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威廉与凯特:童话书中的爱情故事 William and Kate: A Fairytale Romance Fit for the Story Books


  The Princess Diaries, The Prince and Me, The Princess Bride—the public just can't get enough of melodramatic1) fairytales. Thank goodness there are real-life royals around to satiate2) our palates3) for royal romances. This one began once upon a time amid the humble backdrop4) of the campus at the University of St. Andrews in 2000.

  The couple's meeting couldn't have been scripted better: when Kate Middleton first met Prince William, she (who was a year ahead of William) made a gesture resembling an awkward half-curtsy5). William, who had been attempting to play down6) his royal status and fit in with the rest of his classmates, was taken so off-guard7) that he spilled his drink all over himself. Not quite the etiquette8) you expect from a royal heir, but Kate was intrigued9) by William's unpretentious10) demeanor11).

  The two were fast friends12) and ran in similar social circles but had no idea that a whirlwind royal romance was in the cards13)—Kate was already involved with someone, and William wasn't looking for a serious relationship. But things would change at a St. Andrews fundraising fashion show. Kate was asked to model a sheer14), strapless15) dress. William made sure to get a £200 front-row seat to cheer on his friend. It's the stuff of royal legend: A young university coed16) catwalks past a handsome prince and steals his heart. The young prince-on-campus, Prince William, cranes17) his neck to get a glimpse of18) the brunette19) beauty, Kate Middleton, and their fairytale romance begins. The £45 silk dress famously worn by Middleton and created by young design student Charlotte Todd in 2000 is now a royal artifact worth at least £15,000.

  Still friends, in the fall of 2002, Kate and William decided to round up20) two more buddies and platonically21) share a four-bedroom flat. Although rumors began to swirl that the attractive couple was more than just roommates, Kate and William denied anything but a great friendship. But the tabloids22) were on to23) something—in April of 2004, the two hit the Swiss mountains together on a skiing vacation and finally admitted that they were, in fact, a couple.

  Things went too far when photog-raphers began documenting Kate's every move and even published the location and photos of her London apartment. In February 2006, Kate was told she would be supplied with a 24-hour security detail24). But because no engagement between Kate and William was underway, the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department could not justify the cost of the extra security force, and Kate was left to fend for herself.
  而当摄影师开始记录凯特的一举一动,甚至公布她伦敦公寓的地址和照片时,事情便发展得有些过火了。 2006年2月,凯特被告知,皇家将为她配备一支24小时安全护卫队。但由于凯特和威廉的婚约尚未提上日程,因此皇家和外交保卫部无从证明护卫队这笔额外开支的合法性,于是只能让凯特自己照顾自己了。

  Still, the lack of a ring on her finger didn't mean that things weren't serious. In December of 2006, Queen Elizabeth herself invited Kate to attend the royal Christmas lunch. Although Kate respectfully declined25) the invitation in favor of spending time with her own family, it was a gesture that meant the royal family was bracing for26) a new member.

  Recognizing the pressure that his girlfriend felt, in 2007, William reportedly broke up with Kate over the phone. Contrasting reports speculated27) that he wanted to date other women; that, at 24 years old, he felt too young to marry; and that he simply felt guilty for the media scrutiny and constant expectations that were being leveled28) on her. The pair reportedly licked their wounds by dating and hitting the party circuit, but the fate ultimately led them back into one another's arms. They reunited months later, and she attended the Aug. 10 anniversary memorial that William and Prince Harry had arranged for their late mother.

  The two continued to date for the next three years, and in November 2010, made history when they announced their engagement. William had popped the question29) with Princess Diana's 18-carat30) sapphire31) engagement ring (a gift from Harry) while the two were vacationing in Kenya—after the polite prince had asked for Kate's father's blessing and approval, of course.

  Forget economics and politics, it will be the collective "oooohs" and "ahhhs" heard round the world that will make history when, on April 29th, 2011, Kate gracefully steps from her carriage and down the aisle of Westminster Abbey32).

  Archbishop33) of Canterbury Rowan Williams will marry the couple in an 11 a.m. ceremony.

  The wedding will be the most expensive celebrity wedding of all time and likely cost the British taxpayers more than $20 million dollars.

  Britons and visitors can try to catch a glimpse of the couple as they glide by in a horse-drawn carriage, when it travels through Parliament Square34), Whitehall35), Horse Guards Parade36) and the Mall, or they can gather near Buckingham Palace, where William and his bride are expected to emerge into public view briefly on the balcony.

  This is the same balcony where William's parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, kissed after their 1981 wedding, and where wartime leader Winston Churchill joined the royal family to wave to the public in triumph at the end of World War II.

  Queen Elizabeth II, William's grandmother, will host a reception at Buckingham Palace after the wedding ceremony. At the night of the wedding, Prince Charles will host a dinner and dance at Buckingham Palace for family members and close friends of the newlyweds37).

  William's little brother Harry is planning the bachelor party38). Meanwhile, the night before the wedding, Middleton will stay overnight in central London at one of the palaces.

  1. melodramatic [ˌmelədrəˈmætɪk] adj. 戏剧似的;夸张的;情节剧的
  2. satiate [ˈseɪʃieɪt] vt. 充分满足
  3. palate [ˈpælət] n. 趣味;味觉
  4. backdrop [ˈbækˌdrɒp] n. 背景
  5. curtsy [ˈkɜː(r)tsi] n. 屈膝礼
  6. play down: 降低……的重要性
  7. off-guard [ˈɒfɡɑː(r)d] adj. 不提防的
  8. etiquette [ˈetɪket] n. 礼节,礼仪;规矩
  9. intrigue [ɪnˈtriːɡ] vt. 激起……的兴趣
  10. unpretentious [ˌʌnprɪˈtenʃəs] adj. 谦逊的;不夸耀的
  11. demeanor [dɪˈmiːnə(r)] n. 举止,行为;风度
  12. fast friend: 可靠的朋友
  13. in the cards: 可能发生的
  14. sheer [ʃɪə(r)] adj. 透明的
  15. strapless [ˈstræpləs] adj. 无吊带的;无带的;无背带的
  16. coed [ˈkəʊed] n. (男女同校、尤指大学的)女生
  17. crane [kreɪn] vt. 伸长脖子
  18. get a glimpse of: 瞥见
  19. brunette [bruːˈnet] adj. 浅黑肤色的;深色的
  20. round up: 集拢(分散的人或物)
  21. platonically [pləˈtɒnɪkli] adv. 纯精神友谊地
  22. tabloid [ˈtæblɔɪd] n. 小报;文摘;小型画报
  23. be on to: 了解……的情况;识透(某人)的意图
  24. detail [ˈdiːteɪl] n. 特派小分队,选派的小队(或小组等),(陆、海军等的)特遣队
  25. decline [dɪˈklaɪn] vt. 婉辞;谢绝
  26. brace for: 准备接受……
  27. speculate [ˈspekjʊleɪt] vt. 推断
  28. level [ˈlev(ə)l] vt. 针对
  29. pop the question: 求婚
  30. carat [ˈkærət] n. 克拉(= karat),钻石等珠宝的重量单位,1克拉= 0.2克
  31. sapphire [ˈsæfaɪə(r)] n. 蓝宝石;青玉;天蓝色
  32. Westminster Abbey: 威斯敏斯特教堂,正式名称为“圣彼得联合教堂”,坐落在英国伦敦。最初于960年开始修建,1245年重建,经历代增建,直到1745年才竣工。这里有丘吉尔、牛顿、达尔文、狄更斯、布朗宁等人之墓,也曾是戴安娜王妃葬礼的举办地。
  33. archbishop [ɑː(r)tʃˈbɪʃəp] n. 【宗】大主教;总教主
  34. Parliament Square: 国会广场(即议会广场)
  35. Whitehall [ˈwaɪtˌhɔːl] n. 白厅,是伦敦市内的一条街,连接议会大厦和唐宁街(英国首相官邸所在地)。一些英国重要政府机关设在这条街及其附近,因此人们用“白厅”作为英国行政部门的代称。
  36. Horse Guards Parade: 皇家骑兵卫队阅兵场
  37. newlyweds [ˈnjuːliˌwedz] n. 新婚夫妇
  38. bachelor party: 单身汉舞会,是男性友人为祝贺某单身男子即将结婚而在婚礼前夕举行的、只有男士参加的聚会。