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帮助你成功的24个日常好习惯 24 Daily Habits to Make the Most of Your Life

24 Daily Habits to Make the Most of Your Life

Part 1 In the Morning
第一部分 清晨

1. Wake Early: I am a big fan of waking at 5am and spending time working on myself before going to work.

2. Exercise: when I had the goal of exercising 4 times a week I found it was very easy to tell myself I will exercise tomorrow instead. Setting the expectation of daily exercise removed this as a potential excuse and I have since reaped the benefits of this daily habit.

3. Review or (even better) Rewrite Your Goals: each day I try to get closer to achieving my short, medium and long term goals. Starting the day by reviewing or rewriting my goals means that I have better awareness of them throughout the day. As Robin Sharma says:With better awareness you can make better choices and when you make better choices, you will see better results.
3. 回顾或(甚至更好)调整您的目标:每一天我设法接近实现我的短期,中期和长期目标。开始一天的回顾或调整我的目标意味着我能更好的认识一整天。正如罗宾·夏尔马所说:有了更好的认识你可以做出更好的选择,当你做出更好的选择,你会看到更好的结果。

4. Read and/ or Listen to Motivational Material: in the morning a whole day of endless possibilities lies ahead. I motivate myself to play my best game by reading and listening to inspirational books/ audiobooks.
4. 阅读和(或)听励志材料:在早上一整天的没完没了可能的摆在面前。我激励自己好好去读和听励志书籍或有声读物。

5. Visualise the Day Ahead: I like to take a few minutes to shut my eyes and visualise what I want happen in the coming day. It’s amazing how often my desires become reality when I do this.

6. Write a “To Do”list: I like to write out a list in my diary of the important tasks I need to do that day. As they are completed I put a line through them. So simple, yet so effective.
6. 写一个“To Do” 清单:我喜欢在我的记事簿里列出一天需要去做的重要任务。每完成一件事就划掉它,这种方法简单高效。

7. Check the News Headlines: I think it’s important to have an idea of what is happening in our community and the world. Also if don’t at least check the main stories, I find it is easy to feel left out of conversations throughout the day.
7.了解新闻提要 我认为了解那些正在发生在我们的社区和社交圈里的事情很重要。然而,如果了解不到主要详情,我发现很容易遗漏一天的交往。

8. Take a Multivitamin: I try to eat a well balanced diet, but taking a multivitamin daily reassures me that I obtaining the proper amount of vitamins and minerals that I need.
8. 摄入多种维生素:我尽量吃得均衡些,但每日摄入多种维生素保证我获得适量人体所需的维生素和矿物质。

9. Tidy Up: a cluttered house can lead to a cluttered mind and fuzzy thinking. I find it’s best to stay on top of things by tidying up each day.
9. 收拾整理:一间杂乱不堪的房子能导致思想混乱和想法模糊。我认为最好坚持的头件事就是每天收拾整理。

10. Take Time to Look Good: it’s a reality of life that people judge us by our appearance. I take a few minutes each morning to ensure I go out into the world looking the best I can.
10. 花些时间在仪表上:现实生活中人们常会以貌取人。每天早晨我是否花几分钟在仪表上,以确保我自己以最好的形象融入社会交往。

Part 2 : The Day

11. Put First Things First: Many people have their day controlled by tasks that are urgent , but not necessarily important. Examples include interruptions, some email and some phone calls. The habit of putting first things first is about organising and executing your life around your deepest priorities.
11. 重要的事情先做:许多人的日常被紧迫但不一定是重要的任务控制控制着。例如:打岔的事,一些电子邮件和电话。“重要的事情先做”的习惯就是组织和执行你的生活方式围绕你的最优先考虑的事。

12. Connect with Nature: I find spending time outdoors in nature is great for my sense of wellbeing.
12. 亲近自然:我觉得花时间在户外可以给我带来不寻常的幸福感。

13. Blog: blogging makes me think and write - two things that I can’t get enough of each day.
13. 写博客:写博客使我思考和写—这是我每天不能获得满足的两件事。

14. Snack Well: I substitute the chips, candy and chocolate with fruit, vegetables (carrots and celery are great to chomp on) and nuts.
14. 健康快餐好:我用水果、蔬菜(胡萝卜和芹菜等)和坚果替代炸马铃薯条、糖果和巧克力。

15. Be Proactive: being proactive means showing initiative and taking the responsibility to make things happen. Whenever I want something to happen, I ask myself: what can I do to make this happen?
15. 积极主动:积极主动意味着显示出创造力和敢于实践。每当我想要做,我问自己: 我能做些什么来做到这一点?

16. Ping a Friend: I try to send a quick email or text to a friend each day. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends when I am extremely busy.
16. 与朋友保持联系:每天我设法发送快速电子邮件或文本给朋友。当我非常忙时,这是一个很好与朋友保持联络的方式。

17. Save: I save at least 10% of each paycheck. A great way to find the money to save is to break it down to a daily amount, for example $10-15.
17. 储蓄:我至少将每次薪水的10 %用于储蓄。.发现一个很好储蓄的方式就是逐项列出日常金额数,例如10-15美元。

Part 3: At night

18. Have Family Time: on a typical workday I won’t see much of my partner and son, so I believe it’s important to, at the very least, be there most evenings. Family time is about quantity and quality.

19. Floss: This is essential to reduce tooth decay and gum disease. Why wouldn’t you want to have the best smile possible?

20. Wind Down: I try to switch off the computer and the TV about 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime and let my brain have some down time after a long day. I sleep far more peacefully when I do this.

21. Review My Day: I find this is a great way to hold myself to account for taking action throughout the day. Did I get closer to achieving my goals? Did I complete my to do list? Did my day go as planned? If not, why not?

22. Read: I love to read and do so continuously throughout the day. I find it is especially good to read just before to going to bed. Just makes sure it’s a relaxing book, and not one about nuclear physics.

23. Say I Love You to My Family Members: don’t just assume that your family members know you love them. I say these words to my partner and son at least once per day.

24. Go to Bed At A Reasonable Time: the first habit of this list (waking early) begins by going to bed at a reasonable time and getting a good nights sleep.