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12-3 You're Tops 你是最棒的(下)


Hi. I'm Malcolm Stewart. 嗨。我是 Malcolm Stewart。
John Marchetta. 我是John Marchetta。
Sit down, sit down. 请坐,请坐。
Susan has told me a great deal about you.  Susan告诉我许多关于你的事。
She says you're quite a man. 她说你是个了不起的人。
She says 她也谈起
a lot of wonderful things about you too, Mr. Stewart. 不少你的非凡作为,Stewart先生。
That's always nice to hear, Mr. Marchetta. 听到这些话总是好的,Marchetta先生。
Call me John. 叫我John 。
May I call you Malcolm? 我能称你Malcolm 吗?
Let's talk business. 我们来谈谈正经事。
That's music to my ears. 正合我意。
I understand 听说
you used to be in the construction business. 你过去在建筑界工作。
Yup. Forty-three years. 是的,四十三年。
Here's a brief description 这是一份简单的记录
of forty-three years of on-the-job training. 关于我四十三年的工作经历。
That is some history! 这阅历了不得!
You're a valuable asset, Malcolm. 你是很有价值的资产, Malcolm。
Very valuable. 很有价值。
Thank you. 谢谢你。
Yup. Forty-three years. 是的。四十三年。
Half that time in my own construction company. 一半时间是在我自己的建筑公司。
Big jobs--factories, shopping malls. 大的工程----工厂, 大型购物中心。
That kind of thing. 等等。
Then you retired. 然后你退休了。
Yes. 是的。
After my wife died, 我妻子去世后,
and I felt I should spend more time 我觉得应该多花些时间
with my children and grandchildren. 与儿子孙子们在一起。
I lived in Florida, 我住在Florida,
and they lived in New York. 而他们住在纽约。
I understand. 我了解。
My dautghter Cami lives in New York. 我女儿Cami住在纽约。
I like being near her. 我喜欢离她近一点。
When I came here, 当我初到这儿,
I planned to take a few months off. 我计划休息几个月。
Relax with the family and then look for some work. 与家人轻松一段时间然后找个工作。
Put my experience on the line ... 考验我的阅历……
but, unfortunately, 但是,很不幸,
there isn't any work for a retired person my age. 没有适合我这种年纪的退休老人的工作。
Sometimes there is, 有时候有的,
and sometimes there isn't. 有时候没有。
Well, I'm involved with an organization, 嗯,我参加一个组织,
and we're trying to resolve that problem. 试图解决这类问题。
What's that? 什么组织?
T-O-P-S--means Talented Older People's Society. T-O-P-S 全名是优秀老人协会。
I'd like to be a member. 我想加入做为会员。
How much are the dues? 会费多少?
There are no dues. 不要会费。
The organization serves major companies in this city. 这个组织为本市的各大公司服务。
Why? 为什么?
Because our members are men and women like you. 因为这个组织的会员都是像你这样的人。
Experienced, talented, retired. 有经验,有才能,也都退休了。
But our members want to go out there 但会员们希望在社会上
and use their talents. 贡献他们的才能。
They want to work. 他们想工作。
That is fantastic, John! 那太好了,John!
I've got an idea for you, Malcolm. 我倒替你想出了一个主意,Malcolm。
Just fill out this form for me. 请把这份表填好。
It'll only take a few minutes. 只要几分钟时间。
Sit right here, 就坐在这儿填,
and do it while I talk to my secretary. 我去和秘书说个话。
When I get back, we'll talk about my new factory. 我回来后,我们谈一谈我的新工厂。
My company is a member of TOPS. 我的公司也是优秀老人协会的会员。
So I try hard to find opportunities for people like you. 所以我努力为像你这样的人寻找机会。
Malcolm. Malcolm。
And when I see an opportunity, 而且当我一看到机会,
I can act on it. 我就可以处理。
Well, I can use your brainpower on the job right now. 嗯,我马上可以将你的才智用在这项工程上。
Have you got time this morning 今天上午你有时间
to go over to the construction site with me? 去看一看建筑工地吗?
I'd like to have you meet my foreman-- 我希望带你去认识工头---
get some background on the job. 了解这项工程的一些背景。
I've got plenty of time. 我有的是时间。
I'll be right back. 我马上就回来。
We'll go over to the job site together. 我们等一会儿一起去工地。
Malcolm, you worked on the Spaceport project? Malcolm,你曾负责太空港的工程?
My company was the contractor. 我的公司承包了这项工程。
I built the theater there 我建造这个剧院
with my own two hands, practically. 差不多是独自完成的。
I understand. 我明白了。
Well, 好的,
I'm glad to see you two guys getting along so well 看到你们两位相处得这么融洽,我很高兴
because, Danny, 因为,Danny,
Malcolm is on the TOPS team.  Malcolm是TOPS的一员。
He's going to be working with you for a while. 他将与你一起工作一段时间。
His experience will be valuable to both of us. 他的经验对你我都很有好处。
Welcome aboard, Malcolm! 欢迎加入,Malcolm。
I'm going back to my office. 我要回办公室了。
Give me a call later, Malcolm. 请稍后打电话给我,Malcolm。
I'll tell you the time and date of the next TOPS meeting. 我要告诉你TOPS下次聚会的时间。
I'd like you to meet the group. 我希望你能与协会的成员见面。
I will, John. 我会的,John。
And again--thanks. 再次谢谢你。
No ... thank you. 不……谢谢你。
And thank Susan. 还要谢谢 Susan。
He's quite a man. 他是个了不起的人。
A real inspiration for me. 他给我很大的启发。
OK, Danny. 好啦,Danny。
I know you didn't expect to have me around, 我知道你没有预料到我出现在你身边,
but I think I can be of some help to you. 但我觉得我可以对你有所帮助。
Let me tell you something, Malcolm. 我跟你说,Malcolm。
With your background and experience, 依你的背景和经验,
I can learn something 我能学到一些东西。
... and I do need some advice on a difficult problem. ……我的确有一个难题想请教你。
Let me show you this. 我给你看看这个。
I don't want to give you a final opinion 我不想给你最终的意见
without studying these building plans more carefully. 在没有仔细研究这些建筑图的情况下。
But a simple solution might be 但是一个简单的解决方法可能是
to move the air-conditioning units 移动这些空调设备
instead of redesigning the entire system. 而不必重新设计整个系统。
It might be simpler and less expensive . 这样可能比较简单而且省钱。
You just earned your weight in gold, Malcolm. 你可帮了我大忙,Malcolm。
Welcome aboard! 欢迎加入我们的行列!
It all happened so quickly! 这一切发生得太快了!
I can't believe it! 我简直不敢相信!
I'm glad Mr. Marchetta was so helpful. 我真高兴 Marchetta先生如此帮忙。
He was more than helpful. 他不仅仅是帮忙。
He actually took me to meet his foreman. 事实上他带着我去见他的工头。
I'm thrilled for you, Grandpa. 我真为你兴奋,爷爷。
I don't know how to thank you, Susan. 我不知道如何感谢你,Susan。
You're a wonderful granddaughter. 你真是个好孙女。
It's good to see you so happy. 能看见你如此高兴,我太快乐了。
I'll be at the construction site tomorrow. 明天我要去工地。
What are you doing tomorrow night? 明天晚上做什么?
I'm not doing anything. 我没有要做什么。
Why? 怎样?
How about a date with your grandfather? 和你爷爷约会好吗?
I owe you a good steak dinner. 我欠你一顿牛排晚餐。
I'll accept. 我接受邀请。
Tomorrow night. 明天晚上。
You and me. Dinner. 你和我。吃晚饭。
What time? 什么时候?
I'll pick you up here at seven . 我七点钟到这儿来接你。
Is that OK? 可以吗?
I can't wait! 我盼望着那个时候!
And you can tell me 到时候你就可以告诉我`
all about your first full day back on the job. 关于你重回工作第一天的全部事情了。
It's a deal! 就这么约定!

Malcolm Stewart we want to know.
Who is he and what has he done ...
That's what we want to find out.
We'd like to know.
So, what do you say we take a look at his resume?
"Here's a brief description
of 43 years on-the-job training."
Name, address, and phone number.
That's a good way to begin.
Now, we know where to write or call
if we want to contact him.
Where did Malcolm go to school?
We need that information.
We'd like to find out
where and when he got his education.
Bachelor of Science in engineering in 1938.
Master of Science in engineering in 1940.
That's great.
We need a brief summary of Malcolm's work history.
You mean his work experience.
He was president for 22 years
of Malcolm Stewart Associates.
What did he build?
He built things like Spaceport Project,
Orlando Civic Centre, Handerson Shoe Factory,
Florida Sun and Health Clubs,
Titusville Mall and Dede County Arts Centre.
And before that,
vice president--
Harrison and Stile's Building Corporation.
And before that,
senior engineer--
Harrison and Stile's Building Corporation.
And before that,
project engineer--Guilford Construction Company.
And before that,
foreman--Brancusi Brothers.
And before that,
he was in the Navy.
Seaman first class!
"Hahaha. That is some history.
You're a valuable asset, Malcolm."