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恋上葡萄酒 For the Love of Wine

  A Drinking Song
  Wine comes in at the mouth,
  And love comes in at the eye;
  That’s all we shall know for truth,
  Before we grow old and die.
  I lift the glass to my mouth,
  I look at you, and I sigh.
  —W. B. Yeats (叶芝)
  Everyone loves wine for different reasons, and everyone has a unique relationship to it.

  Show me a culture that doesn’t celebrate the good things in this short life by gathering together to eat and drink, and I’ll show you the on-off switches hidden behind their ears.

葡萄酒  The connection that wine makes between our hearts is not ours to control. Rather, we are compelled by something tangled inside wine, our ancient relationship to it, and the farming life that was our not-so-distant collective past.

  At the end of each summer, we repeat actions that have been carried out ever since we can remember, actions that still carry the seed of their original purpose: to take care of ourselves, our families, and those whom we are bound to by circumstance and 1)serendipity.

  Starting last week, people all over the Northern 2)Hemisphere are rising before dawn and returning to the fields to harvest the rewards of a season’s worth of work among the 3)vines. This year’s 4)vintage is being forged as we speak. While most of us, including yours truly, are as distant from that harvest as we are to the 5)steers that supplied the nice 6)rib eye we 7)seared last night. The bottles we have 8)shoved above the refrigerator, under the stairs, or in the 2000 bottle 9)walk-in cooling unit are part of a story that began before us, and which will continue as long as there is some small patch of ground that can support a vine.

  So when that bottle appears from nowhere to be opened by unfamiliar hands, and when strangers come bearing gifts of early vintages, it is worth remembering how lucky we are to have discovered this thing we love called wine.

  Stage Three 升华篇:成为品酒高手
  Old World V.S. New World 旧世界VS新世界
  Old World=European Countries 旧世界是指传统的欧洲古典葡萄酒出产国
  Integrate more the soil and climate factors—“Terroir”
  Long tradition and history, yet lots of regulations
  New World=Southern Hemisphere+U.S.A. 新世界是指欧洲以外的葡萄酒出产国
  Not expensive, appropriate weather
  Too much standardization, and not been produced for long aging
  Tempreture of Tasting Wines 品酒的适宜温度
  4-6℃ 甜白葡萄酒
  6-8℃ 汽泡葡萄酒、清淡的白葡萄酒
  10-12℃ 玫瑰红葡萄酒、清淡的红葡萄酒、饱满的白葡萄酒
  15-18℃ 饱满的红葡萄酒
  Note: 在品酒的时候,手应握住杯脚,切勿碰到杯体,影响酒温哦!
  How to Store an Open Bottle 如何保存已开瓶的葡萄酒
  Refrigerate: well-sealed, full bottle will remain fresh in the fridge for a considerable time.
  Recork: when putting a cork back in a bottle be sure to put it back the way it originally came out.
  Note: 未开启的葡萄酒不可放在冰箱中,因为冰箱的振动会影响酒的品质;而且冰箱内太干会导致瓶塞变形空气进入。因此未开启的葡萄酒必须横放在避光、恒温、阴凉处。