, sir. 是的。是的。
A great-grandchild. A great-grandson. 一个曾孙。 一个曾孙。
Another generation to carry on the Stewart name. 这是承继Stewart家家族香火的新一代。
I love you, Grandpa. 我爱你,爷爷。
You make me feel so proud to be part of our family. 你让我以成为我们家庭的一员而自豪。
One day, you'll have your own family, 总有一天,你会有自己的家庭的,
and I'll be proud to be part of it. 那时我会以成为其中一份子而自豪。
Now you understand my feelings, Susan. 现在你能理解我的感受了,Susan。
I'm Grandpa's daughter-in-law, but I feel like a Stewart. 我是爷爷的儿媳父,但我觉得我是Stewart家的一员。
He's always made me feel like his own daughter. 他总是让我觉得我是他的亲生女儿。
Well, 嗯,
that's because you're so much like us--wonderful! 那是因为你太像我们了---太好了!
Mom, got it. 妈妈,找到了。
This will make a nice gift for Marilyn and Richard. 这是给Richard和Marilyn的一件好礼物。
They can keep a record of all of the important dates 他们可以记录下这个重要的日子
and information about Max's life here. 关于Max在这儿的生活。
Let's see. 让我想想。
Name: Max Stewart. 姓名:Max Stewart。
Does he have a middle name? 他有中间名字吗?
No, just Max. I like that. 没有,就是Max。我喜欢这样。
No middle name. No middle initial. 没有中间的名字。没有中间的字母。
Like me. I'm Malcolm Stewart. 像我一样。我叫Malcolm Stewart。
Just Malcolm Stewart. 就是Malcolm Stewart。
And Max has your initials, Grandpa: M.S. Max的名字开头字母与你的一样,爷爷,都是M.S.
Uh, it must mean something. 噢,这很有意思。
Weight: eight pounds six ounces. 体重:八磅六盎司。
Eight-six. Big boy! 八磅六。是个大婴儿!
All the Stewart men were big. Stewart 家的男人都大。
Well, Robbie was eight pounds two ounces, 嗯,Robbie生下来八磅二盎司,
and Richard was eight pounds three. Richard生下来时八磅三。
And me? 我呢?
Eight pounds six. 八磅六。
You were big, just like Max. 你很重,像Max一样。
Eight pounds six, just like me. 八磅六,跟我一样。
That's nice. Length. Length? 太好了。身高多少?
Richard says Max is twenty-one inches long. Richard说Max是二十一英尺长。
Twenty-one inches. 二十一英尺。
Is that tall or average or what? 这样的尺寸是高呢,普通,或者算怎样?
Tall. All the Stewart men are tall. 高。Stewart家的男人都高。
Well, Grandpa, you're about five-nine or five-ten. 嗯,爷爷。你大概是五十九或者五十。
I wouldn't call that tall. 我不觉得这样算高。
I take after my mother's family. 我像我母亲家的人。
They were ... they were ... they were average. 他们……他们……他们是普通身材。
Mother: Marilyn. Father: Richard. 母亲:Marilyn。父亲:Richard。
And lots of pages for Richard's photos of Max. 有好多页可用来贴Richard给Max拍的照片。
Speaking of mother and of father 谈到孩子的爸和孩子的妈
--and speaking of Max--I hear the car. 谈到小孩Max---我听见汽车声了。
They're here! 他们到了!
Oh! Oh, quickly! Go, go, go! 噢,噢,赶快!走,走,走!
Let's see. Oh, welcome home. 让我看看。噢 欢迎回家来。
Oh, let her in. 噢,让她进来。
Wait with your pictures for a second. 先别忙着你的摄影。
Come on, darlings. 来,亲爱的。
Sweetheart .... Sit down right here. 心肝宝贝……就坐这儿。
Oh, he's so cute! Oh, Marilyn! 噢,他真逗人喜爱!噢,Marilyn!
Max looks just like Grandpa. Max长得真像爷爷。
A real Stewart. 一个真正的Stewart家后代。
I'm so happy to be home with my family--and with Max. 我真高兴回到家和我的家庭----还有和Max在一起。

Weight: 8 pounds, 6 ounces.
8 pounds 6 ounces.
How much is that?
Metric weight.
Metric weight.
Metric weight.
Let's do it again with metrics.
About 4 kilograms.
That's about 4 kilograms.
What does Grandpa weigh?
About 170 pounds.
How much is that?
Metric weight.
Metric weight.
Let's do it again with metrics.
About 77 kilograms.
About 77 kilograms.
Richard says Max is 21 inches long.
21 inches.
How long is that?
Metric measurement.
Let's do it again with metrics.
About 53 centimeters.
53 centimeters.
Well, Grandpa, you're about five nine.
5 feet, 9 inches.
How tall is that?
Metric measurement.
Let's do it again with metrics.
About one and three quarter meters.
That's about one and three quarter meters.
Marilyn and Richard will be home from
the hospital any minute.
How fast are they driving?
About 40 miles an hour.
How fast is that?
Metric measurement.
Let's do it again with metrics.
About 64 kilometers an hour.
That's 64 kilometers an hour.