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Living through My Nostrils 气味,道不完的情与事


  One 1)whiff can paint a thousand words, transport us to a different city and a different time. A handful of aromas, whether sickly or sweet, can summarize a lifetime. So, which smells would 2)be bottled up and packed in the scented suitcase of your life? 
  Early Days: 3)Sugar Cane 4)Crush   懵懂之年:甘蔗·情窦
Sugar Cane

  5)Molasses. I’m twelve years old, I have my first crush on the new girl in my class, Kara McCarthy, and all I can smell is molasses. Much like Kara, the 6)sticky scent greets you packing a punch and knocks you backwards a few paces. But once you 7)warm up to it, its sugary fingers 8)tickle your senses and have you 9)under a spell.  
  We are on a 10)field trip to the sugar 11)mill in 12)Nambour—not far from my hometown. Stalks of sugar cane wave to us as we drive into the once-thriving farming town. Smoke 13)wafts into the bus as the sugar cane is burned in preparation for harvest.  
  Stepping down from the bus, the molasses 14)fumes hit me—15)pungent, thick, irresistible. We take the factory tour: growing, harvesting, extraction, evaporation. But all I see are golden 16)locks, freckles on soft pink skin and a 17)cheeky grin with a slightly 18)crooked front tooth.  
  My teacher set out to teach us about production, supply and demand—things twelve-year-olds have no interest in. But I do remember something from that day…the lingering fragrance of liquid sugar and the candy-coated vision of Kara McCarthy.  

1) whiff [wIf] n. 一阵(气味)
2) be bottled up 储藏起来
3) sugar  cane 甘蔗
4) crush [krQF] n. 暗恋
5) molasses [mE5lAsIz] n. 蜜糖,糖浆
6) sticky [5stIkI] adj. 粘稠的
7) warm up to 适应
8) tickle [5tIkEl] v. 使发痒
9) under a spell 被…迷住
11) field trip 实地考察
12) mill [mIl] n. 制造厂
13) Nambour 楠伯,澳大利亚昆士兰州东南部的一个小镇
14) waft [wɒft] v. 飘送
15) fume [fju:m] n. 烟
16) pungent [5pQndVEnt] adj. 刺鼻的

  老师开始讲解甘蔗的生产和供求的问题—— 一些十二岁的孩子不感兴趣的事。但那天的一些事,还真切地印在了我脑海中……挥之不散的糖浆芳香,还有甜美的卡拉·麦卡西。 
  Uni Years: Morning Breath   大学时光:早晨·臭气

Morning Breath

  Sunday morning, 9 am. Head 19)throbbing. Gut 20)churning. Mouth dry. Nightclub music still pounding. The last thing you want? The smell of alcohol drifting in the window. But, unfortunately for this university student, a 21)bouquet of 22)brewing beer came with the territory.  
  My share-house, just out of 23)Brisbane’s 24)CBD, was like most student accommodation in the area—rotting floorboards, 25)sagging front steps, 26)cobwebs on the ceiling—but with one 27)twist: it was a stone’s throw from the 28)Milton brewery, which pumped out 29)boozy odours seven days a week.  
  The main 30)culprit for the overwhelming 31)stench was a plant called 32)hops, a key ingredient in beer production. My grandpa, who used to make his own beer, once described hops as being “fresh, spicy and herbal like evergreen pine trees.” Sorry, Grandpa, you’re wrong. The smell is toxic and would come at unpredictable hours. Needless to say, many 33)alfresco evenings were quickly packed up and moved indoors.  
  To this day, on the very rare occasions 34)ale wets my whistle, I think of my college years—parties, 35)cramming for exams and Sunday morning beer breeze—and I 36)retch just a little…then I smile. My year in Milton was amazing. 

17) lock [lɒk] n. 头发
18) cheeky [5tFi:kI] adj. 调皮的
19) crooked [krJkId] adj. 弯曲的,此指“不整齐的”
20) throb [Wrɒb] v. 悸动
21) churn [tF\:n] v. 剧烈震动
22) bouquet [bu:5keI] n. (酒)味
23) brew [bru:] v. 酿造
24) Brisbane [5brIzbEn] n. 布里斯班,澳大利亚东部港口城市,昆士兰州的首府
25) CBD abbr. Central Business District, 中心商业区
26) sagging [5sA^IN] adj. 下垂的
27) cobweb [5kɒbweb] n. 蜘蛛网
28) twist [twIst] n. (意外的)转折
29) Milton [5mIltEn] n. 米尔顿,布里斯班市的郊区
30) boozy [bu:zI] adj. 酒的
31) culprit [5kQlprIt] n. 犯人
32) stench [stentF] n. 臭味
33) hop [hɒp] n. 蛇麻草,用于啤酒酿造,其花又被称为“啤酒花”
34) alfresco [Al5freskEJ] adj. 在户外的
35) ale [eIl] n. 啤酒
36) cram [krAm] v. 塞满

  China Time: Sweet and Sour…and Salty   旅居中国:甜味,酸 味……和咸味


  If I had to sum up China in one word it would, without a doubt, be “contrast”—it is the land of yin and yang, after all. So it is only fitting that my memories of the middle kingdom are 37)encapsulated by two of the most contrasting scents you are ever likely to come across; scents that can be found daily, side-by-side in back alleys and hanging out above highways on crowded foot bridges. I’m talking, of course, about the unmistakable smells of chou doufu (38)stinky tofu) and the sweetness that is roasted 39)chestnuts.
 炒栗子 These fragrances have been a constant in my life in China from day one. Walking to school to teach children in Putian. Sweaty summer nights on the streets of Shenzhen. Afternoon strolls through 40)bustling Guangzhou. And just like my time here, the scents are truly unforgettable. 
  Yet, through the multitudes of scents I have encountered, there is nowhere my nose feels more at ease than on the beaches of Australia. When I visit my parents in 41)Byron Bay, I find myself spending hours lazing on the sand. Salt and seaweed dance together, filling my lungs and warming my heart. My nostrils know where home is. 


37) retch [ri:tF] v. 作呕
38) encapsulate [In5kApsjJleIt] v. 把…压缩
39) stinky [5stINkI] adj. 恶臭的
40) chestnut [5tFesnQt] n. 栗子