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[职场无忧] Finding the Target 广告策划第三弹:杂志广告怎么样?

发音:美式+澳式发音 语速:150词/分钟 使用方法:精听+角色扮演

  小编Tips:Stephanie提出的迷你电影的广告策划创意虽然得到赞赏,但老板Mr. Jacobs指出她仍然没有找到这个护肤系列产品的目标群体。对于针对女性设计的护肤产品来说,最好的广告载体可能便是女性杂志了。增加了这一广告载体,我们的Stephanie又要开始忙碌咯! 
  Jacobs: Stephanie, while we have had great feedback on the mini-movie advertising campaign, our research suggests that we are still missing key 1)demographics.  

   Stephanie: Ah, I was worried about that. You think we’ve missed our target audience? 

  Jacobs: Yeah. I know the consultant you met with seemed to feel ①the idea of magazine advertising was out of the window, but in this instance, it might be just the thing. 

  Stephanie: ②I see where you are coming from. It is a beauty product designed, primarily, for women. We should get something into all those beauty 2)mags.  

  Jacobs: ③You’ve hit the nail on the head. The TV advertising can reach new potential customers, but can take us only so far. To 3)guarantee we are reaching the right people, we need to get on the pages of Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair…④you get the idea. You think you can make it happen? 

  Stephanie: Without a doubt. Fortunately, we had a photographer present when we were shooting the TV ad. I’ll give him a call. I’m sure he would have captured some great images we can incorporate into a print campaign.  

  Jacobs: Great. Give the design department a call, too. ⑤Get them on side and you can work something up together. We may need to reshoot some of the products for the layout.  

  Stephanie: We can keep the same slogans and 4)taglines, right? 

  Jacobs: Oh, of course. The work you have done on that is outstanding. We can’t have that going to waste.  

  Stephanie: Right then. I’d better get stuck into it.  
  Jacobs: Bring it back to me when you have your final drafts ready. 
  Stephanie: No problem, boss. 


  Smart Sentences 
  ① The idea of magazine advertising was out of the window. 压根儿就没想过杂志广告。 
  out of the window: sth. (an opportunity, a chance, an idea, a plan, etc.) disappears completely(某事,如:机会、想法、计划等)完全消失。例如: 
  Once you give up, the chance for us to get a raise would be out of the window. 
  ② I see where you are coming from. 我知道你为什么会这么说。 
  where sb. comes from: the reason/rationale of sth.(某事出现的原因或背景)。例如: 
  —I don’t understand your presentation. 
  —Well, where I was coming from was the point of view of female consumers. 
  ③ You’ve hit the nail on the head. (你的话/想法)完全正确。 
  hit the nail on the head: being exactly right about sth. (在某事上完全正确。)例如: 
  —If this plan goes through, our market share will increase dramatically. 
  —I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. 
  ④ …you get the idea. ……你都知道啦。 
  you get the idea: used to indicate the other should understand what you are talking about, usually after mentioning a list(用以表示对方应该明白你所谈及的事情,通常用于罗列之后)。 
  The movies I like? Action movies like Rambo, Die Hard, Rush Hour…you get the idea. 
  ⑤ Get them on side. 让他们一起参与进来。 
  get sb. on side: bring sb. on board, have sb. join the team(让某人加入,让某人成为一份子)。 
  This is an enormous task. I need to get all of you on side.