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帆布上的“天使”Angels on Canvas


  Brushes and paint were spread around me in my 1)den.

  I laid the first layer of blue paint across the paper, a “2)wash” I remembered my teacher calling it. I closed my eyes and tried to envision what it was I wanted to paint. But all I could see was a vast dark 3)void, swirling, 4)menacing storm clouds that seemed to 5)envelop me. My mind was full of anger, fear, panic.

帆布上的“天使”Angels on Canvas  My eleven-year marriage was over. Our finances, I’d discovered, were in 6)shambles. In a few days I would have to leave this house, the place I’d hoped to make a home for my children and husband. Everywhere I looked I was reminded of failure, of cherished dreams that hadn’t turned out the way I’d planned.

  Like this painting, I thought. A few shapeless 7)strokes on a piece of paper. I stared at it, trying to imagine a scene, someplace far away, something8)soothing. It was no use.

  I’d been an actress all my life, but painting was new to me. I’d only had two one-hour lessons from an artist who had offered to teach me the basics of watercolor. I’d happily accepted, eager for anything that could take my mind away from court9)filings and financial documents.

  “Visualize the details of what you’re painting,” my instructor said. “See the shapes and colors, the whites and darks. Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that’s most important.”

  How was I supposed to do that after two lessons? I thought as I looked at my 10)nondescript brush strokes on the paper in front of me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, but all I could see was darkness. All I could think about were my worries. I said a quick prayer: Please show me a way to find comfort.

  In my mind, I looked again into the gray 11)haze. My muscles relaxed slightly. It was a relief to shut out the world for even a few minutes. I let myself enjoy the peace. I felt almost as if I were floating, a gentle rocking motion. I tried to focus, tried to look into the distance. Slowly, I began to make out water, a lake. And then, I could see it—the whole picture in front of me, with unbelievable clarity! There was the sunlight catching the water, creating a 12)kaleidoscope of colors; a gentle breeze 13)rippling the surface; in the background a 14)marsh.

  I opened my eyes, but the scene remained in my mind. I dipped my brush in the green paint and began layering it over the blue, the lake coming alive on the paper. It is amazing how many 15)shades of blue, green, brown, white and gray there are in water. It was as if I was seeing it for the first time. I added the marsh with a few strokes of my brush and then closed my eyes again. I could see it clearly: There was a brown, wooden boat, empty, but floating peacefully on the water, as if it were waiting to carry someone to the shore. How had I missed it the first time?
  我睁开眼睛,但景象仍停留在脑海中。我用画笔蘸了蘸绿色颜料,画在蓝色上面,湖泊便跃然纸上了。水中可以映出蓝、绿、棕、白及灰色等多种色调,这是多么的神奇啊。感觉就像是我之前从未见到过那样的景象。我加了几笔 画出了沼泽,然后重新闭上了眼睛。我能够十分清楚地看到:有一只褐色的小木船很平静地漂浮在水面上,船上空空的,仿佛正在等待着将某人送到岸上。第一次展开想象时我怎么就错过它了呢?

  Little by little the 16)dinghy took shape on the paper. I noticed its curves, how part of it was hidden under the water—seeing what wasn’t there! I stepped back and looked at the painting. I’d done it! Maybe not a masterpiece, but a beautiful work of art all the same.

  I felt the most incredible feeling of warmth and support, as if a heavenly presence were there beside me, guiding me, teaching me to see the world with new eyes in all its beauty and 17)exquisite detail, a future so much bigger than any of my 18)immediate troubles.

  I looked closely again at the painting. There were no angels visible in the swirls of color, but I knew they were all around. And like my teacher said, sometimes it’s what we don’t see that’s most important.

  Life, I realized, is constantly changing and evolving, like a painting, and that it only takes a few brush strokes and eyes open to possibilities to change your entire perspective. It worked for me at a difficult time in my life, and I haven’t put my brushes down since.