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记忆的盒子 The Memory Box(2)


  You gave me the best present I've ever received today! It has a little story behind it that I will treasure forever. You have been diligently saving your allowance7) for weeks to buy some material for Grandma to make a teepee8) for you. You had $7.00 saved last week, but you asked me to take you to a nearby boutique9) where handmade crafts (which I love!) were sold. You were so cute, watching me as I looked at things, and if I liked something, you would ask how much it cost. We found an adorable little teddy bear with an antique lace collar and a ribbon tied around its neck and a ring attached. You pretended you loved it and even tried on the ring. You were very sneaky10) for a five year-old! You bought the bear all by yourself and said you were sorry, but you spent all your money and would just make me something for Mother's Day. (I would have loved anything you made!)

  This morning you woke me up with a big grin and a package wrapped in paper towels11) and duct tape12). You were so proud and excited! There inside was the little bear that I will always treasure. You sacrificed your teepee for me.

  I am so proud of your sweet, generous spirit and the many ways every single day that you bring me joy. You are truly special and I am honored to be your mom.

  Love, Mom

  I still have the bear and the little ring. And Nick did get his teepee. I smile at the memories and place my letter for Nick in an envelope to mail to him. I hope reading it will remind him what a miracle he is and how blessed I feel to be his mother.

  Also tucked inside the “Nick” box was a little Zip-lock bag with a tiny baby tooth.“Nick's first tooth” was written in marker on the bag, and a folded piece of lined grade-school13) handwriting paper was stapled14) to the bag. I carefully removed the paper and read the note in his awkward, just-learning-how-to-write printing.

  Dear Tooth Fairy15),

  I love you. Please leave me a lot of money.

  From your best friend, Nick.

  P.S. Don't keep my tooth.

  I laughed until I cried. How I missed my little guy!

  Now twenty-one, Nick has his own life and a fiancée. I know it won't be long before he has children of his own. I pictured him with a little one on his knee, helping her write her first letter to the Tooth Fairy.

  Each page in his school years book had a small school photo for that grade glued to it. If I flipped the pages fast, like a homemade cartoon flip-book, I could see the transformation from pre-school to a senior in high school. It was like watching him morph16) into an adult right before my eyes.

  This unexpected trip down memory lane was the best way I could think of to spend my Saturday. This is one box I will never unpack and put away. It's definitely one to keep close by and on days when my heart longs for my first-born, I will dig it out, open a box of tissues, and let the memories come home again.

  1. pore [pɔː(r)] vi. 凝视,注视
  2. artwork [ˈɑː(r)tˌwɜː(r)k] n. 艺术作品;艺术制品
  3. prop [prɒp] vt. 支撑
  4. coupon [ˈkuːpɒn] n. 礼券,购物优惠券
  5. have a way with:善于处理;有能力对付
  6. be blessed with:有幸得到,被赋予
  7. allowance [əˈlaʊəns] n. 零用钱
  8. teepee [ˈtiːpiː] n. = tepee,(北美印第安人用树皮、兽皮等制成的)圆锥形帐篷
  9. boutique [buːˈtiːk] n. (铺面不大的)时装商店(尤指专售妇女服饰的商店)
  10. sneaky [ˈsniːki] adj. 偷偷摸摸的
  11. paper towel:纸巾,多指用于厨房的吸水性强的纸巾
  12. duct tape:布基胶带,防水胶带。这种胶带以聚乙烯与纱布纤维的热复合为基材,有较强的剥离力、抗拉力、耐油脂、耐老化、耐温、防水、防腐蚀能力,是一种绝缘的高粘胶带。
  13. grade school:〈美〉小学
  14. staple [ˈsteɪp(ə)l] vt. 用订书钉订
  15. Tooth Fairy:牙齿仙女,西方文化中收集小孩子乳牙的仙女。据说小孩乳牙脱落后,牙齿仙女会在晚上偷偷进来,取走牙齿,留下一点儿钱(其实是父母留的),作为对孩子健康成长的一种奖赏。
  16. morph [mɔː(r)f] vi. 变化

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