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07-3 Man's Best Friend 人类最好的朋友 (下)


OK. 好。
If you want to adopt an animal, 如果你想收养动物,
first we need to know some references. 首先我们得了解证明人。
References? 证明人?
People we know? 我们认识的人?
Friends, teachers.... 朋友,老师……
We need to talk to some people about you. 我们得向一些人打听你的情况。
We want to be sure that you're responsible 我们要确定你是负责的。
and that you can take good care of an animal. 而且能够好好照料动物。
Then you have to fill out this form 然后你要填写这份表格。
about your family background. 关于你的家庭背景的。
Is that it? 就这些啦?
No, there's more. 不,还有。
We need to know about your history with animals. 我们要了解你以前和动物的关联。
Have you ever owned an animal? 你是否曾养过动物?
Yes. 是的。
We had a cat when I was eight years old. 我八岁时养过一只猫。
I love cats. 我喜欢猫。
Do you have any animals now? 你现在还养着什么动物吗?
Unfortunately, no. 很遗憾,没有。
Anything else? 还有别的事吗?
We also like to know 我们还想知道
your reasons for wanting an animal. 你要养动物的原因。
Just to hold it and cuddle with it. 只不过想抱抱它。
Just to have as a pet. 还是要养来当宠物。
I love animals. 我喜欢动物。
To have a friend -- a pal. 想要一个朋友,一个伙伴。
You know, man's best friend is his dog. 你知道,人类最好的朋友就是狗。
And one thing more. 还有一件事。
If you're under twenty-one years of age ... 如果你还不到二十一岁……
That's me. 我就是这种情况。
Then an adult must sign for you. 那就必须有一位成人来替你签字。
Uh-oh. 啊哈。
No problem. 没问题。
My parents will think it's a good idea. 我的父母会觉得这是件好事。
I'll be back with them. 我会带他们来。
If the real owners don't come to claim Gemma ... 如果狗的主人没认领Gemma……
After forty-eight hours. 四十八小时后。
But please call first.请你先打电话给我啊。
Thanks for your information and for being so helpful. 谢谢你的帮助和如此热心。
It's my pleasure. 我很愿意效劳。
Nice talking to both of you. 很高兴与两位交谈。
Thanks again. 再次谢谢 。
Bye. 再见。
Maybe the real owners will come to claim her. 也许狗的主人会来认领的。
Her eyes look so sad. 她的目光那么忧郁。
She must really miss them. 她准是很想主人。
I see you're both animal lovers. 我看得出你们都是热爱动物的人。
We are. 我们是。
Good-bye, Miss Aborn. 再见,Aborn小姐。
We'll call in a couple of days. 我们两三天后给你打电话。
Good-bye, and thanks for bringing Gemma in. 再见,谢谢你们把Gemma送来。
Bye. 再见。
I keep thinking about the dog -- about Gemma, 我一直在想那条狗---Gemma,
alone in the animal shelter. 独自在动物收容所。
I know. 我知道。
But I promise you, Alexandra, 但是我向你保证, Alexandra,
the dog is just fine. 那条狗会很好的。
They're very kind to the animals. 他们照料动物很细心。
I know they are. 我知道他们会。
I mean about her being alone. 我是指她很孤单。
Even if they are kind to Gemma, 即使他们对Gemma很好,
she's still alone, without her family. 她仍是孤单的,没有家。
Ready, folks? 可以点菜了吗,两位?
Are you ready, Alexandra? 想好了吗,Alexandra?
Yes, I'm ready. 是的,我想好了。
I'll have the chef's salad, please. 我要主厨色拉。
I will have a cheeseburger, medium rare, 我要一份奶酪汉堡,五分熟的,
with raw onion, and french fries, please. 加生洋葱和炸薯条。
Anything to drink? 要喝点什么吗?
A diet cola, please. 一份健怡可乐。
Ginger ale with lots of ice for me, thank you. 橙味汽水,多加些冰,谢谢。
I've got it. 我都记下了。
Thanks. 谢谢。
Aren't you surprised 你不觉得很惊讶吗?
that the animal shelter is so careful 动物收容所需要如此小心
about finding homes for the animals? 为动物寻个家。
No, I'm not. 不,我不觉得。
And a cheeseburger, medium rare, 一份奶酪汉堡,五分熟的,
with onion and french fries.加生洋葱和炸薯条。
And a ginger ale with lots of ice. 一份橙味汽水,加多快冰块。
Salad dressing? 沙拉要什么调味酱?
Hey, I wanted you to hear my new sound system 嘿,我正想让你听我的新的音响设备
when the dog scratched on the front door. 当那狗在抓前门时。
Let's finish eating, 我们赶紧吃完,
and then we'll go back to my house. 然后回到我家。
I want you to hear my new tapes. 我给你听我的新录音带。
I've got some great new dance music. 我有几卷很好的新舞曲。
Hello. 喂。
Stewart residence. Stewart家。
Hello. 你好。
Is Robbie Stewart there? Robbie Stewart在吗?
This is he. 我就是。
Who's this? 你是谁?
This is Linda Aborn from the animal shelter. 我是动物收容所的Linda Aborn。
It's Linda from the animal shelter. 是动物收容所的Linda。
Yes, Linda. 是的,Linda。
Hi. 嗨。
We have good news and bad news, Robbie. 我给你带来了好消息和坏消息,Robbie。
Oh? 噢?
The good news is that the Levinsons have come by 好消息是Levinson夫妇已来这儿
to pick up the dog. 把狗领回去了。
The bad news is, you won't be able to adopt the dog. 坏消息是你不能收养那条狗了。
That's OK. 没有关系。
Come by one day and look at some of the other dogs. 有空来一趟,看看其它的狗。
I'm sure there's one for you. 我相信会有你喜欢的。
Thanks, Robbie. 谢谢,Robbie。
And the Levinsons thank you for bringing their dog to us. Levinson夫妇也谢谢你把他们的狗送来。
Thanks, Linda. 谢谢,Linda。
Bye. 再见。
The owners claimed Gemma? 主人把狗领回去了?
That's right. 是的。
I'm glad for the dog. 我真替那条狗高兴。
I guess I am, too. 我想我也一样。
She said if I come by, 她说,如果我去,
she'll help me find another dog. 她会帮我另外找一条狗。
Come on. 来吧。
Let's dance. 咱们跳舞。

They come in every shape.
Every size, and every color...
Long hair, and short hair, or no hair at all.
Some come with feathers.
And some have fur.
And some will even come when you call.
I'm talking about pets in the U.S.A.
Pets in the U.S.A.
Some you can hold.
Some will walk by your side.
Some you can ride every day.
Some will shake your hand.
And when they get to know you.
They seem to understand what you say.
I'm talking about pets in the U.S.A.
Pets in the U.S.A.
No matter what they look like.
No matter what they are.
We like to think of them as our friends.
Just like you and me.
They have personalities.
And they can be such good company.
Some live under water.
Some live in a cage.
And some can just walk around your home.
They may have droopy eyes.
They may have floppy ears.
But they can keep you from feeling all alone.
I'm talking about pets in the U.S.A.
Pets in the U.S.A.