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创造梦“响” If You Build It, They Will Play(2)

ing a better marimba propelled11) him to get a job in a woodworking shop. Lucky for him, the particular shop that hired him was an excellent place to learn woodworking skills.

  Young and single, Ron spent nearly every evening and weekend working on his marimba, determined to get it right. "What musicians were looking for in the sound of a marimba I had already sort of come to the conclusion that this is what a marimba should sound like and I was bent on12) achieving it, for myself. The idea really was just to have a nice instrument for myself."

  About three years into his marimba-making quest, Ron had started honing13) his skills and began thinking that it might actually be possible to turn his passion into a real business. His marimbas were sounding better and better all the time.

  "I started going to this one trade show, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention. I went as an observer for a few years, just to meet marimba players and get their ideas on what they want to hear. One year I drove from Arcata to Austin, Texas, with a few of my marimbas and came home with several pages full of all the things I'd have to change in my instruments. I made the changes and went back the following year, this time to come home with only three-quarters of a page of changes. I made all those changes and went again. Then, people started buying them!"

  In 1989, about five years after he'd taken the job at the woodworking shop, Ron quit to run his marimba business full-time. And he's been at it ever since. His company, Marimba One, is now known for its high-end14), world-class professional instruments and is a leader in the marimba world.

  Years after stumbling upon15) his first marimba and dropping out of college to make a better one, Ron is still hard at work trying to create the perfect instrument. "It's a lifelong, evolving process. I always have to fix it and make it better."

  His favorite time to listen to the instrument that stole his heart is at a rehearsal, when you can walk around and really hear what a musician is trying to bring out in the music. It is then when he connects most with that deep, warm magical sound that drew him into the world of the marimba so many years ago. One day, he will make a marimba that will fully reveal the secret of that sound to the rest of us. Until then, he and Marimba One will keep on keeping on.

  1. turn on: <俚> (使)产生兴趣(或爱好、热情)
  2. marimba [mE5rImbE] n. 【音】马林巴琴(即木琴)
  3. to begin with: 原先,本来
  4. intrigue [In5tri:^] vt. 激起……的好奇心(或兴趣)
  5. Erector Sets: 美国一种建筑拼装玩具,由A. C. Gilbert于1911年打造,两年后开始批量制造并销售,深受全球儿童喜爱。
  6. go for it: <口> 大胆试一试
  7. address [E5dres] vt. 处理,对付
  8. acoustically [E5ku:stIkElI] adv. 听觉上,声学上
  9. as much as: 实际上;差不多
  10. outside the box: 打破常规的
  11. propel [prE5pel] vt. 推动;激励,驱策
  12. be bent on: 决意
  13. hone [hEun] vt. 磨练;训练
  14. high-end [5haI5end] adj. (产品等)同类中最贵的,最高档的,高端的
  15. stumble upon: 偶然遇到,碰巧找到

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