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15 Second Honeymoon 二渡蜜月(合集)


What's this for? 为什么要送我花?
Just because. How's the baby? 没有原因。孩子好吗?
Fast asleep. 正熟睡着呢。
I'm sorry I missed him. I had to work late. 很抱歉我错过了他醒着的时候。我必须工作到很晚。
What are the flowers for, Richard? 究竟为什么送花 ,Richard?
Five years of happiness. Happy anniversary. 为了五年的幸福。祝结婚周年快乐。
But our anniversary isn't until Saturday. 但是要到星期六才是我们结婚周年呀。
I couldn't wait. 我迫不及待啦。
Besides, we are not going to be here Saturday. 另外,我们星期六将不在这儿了。
We're not? 不在这儿?
Uh-uh. 嗯。
Where are we going to be? 我们会在哪儿?
If you had your choice of all the places in the world. 假如你可以选择世界上的任何地方。
where would you choose to spend our anniversary? 会选哪儿去度我们的结婚周年纪念日?
The Watermill Inn. Watermill Inn。
I loved that place when we went on our honeymoon. 当初我们度蜜月时我便很喜欢那个地方。
Perfect! You picked the right place. 棒极了,你选对了地方。
I don't understand. 我不懂你在讲什么。
You and I, Mrs. Stewart, Stewart太太 ,你和我,
are going to spend a second honeymoon at the Watermill Inn. 将到Watermill Inn欢度第二次蜜月。
Oh, Richard! That's wonderful, but-- 噢,Richard!那真是太好了,可是……
No buts. 不要说可是。
What about the baby? 那小宝宝怎么办?
Aren't we taking the baby on our honeymoon? 我们岂不是要带小宝宝一起去度蜜月?
Absolutely not. 绝对不必。
The world's greatest grandmother, Mrs. Ellen Stewart, 世界上最伟大的祖母,Ellen Stewart太太,
has agreed to take care of him for the weekend. 同意在周末照顾他。
Richard, isn't that too much to ask of your mother?  Richard,那是不是太麻烦你母亲啦?
Too much? She loves taking care of Max. 太麻烦?她喜欢照顾Max。
But ... I'll miss him. 但是……我会想他的。
Well, we'll phone every hour, 好了 ,我们每个小时都可以打电话,
and you can listen to him over the phone. 而且,你可以在电话中听到他的声音。
Come on, Mar. 得了,Mar。
It's time you and I had a romantic weekend alone together. 是我们俩单独在一起过一个浪漫周末的时候了。
We've earned it. What do you say? 我们有这样做的权利。 你觉得怎样?
It does sound tempting. 听起来很诱人。
You're right. We've earned it. 你说得对,我们有这样做的权利。
Great! I'll make a reservation right now. 太好了,我现在就订房间 。
Remember that wonderful little balcony 还记得那个美妙的小阳台
where we had our meals ... 我们用餐的地方……
with a view of the Hudson River? 可以看到Hudson河?
How could I forget? 我怎么会忘呢?
Hello. Is Mrs. Montefiore there? 喂,Montefiore太太在吗?
Ah. She's out. 啊。她出去了。
Yes. This is Richard Stewart. 是的。我是Richard Stewart。
My wife and I spent our honeymoon at the inn. 我太太和我在你们旅馆度的蜜月。
No, we didn't leave anything in the room. 不是,我们没有弄丢任何东西在房间 。
It's five years ago. 那是五年前了。
We'd like to make a reservation for this weekend. 我们想预订一个这个周末的房间。
Yes, a double room, please. What? 对,双人房间,麻烦你了。什么?
Are you sure? But ... OK. 你确定吗 ?但……算了。
Nothing available. 没有空房间了。
Wait! Don't hang up! 等等!别挂断电话!
Can you recommend someplace nice--someplace nearby? 你能给我们介绍一个好地方吗---一个附近的地方?
Uh--hold it. Old Country Inn? 嗯---等一等。Old Country Inn?
Right. And the phone number? 好的。电话是多少?
555-2420. Thank you. 555-2420。谢谢你。
He says there's another inn 他说还有另一家旅馆。
just half a mile down the road from the Watermill. 从Watermill往下走要半英里。
It won't be the same, but what do you say? 那就不一样了, 但你说呢?
Well ... 那……
My mom is available to baby-sit this weekend. 我妈妈在这个周末可以照顾小宝宝。
Well, OK. See if they have a room. 那,好吧 。看看他们是否还有房间。
Right! 好的!
Hello. Is this the Old Country Inn? 喂 ,是Old Country Inn吗?
Yes. This is Richard Stewart. 是的。我是Richard Stewart。
The desk clerk at the Watemill suggested your inn. Watemill Inn的职员推荐你们的旅馆。
Would you happen to have a room for two availbale 你们可有一个双人房间
this weekend? 这个周末?
Something really nice. 要很好的。
My wife and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary. 我太太和我要庆祝一下我们的结婚五周年纪念日。
Yes. I'll hold. He's checking. You do? 好,我会等。他正在查。真的有?
Great! What is the daily rate? 太棒了! 房间一天租金多少?
That's fine. Thank you. 很好。谢谢你。
Yes, we'll be arriving by car about ten o'clock Friday night. 是的,我们将于星期五晚上十点钟左右开车抵达。
Stewart. S-t-e-w-a-r-t. Thank you. Stewart。S-t-e-w-a-r-t。谢谢你。
Done! You and I, Mrs. Stewart. 办到了! Stewart太太,你和我
are going to have a wonderful, romantic weekend! 将度过一个美妙浪漫的周末!
Richard, that's the baby. Richard ,是小宝宝醒了。

Good afternoon, Watemill Inn,
may I help you?
Hi, I'd like some information
about the inn.
Of course! We're located in the town of Rhinebeck,
just a two-hour drive from the city.
What kinds of accommodations do you have?
For a very special vacation
we have a large honeymoon suite.
Well I ...
Or if you prefer you can reserve
a smaller single room.
That's probably ...
Or a double room, with a fire place,
and a balcony.
I really think ...
And the view of the Hudson River
from the balcony is absolutely gorgeous.
I don't really ...
Enjoy beautiful view.
Well, the town of Rhinebeck is the perfect place
to take an afternoon walk.
I do like to ...
And of course, after all that walking
you'll want to relax
and have a deliclous dinner,
in our romantic dining room.
Well, I don't know. I may be ...
... too tired to come to the dining room?
Don't worry. Our friendly room service
is always ready to bring
delicious meals to your room.
Oh, how nice!
Nice. Our innkeeper Mrs. Montefiore
is the nicest person you'll ever meet.
She's been making the Watermill Inn
a comfortable place for guests for over 20 years.
What time is ...
Well, you can check in any time after 1:00 p.m.
And checkout anytime before 12:00 noon!
Now, when would you like your reservations,
and what type of room would you like?
I'm not quite sure ...
You can be sure that the Watermill Inn
is the finest small hotel in all of New York State.
New York? I thought I called Florida!



Right this way, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart. 走这边 ,Stewart先生和太太。
Well, it's small, but clean. 噢 ,它是小了点 ,但是干净。
Clean? You call this clean? 干净?这样算干净?
Have a nice stay. 希望你们住得愉快。
Thank you. I don't believe this. 谢谢。我简直不敢相信。
Well, it isn't the Watermill Inn, 算了 ,这不是Watermill Inn ,
but let's get a look at the view. 但让我们来瞧一瞧景色。
How is the view? 景色怎么样?
Great, if you enjoy looking at a parking lot. 好得很,假如你喜欢看一个停车场的话。
Well, maybe we'll see the view in the morning. 好了, 也许我们可以在早晨看风景。
Right now, we should clean up this room. 现在,我们应当清理一下房间。
Sorry, Marilyn. 对不起,Marilyn 。
Why should you be sorry? 你何必说对不起呢?
Well, the rain, the room, the view of the parking lot. 唉,这雨,这房间,这停车场的景色。
It isn't the way I hoped it would be. 这不是我所盼望的。
Stop blaming yourself. 别责备你自己了。
After all, we're here, we're alone, we're together. 毕竟,我们来到这儿了,我们又单独在一起了。
And I love you. Isn't that enough? 我爱你。难道这还不够?
It is for me, 对我来说当然足够,
but I wanted this weekend to be special for you. 但我希望这个周末对你来说很特别。
It is special. Happy anniversary. 确实很特别。结婚周年快乐。
It's still raining. I want to play tennis. 仍然在下雨。我想打网球。
I want some breakfast. 我想吃早餐。
Let's call room service and order a nice breakfast, 让我们打电话给房间服务部订一份可口的早餐,
and then we'll figure out what to do today. 然后我们再决定今天做些什么。
Right. Would you give me room service, please? 好。请接房间服务部,可以吗?
I beg your pardon? Oh, I see. 你说什么? 噢,我明白了。
They don't have room service at Old Country Inn. Old Country Inn没有早餐服务部。
Well, let's go down to the coffee shop. 哦,那我们下去咖啡厅吧。
They don't have a coffee shop. 他们也没有咖啡厅。
We can get our meals at Mrs. Montefiore's down the road. 我们可以沿大路走到Montefiore太太的旅馆去吃。
That's OK, honey. 没有关系的,亲爱的。
I love walking in the rain. 我喜欢在雨中散步。
Oh, you're being a really good sport about this, Marilyn, 噢,在这件事情上,你倒变成一个看得很开的人,Marilyn,
but I think we should face the truth. 但我认为我们应面对现实。
What's that? 什么意思?
This is not the way to spend our fifth anniversary. 这不是我们过五周年纪念日的方式。
Well, what do you want to do? 那你想干什么?
Why don't we get in the car and drive home? 我们何不开车回家?
Oh, Richard, it really isn't that bad. 喔,Richard, 事情没有那么糟。
Do you want to stick it out for the whole weekend? 难道你想在此耗掉整个周末?
Well, I'll admit the room is uncomfortable. 嗯,我承认这个房间很不舒服。
Uh-hum. 嗯哼。
And I do feel bad about your mother 而且我觉得很过意不去让你母亲
having to take care of the baby all weekend. 整个周末照顾孩子。
Why don't we just check out? 那何不立即结帐离开?
OK. 好吧。
Hello? Yes. Yes, this is she. 喂?是的,是的,是我。
Oh, hello! How nice of you to remember us! 噢,你好!你真好还记得我们!
Yes, my husband did call. 是的,我丈夫打过电话。
You do? Really? It won't be any trouble? 有? 真的? 不会有任何麻烦?
Oh, yes, I think we'd like that very much. 噢, 好的,我想我们非常乐意。
Fifteen minutes! Thank you. Good-bye. 十五分钟, 谢谢。再见。
You will never guess. 你绝对猜不到。
Uh ... I give up. 嗯……我放弃猜。
Mrs. Montefiore from the Watermill Inn. 是Watermill Inn的Montefiore太太打来的电话。
What is she calling about? 她打来说什么?
They have an opening. 他们有一个空房间。
Someone just checked out. 有一个人刚刚结帐走了。
and Mrs. Montefiore has reserved the honeymoon suite for us. Montefiore太太为我们保留了蜜月套房。
You're kidding! 你在开玩笑!
No. Isn't it wonderful? 不,这不是很美妙吗?
It's fantastic! 太棒了!
Oh. Now all it has to do is stop raining. 噢。现在唯一希望的就是停止下雨。
Let's go. 我们走吧。

Marilyn and Richard hope to have
a wonderful weekend.
Hope to have, hope to have.
But Richard doesn't like the view.
"Great, if you enjoy looking at a parking lot."
He doesn't enjoy looking at cars.
Enjoy looking, enjoy looking.
When two verbs are together
in a sentence. The second verb,
sometimes has "to" in front of it.
Sometimes it ends in "ing."
Marilyn is happy.
We're here, we're alone,
we're together.
And I love you.
But it keeps raining all night long.
Keeps raining, keeps raining.
The next morning
Richard wants to play tennis.
Wants to play, wants to play.
Marilyn suggests going to the coffee shop.
Suggests going, suggests going.
They don't have a coffee shop.
But they need to eat breadfast.
Need to eat, need to eat.
After enjoy, keep and suggest
use a verb with "ing."
And with hope, want and need
use a verb with "to" in front of it.
What are they going to do?
I love walking in the rain.
She loves walking in the rain,
loves walking.
She loves to walk in the rain,
loves to walk.
After love use a verb with "ing."
You can also use a verb with "to" in front of it.



Welcome to the Watermill Inn. 欢迎你们来Watermill Inn。
Oh, Richard, 噢,Richard。
it's exactly as it was when we were married! 它跟我们结婚的时候一模一样!
And when I got married. 也跟我结婚时一样。
Even the old patchwork quilt is the same! 甚至这条旧的百衲被罩也是一样!
My great-grandmother made that quilt 我曾祖母缝了这个被罩
when Teddy Roosevelt was President. 在Teddy Roosevelt总统的时代。
In those days, when they made quilts. 那个时代,人们做被罩,
they cut patches 剪下布块
from the old clothing of every member in the family 从每位家庭成员的旧衣服
so that each one would be a part of it. 好让每个人都成为它的一部分。
What a lovely tradition! 多么可爱的传统!
Thank you for calling us. 谢谢你打电话给我们。
I remember you and your wife 我便一直记得你和你太太
from the first time you stayed with us. 自从你们第一次在我们这儿住。
We were very young. 我们那时很年轻。
And very much in love. 而且相爱至深。
We have a baby now. 我们现在有一个小宝宝了。
How wonderful! A boy or a girl? 太好了!男孩还是女孩?
A boy--Max. 男孩。叫Max。
Do you have a picture? 你们有他的照片吗?
Would a professional photographer be without a picture? 一位专业摄影师会没有照片?
Oh, he's adorable! 哦,他可爱极了!
And very bright. 而且非常聪明。
Like his father. A real Stewart. 像他爸爸一样。一个真正的Stewart家庭成员。
And very good-looking, like his mother. 也很漂亮,像他妈妈。
Well, it's nice to have you with us again. 噢 ,非常高兴你们又来了。
Next time, bring the baby. 下次把小宝宝一起带来。
You see, Richard? Max is welcome here. 你看到了吧,Richard? 他们这儿欢迎Max呢。
Not on our anniversary. 可不能在我们的结婚纪念日。
This vacation is for you and me. 这是我和你的假期。
If there's anything you need, please call me. 假如你们需要什么,请打电话给我。
I'll be in the front office all day. 我整天都在总办公室。
Oh, I took the liberty of ordering some breakfast for you. 噢,我冒昧给你们订了早餐。
Just put it over there, Charles. 就放在这儿吧,Charles。
Thank you, Charles. 谢谢你,Charles。
Compliments of the Watermill Inn. Watermill Inn请客。
Thank you. 谢谢。
Thank you so much. 太感谢了。
Now, this is my idea of a good time. 这才是我所谓的享受时光。
Let's see ... hotcakes and maple syrup, with scrambled eggs. 让我瞧瞧……烤饼和枫蜜,还有炒蛋。
Umm ... smell that coffee ... cinnamon and cloves. 呀……你闻一闻咖啡……一股肉桂和丁香的香味。
Homemade buttermilk biscuits. 自治的酸奶脆饼干。
Slices of orange with burnt honey. 上了焦蜜的桔子片。
Let's eat! 让我们享用吧!
First I want to call home 我得先打个电话回家
and check on your mother and the baby. 问问你母亲和孩子的情况。
Honey, if there were any problems, 亲爱的,假如有事的话,
she would call us. 她会打电话过来的。
She doesn't know we've changed hotels. 她不知道我们换了旅馆呀。
You're right. Of course. 说得也是。
Hello, operator. 喂 ,接线生。
I'd like to call Riverdale, New York. 请接New York的Riverdale。
This food is heavenly, isn't it? 这一顿太美好了,对吗?
This whole place is heavenly. 这整个地方都太美好了。
Do you remember that old desk? 还记得这张旧桌子吗?
Mrs. Montefiore told me that    Montefiore太太告诉我
George Washington sat at that desk       George Washington曾坐在那儿
and wrote to his wife Martha. 给他妻子Martha写信。
What do you want to do after breakfast? 早餐后想做什么?
Why don't we take a walk down to the river? 我们何不一路散步到河边去?
In the rain? 在雨中?
No. Look out the window. The sun is shining! 不。你看看窗外。太阳出来了!
Now this is my idea of a good time! 这才是我所谓的享受!

Looking at our photographs
from all our time together,
I see us both changing
through the years.
I can't believe how young we looked.
It seems a million years ago,
but through it all
we've shared our joys and tears.
There we are together.
Once upon a time,
reminding me of how
we used to be.
There we are together,
smiling at the camera.
Each day was bright
and new for us.
There we are,
the two of us,
and still we are together,
you and me.
Every photograph,
reminds me how I love you,
and how our love
gets better every day.
Every photograph reminds me
how the years just come and go.
And I can see our love grow
with every photograph.
Looking at our photographs,
I'm going back in time.
Watching every anniversary.
The pictures take me there again,
but we both looked so different then.
Could that really be you and me?
Every photograph
reminds me how I love you.
And I can see our love grow
with every photograph.