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尼克传奇——没手没脚没烦恼 The story of Nick Vujicic - NoArms, No Leges, No Worries

  If you’re a parent, you know the 1)anticipation, and perhaps even the fears you felt before your first child was born. With technology as it is today, so much can be discovered before hand. Fears can be laid to rest or plans can be made to 2)accommodate 3)complications. But it hasn’t always been that way.

  This is a true story about a young man named Nick Vujicic. According to the world’s standards, Nick was born with a 4)severe physical disability. But in his mind, he is not disabled at all. In fact, Nick says that to be disabled you would have to be unable to do the things you want or need to do. As challenging as it has been for him over the years, he has managed to conquer nearly every aspect of his life. Nick also says there are many people with a disability “in their mind,” and that’s what’s preventing them from achieving great things in this life. Nick is courageous and arguably the most inspirational person alive. Nick has a story to tell for anyone who will listen. Are you ready to hear it?
Nick Vujicic  这是关于一个年轻男子的真实故事,他的名字叫尼克·武伊契奇。以世俗标准来看,尼克出生时患有严重的身体残疾;不过在他看来,自己是完好无缺的。事实上,尼克说过,若你无法去做想做或需要去做的事情,那样才叫残疾。多年来他的残疾一直给他带来很大的挑战,不过现在他几乎在生活的所有领域都有所成就。尼克也说过,其实很多人患有“心理残疾”,使他们不能在生命中成就伟绩。尼克很勇敢,可说是当今世界上最鼓舞人心的一个榜样。尼克想为有心人讲一个故事,你准备好了吗?

  A little over 27 years ago, in Melbourne, Australia, a young 5)pastor named Boris and his wife Dushka Vujicic were expecting their first child. 6)By all accounts, the 7)pregnancy was normal and the baby seemed to be healthy. There are no words to describe how they felt on December 4th, 1982, when their son came into the world – without any arms or legs. They were given no warning signs nor did they have time to prepare themselves for what seemed to be a hopeless situation. Even the doctors were in shock, unable to answer how or why this could have happened.   大约27年以前,在澳大利亚的墨尔本市,一个名叫鲍里斯·武伊契奇的年轻牧师和他的妻子杜什卡正在等待第一个孩子的降生。一切资料都显示怀孕很正常,胎儿似乎也很健康。然而,1982年12月4日,在这个孩子呱呱坠地的那一刻,他们的感受却无法言喻——孩子没有手,也没有脚。这对父母事前没有收到任何提醒,也没有时间让自己准备好应对这个看似绝望的情况。甚至连医生们也深感愕然,无法解释这样的事为什么会发生、到底是如何发生的。

  Nick’s parents were 8)devastated and confused. They even wondered whether or not he would survive. But tests proved that Nick was a healthy baby. He just didn’t happen to have any 9)limbs.

  Five years had passed. It was time for Nick to start school. You might wonder how a person without arms or legs could get around. Well, Nick had help from his specially fitted 10)motorized chair that he could control with his 11)partial foot. (He calls it his “chicken drumstick.”) He enjoyed school and wanted to fit in and be like the other kids, but how does one do that when you are so different? Even though Nick looked different on the outside, he felt the same as any other kid on the inside. He just wanted to be loved and to know that everything was going to be okay, but everything was not okay, most of the time.

  People, even children, can be cruel and unkind. And Nick had to 12)endure all kinds of struggles and mistreatments, from being 13)gawked at to being 14)bullied. Nick tried to keep a 15)positive 16)outlook, and he tried to make friends, but at times the pressure was just too much. He would often stay home from school just to avoid the pain and suffering for a while. He even went through 17)bouts of anger and depression in which he thought about ending his own life. Fortunately, Nick’s family members were an endless source of comfort and encouragement during this very dark time in his life.

  After begging God to grow arms and legs, Nick began to realize that his story was inspirational to many, and that he was thankful to be alive. He wanted to show the world that if he could face and overcome challenges without any arms or legs, then there was a good chance others could overcome whatever they were facing as well.

  It’s amazing when you think about how many things we “normal” people 18)take for granted and complain about whenever we get a chance. Over the years, Nick has learned how to take care of himself and basically live on his own. He can shave, comb his hair, brush his teeth, get dressed; he can swim, play soccer, and he can even type 43 words per minute with his little “chicken drumstick.”

  By the age of 19, Nick had not only earned a double degree in accounting and financial planning, he had also started his 19)motivational speaking 20)career. By the age of 23, Nick was 21)nominated for the Young Australian of the Year Award, which is a large honor in Australia.

  Since his first speaking engagement, Nick has traveled the world telling his story and motivating millions of people – from corporate 22)executives to elementary school children. Now, Nick is also a successful stockmarket and 23)real estate 24)investor, and he is the 25)CEO of his own company.

  Nick has also produced two motivational DVDs. One is called Life’s Greater Purpose and the other is No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. I have seen both. They are nothing short of amazing and inspirational. Nick has an endearing smile, boyish charm, quick 26)wit and 27)quirky sense of humor. In no way do you leave feeling like, “Wow, I feel sorry for that guy.” No, it’s actually the other way around. You wonder if you are not the one disabled, at least mentally anyway. He has probably done more in his 27 years of life than most people twice his age. It is quite evident that Nick has a passion for life, for love and for people. He calls himself the “hugging machine.” You might wonder how someone without arms can hug. Well, you’ll just have to see him in action.

  Nick is the kind of person you can’t help but love, no matter what he looks like on the outside, because he has such a big heart. Through his speaking career and with the distribution of his DVDs, Nick has “touched” millions of people’s lives. I guarantee you, most who have seen him, heard his message and taken it to heart, have been changed forever. I know I have. And yet he will more than inspire you, he will challenge you to face whatever it is that is holding you back from realizing your dreams, and he will encourage you to discover your greater purpose in this life.