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新英语900句 3

新英语900句 3

Going shopping 购物

496. What can I do for you, sir? 先生,您需要什么?

497. I want a pair of shoes for my son. 我要为我儿子买一双鞋。

498. What size does he wear? 他穿几号的鞋子?

499. May I try on this sweater? 我可以试穿这件毛衣吗?

500. This shirt is not fit for me. Do you have a smaller one? 这件衬衣我不合身,你们有小一点的吗?

501. George is interested in buying a new computer. 乔治很想买一台新电脑。

502. Which color do you want, purple or pink? 你想要哪种颜色,紫色还是粉红色?

503. What's the price of that air conditioner? 那台空调的价格是多少?

504. How much is this pencil-box? 这个铅笔盒多少钱?

505. Is this shampoo on sale today? 这种洗发水今天减价出售吗?

506. That set of comb is very beautiful and special, but it costs much. 那套梳子非常漂亮,非常特别,但是太贵了。

507. How much do I owe you? 我该付你多少钱?

508. That will be twenty-seven dollars and fifty cents. 二十七美元五十美分。

509. Do you have change for a ten-dollar bill? I want five-dollar bills. 你能换开一张十美元的钞票吗?请换成五美元的钞票。

510. This dress is made of silk, isn't it? 这件衣服是丝绸做的,对吗?


Eating in a restaurant 餐馆进膳


511. What would you like to eat? 你想吃什么?

512. I'd like to try the steak, please. 请给我来一客牛排。

513. May I take your order, sir? 先生,点好菜了吗?

514. What would you rather to have----Chinese food or Western food? 你想吃什么菜----中餐还是西餐?

515. I want my steak well-done. 我要全熟的牛排。

516. What kinds of vegetables do you have? 你要什么蔬菜?

517. I'll just take a small salad, please. 我只想要一小盆沙拉。

518. And to follow? 还要什么?

519. I'd like some fruit if you have any. 如果有水果就来一点吧。

520. They serve good food in this restaurant. 这家饭店卖的饭菜很好。

521. Do you want any dessert? 你要甜品吗?

522. Apple pie and ice cream would be nice. 苹果派和冰淇淋就行了。

523. You have choice of two flavors of ice cream----chocolate and strawberry. 你可以选择要巧克力还是草莓口味的冰淇淋。

524. May I have the check, please? 请开账单,好吗? 525. Here's the money. Keep the change. 给。不用找了。


Going out for the evening 参加晚会


526. How long did the party last? 晚会持续了多长时间?

527. The movie started at half past eight and ended at ten. 电影从8点半开始放映到10点结束。

528. Will you go to the theater with me tonight? 你今晚愿意和我一起去看戏剧吗?

529. This new film is said to be adapted from a novel by Jane Austen. 据说这部新影片是根据简·奥斯丁的一本小说改编的。

530. The new play was good and everybody enjoyed it. 这个新编的剧目很好,人人都很欣赏。

531. The movie had begun by the time we got there. 当我们到那儿的时候,电影已经开始了。

532. Can I still get tickets for tonight's show? 还有今晚夜场的票吗?

532. Where would you like to sit? 您想坐哪儿?

533. I like to sit in about the fifth row. 我想坐在第五排左右。

534. The cast of the play includes a famous actress. 这个剧的演员名单中有一位名花旦。

535. After the play was over, we all wanted to get something to eat. 剧演完后,我们都想找点吃的。 536. There was a big crowd and it was hard to find a taxi. 人很多,很难找到一辆出租车。

537. Which would you rather do----go dancing or go to a play? 你喜欢做什么,去跳舞还是去看剧?

538. I don't go dancing very often. 我不常去跳舞。

539. After dancing, we went to a café and had something to drink. 跳完舞,我们去了一家咖啡厅喝点东西。

540. I'm not accustomed to listening to rock music. 我不习惯听摇滚乐。


Making appointments 约会


541. I'd like to make an appointment to see Doctor White. 我想约个时间去看怀特医生。

542. Is it convenient for you to arrange for a personal interview? 您方便安排一次个别会谈吗?

543. Your appointment will be next Monday at nine o'clock. 你约会的时间是在下星期一的9点钟。

544. I'd like to fix an appointment with the manager. Would ten tomorrow be all right? 我想和经理约个时间。明天10点行吗?

545. I'm afraid not. He's got rather a full day tomorrow. 恐怕不行。明天他都排满了。

546. She is only free on Friday afternoon. 她只有星期五下午有空。

547. She failed to call the office to cancel her appointment. 她没有打电话到办公室取消她的约会。

548. I am looking for a permanent position. 我在找一个永久性的职业。

549. Please fill this application form first. 请先填写这份申请表。

550. I'm going to call a plumber to come tomorrow. 我准备明天叫一个管道工人过来。

551. She wants to change her appointment from Tuesday to Wednesday. 她想把她的约会从星期二改到星期三。

552. Why didn't he keep the appointment? 他为什么没有赴约?

553. Let's make a date to go fishing next Sunday. 我们就定在下星期天去钓鱼吧。

554. Will you please turn off the light when you leave? 你离开时请关灯好吗?

555. Please call before you come, otherwise we might not be home. 你来以前请先打个电话,否则,我们可能不在家。


Visiting the doctor 看病


556. I went to see my doctor and had a check-up yesterday. 昨天我去请医生作了一次检查。

557. He gave me a chest X-ray and took my blood pressure. 他给我做了X光胸透并量了血压。

558. I keep feeling dizzy, and I've got a headache. 我一直感到头晕和头痛。

559. I should say you're generally run down. 我想你是一般的劳累过度。

560. The doctor asked me to take these pills every four hours. 医生让我每隔四小时服用一次这些药丸。

561. Do you think the patient can be cured? 你认为这个病人能治好吗?

562. It's nothing serious, but he must stay in bed for two or three days. 不要紧的,不过他必须卧床休息两三天。

563. We must operate on him at once. 我们必须马上给他做手术。

564. She needed a blood transfusion. 她需要输血。

565. My grandfather had a heart attack last year. 我的祖父去年害了一场心脏病。

566. They had to call in a heart specialist. 他们不得不请来一位心脏病专家。

567. What kind of medical insurance are you covered by? 你享有那种医疗保险?

568. I'm covered by the health plan at my university in California. 我有加利福尼亚大学的保险。

569. The doctor advised me to get plenty of exercise. 医生建议我多做锻炼。

570. The physician said smoking is harmful to my health. 内科大夫说,吸烟对我的健康有害。


Making telephone calls 打电话


571. You're wanted on the phone. 有电话找你。

572. What number should I dial to get the operator? 找总机话务员我该拨什么号?

573. I want to make a long distance collect call. 我要打个对方付费的长途电话。

574. Pick up the receiver and deposit a coin in the slot. 拿起听筒后,放一个硬币在这个小口子里。

575. I am sorry, but you have dialed a wrong number. 对不起,你打错电话了。

576. I tried to phone you last night, but the line was busy. 昨晚我想给你打电话,但一直占线。

577. I am sorry. I was out when you called. 对不起,你打电话给我的时候,我出去了。

578. He is not in. May I take a message? 他不在,我可以帮你留个口信吗?

579. May I talk to Mr. Cooper? 我可以和库柏先生通电话吗?

580. Who is that? I don't recognize your voice. 谁呀?我听不出你的声音来。

581. The telephone is ringing. Would you answer it, please? 电话铃响了,请你接一下,好吗?

582. Just a minute. Hold the line, please. 稍等一下,请别挂线。

583. Put the receiver closer to your mouth, I can't hear you. 请把话筒靠近你嘴边一些,我听不请你的话。

584. Would you please ask her to call me back this evening? 请你让她今天晚上给我回个电话,好吗?

585. I have to hang up now. 现在我该挂线了。


Writing letters 写信


586. I received a letter from my uncle yesterday. 昨天我收到叔叔的一封信。

587. How long has it been since you've heard from your daughter? 从你上次接到你女儿的信以来有多长时间了?

588. I can't recall how long it has been. 我回忆不起来多长时间了。

589. I often send emails to my friends who are abroad. 我经常给在国外的朋友发电子邮件。

590. I am sorry to have delayed writing back to you. 耽误了给你的回信,很抱歉。

591. She is disappointed because she doesn't get any letter from her boyfriend. 她没有收到男朋友的信,很失望。

592. I enclosed my resume in my letter. 我在信里附上了我的简历。

593. What time is the mail delivered on Sunday? 星期天的邮件都是在什么时间投送的?

594. The postman always comes at 12 o'clock. 邮递员总是12点来。

595. I wrote to my father last night. I couldn't put it off any longer. 我昨晚给父亲写信了,我不能再拖延了。

596. What's the postage on these letters to India, please? 请问这些信寄到印度邮费是多少?

597. I'd like to send this letter registered. 我想挂号邮寄这封信。

598. I don't know whether to send the letter airmail or not. 我不知道这封信是否要用航空发出。

599. Don't forget to put stamps on the letter before you mail it. 发信前别忘了贴邮票。

600. He dropped the letter in the mailbox. 他把信投入了邮筒。

Telling about past experiences 叙谈体验

601. We went for a drive with Lucy and John on Sunday. 星期天我们和露西、约翰一起驾车出游。

602. We prepared a picnic lunch and drove down by the river. 我们准备了一顿野餐并乘车沿河而下。

603. At noon we stopped and found a shady place under some pine trees. 中午,我们停下来,在几棵松树下找了一块阴凉的地方。

604. The scenery there was so attractive and I won't forget it. 那里的风景太迷人了,我永远也忘不了。

605. On our way back home, we had a flat tire. 我们在回家的路上,车子的轮胎瘪了。

606. It was a bad day today. 今天真倒霉。

607. A strange thing happened to me this morning. 今天早上我碰到一件怪事。

608. I was crossing the street and was almost hit by a car. 我正在过大街时,差点被汽车撞着。

609. Fortunately, I jumped back in time to avoid being hit. 幸好,我往回跳得及时,才没有被撞倒。

610. I couldn't finish my work until half past eight and I was very tired when I got home. 我到8点半才结束工作,回到家时已经很累了。

611. I got a letter saying that my father was in hospital. 我收到一封信,说我父亲住院了。

612. I wish you could tell me more details about your trip. 你若能更详细地给我讲讲你的旅行情况就好了。

613. We used to have a lot of fun when we were that age. 当我们在那个年龄时,我们一向玩得很有趣。

614. I can't recall the exact circumstances. 我回忆不起确切的情况。

615. I never imagined that I would be working for IBM. 我从来没想到,有一天我居然会在IBM公司工作。


Asking about furniture and places to live 寻找家具和住房


616. I believe you take in foreign students. 我想你们是收外国学生寄宿的。

617. Yes, if you don't mind sharing. 是的,如果你不介意合住。

618. We're looking for a house to rent for the winter. 我们正在找一所房子,想租一个冬天。

619. Are you trying to find a furnished house? 你是想找一间有家具的房子吗?

620. This split-level house is for rent. It's a bargain. 这间错层平房是出租的,租金很便宜。

621. That house is for sale. It has central heating and a base room. 那间房子是出售的,房子里有暖气设备和地下室。

622. Would you please show me the floor plan of this house? 你可以让我看看这间房子的平面布置图吗?

623. They've already turned on the electricity. The house is ready. 他们已经接上电了,这间房子可以使用了。

624. The roof has leaks in it, and the front steps need to be fixed. 屋顶有漏洞,前台阶需要维修。

625. We've got to get a sofa and a dining room set for the house. 我们要为房子准备一张沙发和一套餐室设备。

626. Does the back door have a lock on it? 后门有锁吗?

627. I don't like the appearance of the floor. I need to wax it. 我不喜欢地板的样子,我要给它打蜡。

628. The house needs painting. It's in bad condition. 这间房子很破旧,需要油漆。

629. What style furniture do you like? Traditional ones or modern ones? 你喜欢什么式样的家具?老式的还是现代的?

630. We have drapes for the bedroom, but we need living-room curtains. 我们的卧室已经有窗帘了,但我们还需要起居室的窗帘。


Talking about things to wear 谈论衣着


631. What are you going to wear tomorrow? 明天你准备穿什么?

632. I am going to wear my white suit. Is that all right? 我准备穿我那套白衣服,你看行吗?

633. I have three suits to send to the cleaners. 我有三套衣服要送到洗衣店去干洗。

634. I have two pairs of trousers to send to the laundry. 我有两条裤子要送到洗衣房去湿洗。

635. I've got to get this dress washed and ironed. 我必须把这件衣服送去湿洗并熨一下。

636. You'd better wear a light jacket. It's chilly today. 你最好穿件薄夹克,今天有点凉。

637. You ought to have that coat cleaned and pressed. 你应该把那件外衣送去干洗并熨一下。

638. The skirt doesn't fit your daughter. It is too small. 那条裙子不合你女儿身,它太小了。

639. These shoes are worn-out. They've lasted a long time. 这些鞋子已经穿破了。它们已经穿了很长时间。

640. The students must wear their school uniforms from Monday to Friday. 学生们星期一到星期五都必须穿校服。

641. The little girl can't fasten the collar button. 那个小女孩系不上领扣。

642. After I came into the house, I put off my coat. 走进房子后,我脱下大衣。

643. I didn't notice you were wearing a new hat. 我没有注意到你戴了一顶新帽子。

644. Why don't you get dressed now? Hurry up! 你为什么还不穿好衣服?快点!

645. My son has outgrown that pair of shoes. 我儿子长大了,穿不下那双鞋了。


Discussing different points of view 讨论不同观点


646. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. 每个人都可以有他自己的想法。

647. I am sorry but I can't agree with you. 对不起,但我不能同意你的观点。 648. That's liberal point of view. 那是个开明的看法。

649. I disagree with you on that point. 在那一点上我与你意见不同。

650. Tell me your judgment in details please. 请把你的判断详细告诉我。

651. I don't see any point in discussing the question any further. 我认为没有任何必要进一步讨论这个问题。

652. You have your point of view, and I have mine. 你有你的观点,我有我的观点。

653. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to start an argument. 请原谅,我本不想挑起战争。

654. You approach it in a different way that I do. 你对待这个问题的态度和我不一样。

655. Our views are not so far apart, after all. 我们的见解毕竟没有多大的分歧。

656. We should be able to resolve our differences. 我们应该能够解决我们的分歧。

657. What alternatives do I have? 我又有什么选择呢?

658. We have opposite views on that. 我们对那个问题有相反的看法。

659. There are always two sides to everything. 每件事情都有两面性。

660. He seems to have a lot of strange ideas. 他似乎有许多奇怪的想法。


Thinking about possible future activities 考虑将来可能从事的活动


661. If it is fine tomorrow, I think I'll go boating. 如果明天天气好,我想去划船。

662. If it doesn't rain this weekend, will you go camping with us? 如果这个周末不下雨,你会和我们一起去露营吗?

663. If I get my work finished in time, I'll leave for Singapore Tuesday. 如果我能及时结束我的工作,我将于星期二去新加坡。

664. Suppose you couldn't spend Christmas with your family. How would you feel? 假如你不能和家人一起过圣诞,你将会觉得怎样?

665. As soon as I can, I'm going to change jobs. 一旦有可能,我就准备换一份工作。

666. We may be able to help you in some way. 我们也许可以从某个方面去帮助你。

667. What would you say if I told you our plan had been canceled? 倘若我告诉你,我们的计划已经被取消了,你会有什么意见?

668. One of these days, I'd like to take a vacation. 最近哪一天,我先休一次假。

669. My brother wants to be a scientist when he grows up. 我的兄弟长大后想当科学家。

670. If I buy that house, I'll have to borrow some money. 如果我要买那间房子,我就不得不借点钱。

671. If you were to attend the conference, what would you wear? 你要是去参加会议,你将穿什么衣服?

672. I hope I remember to ask the barber not to cut my hair too short. 我希望我能记得请理发师不要把我的头发剪得太短。

673. There's possibility she'll come, but it all depends on the weather. 她可能来,但这完全要看天气而定。

674. If I go there with you, I'll be back by seven. 如果我和你一起去,我会在7点钟以前回来的。

675. There's a chance he won't be able to be home for Thanksgiving Day. 也许他不能回家过感恩节。


Talking about past possibilities 谈论过去可能发生的事


676. What would you have done last night if you hadn't had to work? 昨天晚上你如果不是要工作的话,你本来会做什么?

677. I would have gone shopping if it hadn't rained. 如果不下雨,我本来要去买东西的。

678. If you had gotten up earlier, you would have caught the train. 如果你早一点起床,你本来是可以赶上火车的。

679. If I had written it down on my notebook, I would have worked it out correctly. 如果我把它记到笔记本上,我就可以把它正确算出来了。

680. She wouldn't have seen me if I hadn't waved to her. 如果我不向她招手,她不会看见我的。

681. I wish you had called me back the next day, as I had asked you to. 可惜你没有按照我的要求,在第二天给我回个电话。

682. If you had asked for directions, you wouldn't have got lost. 如果你问一下路,就不会走丢了。

683. If I had enough money, I would have bought that car. 如果我有足够的钱,我早就买下那辆车了。 684. Had I known you would come to see me, I wouldn't have gone to the cinema. 如果我知道你会来看我,我就不会去看电影了。

685. Even if we could have taken a vacation, we might not have wanted to. 即使我们可以休假,我们也可能不去休呢。

686. Everything would have been all right if you hadn't done that. 如果你没有那样做的话,一切都好办了。

687. If I had known you wanted to go, I would have called you. 如果我知道你想去,我本会叫你的。

688. Had I known you didn't have a key, I wouldn't have locked the door. 如果我知道你没有钥匙,我本不会锁门的。

689. He would have gone with me, but he was ill. 他本来要和我一起来的,但是他病了。

690. Looking back on it, I wish we hadn't given it up so easily. 回过头来看,我后悔我们不该这样轻易放弃的。


Asking about likes and dislikes 询问喜欢和不喜欢做的事


691. What is it you don't like about summer weather? 你不喜欢夏天的哪一点呢?

692. I don't like it when the weather gets real hot. 当夏天天气变得太热的时候我就不喜欢了。

693. I can't stand winter weather. 我不能忍受冬天的天气。

694. The thing I don't like about driving is all the traffic on the road. 我不喜欢开车的原因,就是路上车辆太多。

695. My father doesn't like the idea of going to bed late. 我父亲不赞成晚睡这种主张。

696. I like to play the piano, but I am not good at it. 我喜欢弹钢琴,但弹得不好。

697. I am afraid you are too particular about your food. 我看你太挑食了。

698. She seems to find faults with everything all the time. 她似乎总是对什么事情都爱挑毛病。

699. I don't like oranges even though I know it's good for my health. 我不喜欢吃橙子,虽然我知道它对我的健康有好处。

700. You have wonderful taste in furniture. 你在家具方面很有鉴赏力。

701. What's your favorite pastime? 你最喜欢的业余爱好是什么?

702. He doesn't like anything I do or say. 他对我所说的所做的一概不喜欢。

703. I didn't like the taste of the medicine, but I took it anyway. 我讨厌这种药的味道,但不管怎样我还是吃了。

704. What did you like best about the story? 这个故事你最喜欢的是什么?
705. Why do you dislike rock music so much? 你为什么这么讨厌摇滚乐呢?

Giving advice and opinions 劝说并提出意见

706. It's only a suggestion. It is something you should figure out yourself. 这只是一个建议,但这些事情你必须得自己考虑。

707. If you want my advice, I don't think you should buy it. 如果你愿意听我的劝告,我认为你不应该买。

708. Let me give you a little fatherly advice. 让我谨向你提些慈父般的劝告吧。

709. In my opinion, you'd better stay home with your daughter tonight. 我认为,你今晚最好留在家里陪你的女儿。

710. If you have any idea about that, I wish you would tell me. 如果在这件事上你有任何想法,但愿你能告诉我。

711. My feeling is that the second-hand TV set isn't worth the price they're asking for. 我觉得那台二手电视机不值他们所要的价钱。

712. In general, my reaction is favorable. 一般来说,我的反应是好的。

713. Please don't take offense. I only wanted to tell you what I think. 请你别生气,我只是想把我的想法告诉你就是了。

714. My father is always trying not to interfere in my affairs. 我的父亲总是尽量不干涉我的事情。

715. It's none of my business, but I think you ought to study harder. 这事与我毫无关系,但我觉得你应该更加努力学习。

716. I suggest that you tear up the letter and start over again. 我建议你把这封信撕了,再重头开始写。

718. If you don't take my advice, you'll be sorry one day. 如果你不听我的劝告,总有一天你会后悔的。

719. He won't pay attention to anybody. You're just wasting your breath. 他谁的话都不听,你只是在白费口舌。 720. Thank you for your advice. It is so helpful to me. 谢谢你的建议,这对我很有帮助。


Asking favors of other people 请别人帮忙


721. Excuse me. Can you do me a favor? 对不起,你能帮我个忙吗?

722. Would you please hold the door open for me? 请你给我把门开着,好吗?

723. I'm afraid it was a bother for you to do this. 恐怕做这件事太麻烦你了。

724. It's very kind of you to take the trouble to help me. 你真好,不嫌麻烦地来帮助我。

725. It wasn't any trouble. I was glad to do it. 一点也不麻烦,我很愿意做这件事。

726. Would you be so kind as to turn down the radio? I am writing a letter. 劳驾你把收音机调小声一点好吗?我在写信。

727. If there's anything I can help, don't hesitate to tell me. 如果有什么我能帮忙的,请一定告诉我。

728. Could you lend me twenty dollars? I don't have my wallet on me. 你能借我20美元吗?我身上没带钱包。

729. Would you mind giving me a push? My car has stalled. 劳驾帮我推一下好吗?我的车抛锚了。

730. I'd appreciate it if you would open the window for me. It is stuffy here. 请你把窗打开吧,这里不通风。

731. I wish I could repay you somehow for your kindness. 但愿对你的好意我能有所回报。

732. There's just one last favor I need to ask of you. 还有最后的一件事要你帮忙。

733. I'd be glad to help you in any way I can. 我愿意尽可能帮助你。

734. I certainly didn't intend to cause you so much trouble. 我的确不想给你造成这么大的麻烦。

735. She'll always be indebted to you for what you've done. 对你所做的事,她感激不尽。


Making preparations to travel 做旅行准备


736. I've got many things to do before I can leave. 在我离开以前,我还有许多事情要做。

737. It'll take almost all my savings to buy a return ticket. 买一张双程票几乎花去我全部的储蓄。

738. Oh, I just remembered something! I've got to drop by the bank to get some money. 哦,我刚刚想起一件事!我必须到银行去取点钱。

739. For one thing, I have to buy a big suitcase. 一件事是我必须得去买一个大皮箱。

740. I never would thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it. 要不是你提起,我怎么也不会想起来。

741. Have you applied for your passport? 你已经申请护照了吗?

742. They'll see me off at the airport tomorrow morning. 他们明天早上会到机场送我。

743. They're calling your flight now. You barely have time to make it. 现在正报你的班机起飞时间呢,你勉强能够赶上。

744. It's a good thing you reminded me to take some medicine. 你提醒我带一些药,这是件好事。

745. You'd better take a taxi or you're going to be left behind. 你最好坐出租车去,否则你会被拉下的。

746. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but it's too late now. 我肯定忘记了什么,但现在已经太晚了。

747. I'll write you as soon as I get there. 我一到那儿,就给你写信。

748. Don't forget to call to let us know you arrived safely. 别忘了把你安全到达的消息打电话告诉我们。

749. Do you have anything to declare for customs? 你有什么东西需要报关的吗?

750. You don't have to pay any duty on personal belongings. 你的私人物品不必上税。


Countries and nationalities 国家与国籍


751. What's your nationality? Are you Japanese? 你的国籍是什么?你是日本人吗?

752. What part of the world do you come from? 你是哪国人?

753. I was born in Japan, but I'm a citizen of U.S.. 我生在日本,但我是美国公民。

754. I'm a Chinese by birth. 我生在中国,是个中国人。

755. What's the area of the Philippines in square kilometers? 菲律宾的面积有多少平方公里?

756. Do you know the population of Sweden? 你知道瑞典的人口有多少吗?

757. Who is the Prime Minister of Britain? 英国的首相是谁?

758. Beijing is the capital of China. It's a cosmopolitan city. 北京是中国的首都,它是一个国际都市。

759. According to the latest census, our population has decreased. 根据最近调查,我国的人口减少了。

760. The country is rich in water resources. It has many big fresh lakes. 这个国家水资源丰富,有很多淡水湖。

761. The industrial area is centered largely in the east. 工业区大部分集中在东部。

762. Politically, the country is divided into twenty-four provinces. 这个国家在政治上划分为24个省。

763. This nation is noted for its rapid economic growth. 这个国家以经济快速增长著称。

764. July 4 is the Day of Independence of the United States. 7月4日是美国的独立日。

765. How old do you have to be to vote in the national elections? 你们多大年纪才能参加国民选举?


Geography and land features 地理与地貌


766. Geographically, this country is located in the northern hemisphere. 在地理上,这个国家位于北半球。

767. What kind of climate do you have? Is it mild? 你们这里属于哪种气候?温和吗?

768. The scenery is beautiful near the Atlantic Ocean. 靠近大西洋的地区,风景很美丽。

769. There are many large lakes in this area. 这个地区有许多很大的湖泊。

770. Are most of the mountains located in the west central region? 大部分山脉都在西部中心地区吗?

771. This mountain range has many high peaks and deep canyons. 这条山脉有许多高峰和深谷。

772. The land in this region is dry and parched. 这个地区的土地很干燥。

773. Nile is the longest river in the world. 尼罗河是世界上最长的河流。 774. Along the northern coast there are many high cliffs. 沿着北部海岸有许多悬崖峭壁。

775. There are forests here, and lumbering is very important. 这里有许多森林,因而伐木业很重要。

776. As you travel northward, does the land get higher and higher? 当你向北旅行时,地势是否变得越来越高?

777. Is the coastal plain good for farming? 沿岸平原适宜耕种吗?

778. The weather is warm and sunny here. Do you get much rain? 这里的气候温和,阳光充足。你们这儿雨水多吗?

779. The nearer you get to the equator, the hotter it is. 越靠近赤道,天气就越热。

780. How far is it from the shore of the Pacific to the mountains? 从太平洋沿岸到山区有多远?


Schools and education 学校和教育


781. Children enter school at the age of six, don't they? 孩子们都在6岁上学,是不是?

782. Children begin to learn basic morals in the kindergarten. 孩子们从幼儿园开始学习基本的道德规范。

783. In elementary school, the child learns to read and write. 在小学里孩子们学习读书和写字。

784. In secondary school, students get more advanced knowledge. 在中学里,学生获得更深一些的知识。

785. In universities, students train to become teachers and engineers. 在大学里,学生被培养成为教师和工程师。

786. I went to grade school in Los Angeles and high school in New York. 我在洛杉矶上小学,在纽约上中学。

787. In college I majored in English. What was your major? 在学院了,我主修英语,你主修什么?

788. My brother graduated from university. Graduation was last night. 我的兄弟大学毕业了,毕业晚会是昨晚举行的。 789. I am a graduate of Harvard University. I have a Bachelor of Sciences. 我是哈佛大学的毕业生。我取得理科学士学位。

790. My father is a headmaster of a primary school. 我父亲是小学校长。

791. Is your uncle a high school principal? 你的伯父是中学校长吗?

792. No, he is a university president. 不,他是一位大学校长。

793. If you want to enter the university, you should apply now. 如果你要上大学,你现在就该申请。

794. What kind of grades did you make in college? 你在大学里的学习成绩如何? 795. Nathan has extracurricular activities. He's on the basketball team. 纳森参加了很多课外活动,他是个篮球队员。


Work and careers 工作与职业


796. What's your job? Are you a doctor? 你是做什么工作的?你是医生吗?

797. I am a federal employee. I work for the Department of Labor. 我是联邦政府的雇员,我在劳动部工作。

798. Sue has built up her own business. She owns a company. 苏已经有了自己的生意,她有一家公司。

799. What kind of work do you want to do when you grow up? 你长大后想做什么工作?

800. As soon as I complete my training, I am going to be a cashier. 一旦训练期满,我就准备当一名出纳员。

801. My brother is a pilot with the airlines. He loves his job very much. 我的兄弟是航空公司的驾驶员,他非常热爱自己的工作。

802. Richard joined the army two years ago. He was just promoted to the rank of major. 理查德两年前加入军队。他刚刚被提升为少校。

803. My sister worked as a nurse before she got married. 我的姐妹结婚前是一名护士。

804. George is an attorney. He has his own practice. 乔治是个律师。他自己开业。

805. After a successful career in business, he was appointed ambassador. 他在事业上取得成就后,被任命后大使。

806. He always takes pride in his work. He's very efficient. 他总是以自己的工作而骄傲。他是个很能干的人。

807. She has a good-paying job with excellent hours. 她的工作薪金很高,工作时间也很理想。

808. Mr. Johnson is a statesman. He's running for election as senator. 约翰逊先生是为政治家,他正在参加参议院选举。

809. Have you ever thought about a career in the insurance profession? 你曾经想过从事保险这一行业吗?

810. I like singing, but I wouldn't want it to be my life's work. 我喜欢唱歌,但我还不愿意把它就作为我的终身职业。

Farms and factories 农场与工厂

811. In this flat country people grow rice and raise cattle. 在这土地平坦的乡间,人们种植水稻,饲养牲畜。

812. What are the principal farm products in this area? 这个地区的主要农产品是什么?

813. The ground around here is stony and not very good for farming. 这儿周围的土地多地块,因而不太适于耕种。 814. Farmers plow their fields and sow in spring. 农民在春天犁地播种。

815. Milk, butter and cheese are shipped here from the dairy farms. 牛奶、黄油和奶酪都是从各个制酪场运到这里来的。

816. On many farms you will find cows and chickens. 在许多农场你都会看到奶牛和鸡。

817. My father has a cow and he gets up early to do the milking every morning. 我的父亲养了一头奶牛,他每天早上很早起床去挤奶。

818. They had to cut down a lot of trees to make room for farming. 为了腾出地方开辟农场,只好伐倒很多树木。

819. Many modern machines have revolutionized farming. 许多现代机器革新了耕作方法。

820. Is it true that there are many factories for making cloth in the United Kingdom? 在英国有很多纺织工厂,这是真的吗?

821. Employing child labor is forbidden in the United States. 美国禁止雇用童工。

823. The manufacturing of automobiles is a major industry in Detroit. 汽车制造是底特律的主要工业。

824. If you work in a factory, you usually have to punch a clock. 如果你在工厂工作,你就要在上下班记时卡上打孔。

825. Is meat packing a big country in your state? 在你们州,肉类加工是否算一门大型工业?


Hobbies and interests 爱好和兴趣


826. What do you usually do in your spare time? 你业余时间一般做什么?

827. My hobby is taking photographs. 我爱好摄影。

828. I've always thought collecting stamps would be an interesting hobby. 我总以为集邮是一种有趣的爱好。

829. My brother likes horseback riding, but I prefer golfing as a hobby. 我哥哥喜欢骑马,而我喜欢打高尔夫球。

830. On weekends I like to get my mind off my work by playing badminton. 每当周末,我总爱借助打羽毛球把我的注意力从工作中摆开。

831. Do you have any special interests other than your studies? 你除了学习以外,还有什么其他特殊爱好吗?

832. He plays the violin for the fun of it. 她拉小提琴只是为了好玩。

833. I find playing computer games relaxing and it takes my mind off my work. 我觉得玩计算机游戏是一种休息,它可以使我的注意力从工作中移开。

834. I've heard of unusual hobbies, but I've never heard of that one. 我听说过一些不平常的嗜好,但我从未听说过那种嗜好。

835. She's not a professional. She draws for her own enjoyment. 她不是职业画家,她画画只是为了消遣。

836. Emma is a member of a drama club. She seems to enjoy acting. 爱玛是话剧俱乐部的演员,她好像对表演很感兴趣。

837. I started a new hobby. I got tired of working in the garden. 我开始了新的爱好,我对养花已经厌倦了。

838. I've got interested in hi-fi. I'm building my own equipment. 我对高保真收音机发生了兴趣,我正在自己装配一台。 839. The trouble with stamp collecting is that it's an expensive hobby. 集邮爱好不好的地方在于它花费太大了。

840. That's a rare set of coins. How long did it take you to collect them? 这是一套罕见的钱币。你用了多长时间收集的?


Recreation and sports 文体活动


841. Volleyball is my favorite sport. What's yours? 排球是我最喜欢的运动,你最喜欢的运动是什么?

842. Last night we went to a football match. It was so exciting. 昨晚我们去看了一场足球比赛,太激动人心了。

843. I like running and swimming, but I don't like hunting. 我喜欢跑步和游泳,但不喜欢打猎。

844. When you played football, what position did you play? 你踢足球踢的是什么位置?

845. Would you be interested in going to the horse races tomorrow? 明天你有兴趣去看赛马嘛?

846. This afternoon we went to the gym for a workout. We played table tennis. 今天下午我们到体育馆练习了,我们打乒乓球。

847. My muscles are sore from lifting weights. 我的肌肉因为举重而感到酸痛。

848. My cousin is a baseball player. He is a catcher. 我的表弟是个垒球运动员,他是一个接球员。

849. I went camping with my friends last Sunday. We bought a new tent. 上星期天我和朋友一起去露营,我们买一副新帐篷。

850. My brother loves climbing. He belongs to a climbing club. 我弟弟很爱登山,他是登山俱乐部的成员。

851. They played a game yesterday afternoon. The score was tied three-to-three. 他们昨天下午赛了一场球,打成三平。

852. What do you do for recreation? Do you like jogging? 你通常做什么娱乐运动?你喜欢慢跑吗?

853. When I was on the track team, I used to be a jumper. 过去我在田径队时,我是跳高运动员。

854. Be a good sport. Play according to the rules of the game. 做一名风格高的运动员。要遵守比赛规则。

855. The hardest thing to learn is to be a good loser. 最难学的是要做一个输得起的运动员。


Newspapers and magazines 报章杂志


856. What's the total circulation of this newspaper? 这份报纸的总发行量是多少?

857. Washington Post is one of the major newspapers in the United States. 华盛顿邮报是美国主要报纸之一。 858. My sister-in-law is a journalist on Newsweek. 我的弟妇是《新闻周刊》的记者。

859. If you send in a subscription on the newspaper, it'll be delivered to your door. 如果你订阅报纸,它会直接给你送上门的。

860. Is there any article in today's paper about the general election? 今天报上有刊登报道有关大选的文章吗?

861. There was nothing interesting in the paper today. 今天报上没有什么有趣的新闻。

862. I subscribed to that magazine. It is put out every week. 我订阅了那本杂志,它是周刊。

863. I was too busy to read the whole paper. I just glanced at the headlines. 我太忙了,没法看整份报纸,只是浏览了一下大标题。

864. My brother has a newspaper route. He delivers the evening paper. 我哥哥专跑一条送报路线,他每天递送晚报。

865. Did you read the article about the rescue of the little girl? 你读过那篇关于营救那个小女孩的文章吗?

866. The first two chapters of the story is in the issue of the magazine. 这个故事的头两章登在这一期杂志上。

867. I am looking for the classified section. Have you seen it? 我正在找分类广告栏,你见到了吗?

868. Is the latest issue of the magazine out? 最新的一期杂志出版了吗?

869. Why don't you put on an advertisement in the paper to sell your house? 你为什么不在报上登个广告把你的房子卖掉?

870. I got five replies to my ad about the car for sale. 已经收到五份对我的出售轿车广告的回复。


Radio and television 收音机和电视机


871. What channel did you watch on television last night? 昨天晚上你看电视收的是什么波段?

872. What's on following the news and weather? Do you have a TV guide? 在播完新闻和天气预报以后是什么节目?你有电视节目播送时间表吗?

873. I couldn't hear the program because there was too much static. 我听不清这个节目,因为干扰太大。

874. I wonder if this is a local broadcast. 我不知道这是不是本地广播。

875. You get good reception on your TV. 你那台电视机的接收情况很好。

876. The next time I buy a TV set, I'm going to buy a portable model. 下一次买电视机,我准备买一台手提式的。

877. I don't get a good picture on my TV set. There must be something wrong. 我的电视机图像不好,肯定有故障。

878. You ought to have Bill look at your radio. Maybe he could fix it. 你应该请比尔给你检查一下收音机,也许他能把它修好。

879. You'd get better TV reception if you had an outside antenna. 如果你接上室外天线,你的电视机的接收效果会更好。

880. We met one of the engineers over at the television station. 我们遇见一位在电视台那边工作的工程师。

881. Most amateur radio operators build their own equipment. 大多数无线电业余爱好者都是自己装机子。

882. Please turn the TV up. It is too low. 请把电视机开大点,声音太小了。

883. Where can I plug in the TV? Is this outlet all right? 什么地方可以接通电视?这个插销可以用吗?

884. Your car radio works very well. What kind is it? 你的汽车收音机性能很好,它是哪一种收音机?

885. Station TC is off the air now. They signed off one hour ago. TC电台现在已经停止播音。广播是在一小时前结束的。


Music and literature 音乐与文学


886. We'll go to a concert tomorrow evening to hear the symphony orchestra. 明天晚上我们去参加音乐会,听交响乐队的演奏。

887. Have you ever thought about becoming a professional pianist? 你曾想过要成为一个职业钢琴家吗?

888. Who would you name as the greatest musician of our times? 你认为当代最伟大的音乐家是谁?

889. What kind of music do you like best? Do you like serenade? 你最喜欢听哪种音乐?你喜欢听小夜曲吗?

890. He's a composer of serious music. I like his music a lot. 他是个庄严音乐的作曲家,我非常喜欢他创作的曲子。

891. My sister took lessons on the flute for nearly five years. 我妹妹学吹长笛已将近5年了。

892. I've never heard that piece before. Who wrote it? 我以前从来没有听过那个曲子,它是谁谱写的?

893. You play the guitar beautifully. How much do you practice every day? 你的吉他弹得很好,你每天练多长时间?

894. This poem is realistic. I don't care for it very much. 这首诗是写实的,我不太喜欢。

895. Who is the author of Romeo and Juliet? 谁是《罗密欧与朱丽叶》的作者?

896. Many great writers were not appreciated fully while they were alive. 许多大作家在世时,他们的作品往往得不到人们的充分赞赏。

897. It is the most stirring story I've ever read. 这是我读过的所有故事中最激动人心的一篇。

898. This writer used vivid descriptions in his writings. 这位作家在他的作品中采用了生动的描绘手法。

899. This is a novel about frontier life in the United States. 这是一部描写美国边界居民生活的小说。

900. How much do you know about romanticism? 关于浪漫主义,你知道多少?