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普罗旺斯的一年 A Year in Provence(2)

chicken from 24)Bresse, roasted baby lamb with a creamy garlic sauce, an 25)estouffade of beef and olives, a 26)daube, loin of pork spiked with slivers of truffle. The wines tasted progressively better and became progressively more expensive; I was being traded up by an expert, and there was nothing to be done except sit back and enjoy it.

  “There is one more you should try,” said Uncle Edward, “although it is not to everybody’s taste.” He picked up a bottle and poured a careful half glass. It was deep red, almost black. “A wine of great character,” he said. “Wait. It needs 27)une bonne bouche.” He left me surrounded by glasses and bottles, feeling the first 28)twinges of an afternoon hangover.

  “29)Voilà.” He put a plate in front of me—two small round goat’s cheeses, speckled with herbs and shiny with oil—and gave me a knife with a worn wooden handle. He watched as I cut off a piece of cheese and ate it. It was ferociously strong. My palate, or what was left of it, had been perfectly primed and the wine tasted like 30)nectar.

  Uncle Edward helped me load the cases into the car. Had I really ordered all this? I must have. We had been sitting in the 31)convivial 32)murk for nearly two hours, and one can make all kinds of expansive decisions in two hours. I left with a 33)throbbing head and an invitation to come back next month for the 34)vendange.

  Stage Two 进阶篇:葡萄酒的基本礼仪
  Wine Tasting Techniques 葡萄酒品酒三部曲
  1、Sight: Appearance (Clarity, Brightness, Color, etc). 视觉:分析外观(澄清度、亮度、颜色等)。
  2、Smell: Nose (Intensity and Aromas) 嗅觉:分析气味(香气及浓郁程度)。
  3、Taste: Palate (Balance, Flavors and length) 味觉:分析口感(平衡、口味及余味)。
  Some Useful Words in Tasting 有用的葡萄酒描述语
  1、Aromas: Flowers, Fruits, Vegetal, Spices, Animal, Toast, Mineral, Pastries…
  2、Tannins: have a drying effect on the gums and the tongue.
  3、Body: is the impression of a wine’s weight in the mouth—light or full-bodied.
  4、Alcohol: warming sensation in the back of your mouth
  5、Finish or length: the period of time the wine’s flavor lingers on your palate.
  6、Texture: Creamy, Silky, Velvety…
  7、Faults: Corkiness, Sulphur dioxide, Acetic, Oxidation…
  Basic Food and Wine Pairing 食物与葡萄酒的搭配
  The success of food and wine matching is achieved when the feeling generated by their combination reach a perfect balance.
  The white wines are served before the red wines; the young wines before the aged wines; the dry wines before the sweet wines.
  Red meat demands a red wine, while white meat suits a white wine.
  Sweet, umami and spicy taste in food will exaggerate the tannins and bitterness of a wine. Salt and sour additions to the food will counteract this effect on the wine.

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