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国际间谍博物馆——间谍眼中的世界 1)International Spy Museum: through the Eyes of a Spy


  好吧,小编我要承认自己曾多次幻想成为上述那个“身手矫健”的间谍!读者朋友们是不是也曾做过类似的“白日梦”呢?“间谍”,这份散发着神秘与危险气息的职业背后有怎样的故事和历史呢?现在让我们随同本文作者一游位于美国首府华盛顿的“国际间谍博物馆”,一窥间谍的世界吧! ——Mac
  Earlier this month I spent a day in Washington DC. After reading some reviews of the place, I wished to visit the International Spy Museum. And I’m very glad I did.
  Become a Spy   成为间谍
  This museum offers both information and amusement. Upon entry to the briefing room we were able to become a spy ourselves by 2)assuming one of the given names and the corresponding information of that person. We were to commit the information to memory and be prepared to be 3)interrogated later.

International Spy Museum: through the Eyes of a Spy  I was a Russian spy and my name was...hmm I forget. I remember I was from the city of...whoops, don’t remember that either. I can tell you I was in the US as a fisherman...I think. I suppose I wouldn’t be a good spy, although I did have some good short-term memory and got through my first interrogation that day and then picked up an assignment.

  Be sure to assume an identity. The interrogation is done 4)via a keyboard and window so there isn’t much pressure. Of course some people are looking over your shoulder as you enter your answers.

  If you pass the test, you will be given an assignment. Once again more information must be committed to memory. Near the journey’s end, be sure to find a 5)monitor and see if you can manage the 6)scrutiny of the final questions.

  There weren’t many of these monitors, so a busy day could bring a wait. I had no problem walking up to a free monitor. Did I pass the test, the final interrogation? I’ll tell you later.

  The other room in the beginning taught one how to be a spy and the tools needed. This was the School for Spies area. I learned how to pick a lock in just five seconds. Well, maybe I can’t but they do show the tricks and tools of how to do it.
  More Spying Than a James Bond 7)Flick  比詹姆斯·邦德电影更具间谍“风范”
  In the many, many rooms that followed, time was needed to read about all the 8)gadgets and the history of spying through the ages. There are rooms dedicated to the different eras, many you may not expect. I never thought I would find myself in a bomb shelter during the Cold War days. Memories of hiding under desks during atomic bomb 9)drills in my school days came flooding back.

  The stories of many true spies are interwoven with tools of the business. From ancient times through the Cold War and into the present there are many stories, audio-visual displays, and perhaps the most fun,10)hands-on, interactive computer programs. I had some serious competition at one computer generated game when I was in a race against two other people to name threats to our undercover11)persona as we simultaneously looked for hostile security, unexpected risks or unlucky breaks on computers that were linked together. I quickly recognized the police officer on a street corner but was caught by a bad break when an old school friend recognized me. All 12)make-believe but a fun challenge. It was also interesting, though, to see real and make-believe spy tools including displays about carrier pigeons and 13)actually seeing one of James Bond’s gadget filled cars.

  TVs pop culture was also talked about. I didn’t see anything about 14)Jack Bauer saving the world in 24 through the spy network of15)CTU but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. The museum is much larger and more comprehensive than I thought it would be. It was also interesting that day to see an exhibit in the International Spy Museum about 16)Josephine Baker being a spy.
  Some Interesting Facts   一些有趣的事实
  The buildings housing the International Spy Museum were built in the 1800s. They were used by many different 17)tenants over the years. Though the restored exterior of these buildings holds the look and feel of the 19th century, the inside of the museum is quite different. Most of it is high-tech looking and very modern. That said, we are taken into many rooms of different periods of time. It was the transformation of place and time that I found extremely helpful in setting the mood for that period of time’s 18)espionage.

  I should now mention that when I was interrogated near the end of the museum, I failed. The 19)trapdoor beneath me opened sending me into the dark basement where I was quickly 20)blindfolded and 21)handcuffed. OK, I’m exaggerating. I simply failed and the computer told me so. I’m just glad I was not hanged or shot like some of the spies shown.

  I was soon into the very cool gift shop at the end of the self-guided tour. This place has some really 22)neat electronic spy gadgets, all kinds of23)concealment items, books, games and 24)apparel to be purchased. As it is, I now have a camera and audio device listening in on you right now. OK, just kiddin’ again.

  It was easy to start thinking of spying as a game with all the hands-on fun things inside. At the same time, the real issues of spying are covered well and with much detail from actual spies and factual history.