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02-3 The Blind Date介绍会面(下)


What happened? 怎么了?
The baby-sitter called. 他临时保姆打电话来了。
His daughter is sick. 说他女儿生病了。
What's wrong? 什么病?
I think she has a stomachache. 我想她是肚子痛。
He's a good father. 他是个好父亲。
So... what do you think of him? 那么……你觉得他怎么样?
He's very nice. 他很不错。
But I think he was nervous tonight. 但我猜想他今晚有点紧张。
It was his first date in two years. 这是他两年来第一次约会。
Will you see him again? 你会再见他吗?
I hope so. 我希望如此。
This food is delicious. 这菜的味道不错。
He didn't get a thing to eat. 他什么也没有吃。
You ordered enough for three or four people, 你叫了够三、四个人吃的,
but I'm not complaining. 但我不在意。
The food is delicious. 菜好吃极了。
Who is that? 那是谁呀?
Do you think it's... 你想会是……
No. You won't believe it, Marilyn! 不会。 简直无法相信,Marilyn!
I believe it. Even without looking. 我能相信。即使不看我也知道。
Hi! 嗨!
How...? 你怎么……
Your downstairs neighbor let me in.你楼下的邻居让我进来的。
Did you go home? 你回家了吗?
I did , but everything is OK, 回去了,但一切安好。
so I decided to come back. 于是我决定回来。
To apologize for leaving so early, 为了表示对我提早离开的歉意,
I brought you a little gift. 我给你带了一件小礼物。
It's a bonsai tree 这是一颗盆栽
for your new apartment. 给你的新公寓。
Hi, Marilyn. I hope it's not too late. 好,Marilyn。 我希望我来得不算太晚。
Oh, not at all. We're still eating. 噢,没关系。我们还在吃着呢。
Please, come in. Join us. 请进。跟我们一起吃吧。
It's our meal from the restaurant. 这是从餐厅带回来的的菜。
And how is your daughter? 对了,你女儿怎么样?
Oh, she's fine. 噢,她没事了。
It was only a tummy ache. 仅仅是肚子有点痛。
It's good that you went back. 你回去是对的。
Yes, I think it's important for me to be there 是的,我想我在场是非常重要的
since her mother died. 因为她妈妈去世了。
I agree. Aren't you hungry? 我想是的。你饿了吗?
As a matter of fact... I am hungry. 老实说……我饿了。
There's lots of food left. 这儿还剩下很多食物。
Mmm, this is delicious! 嗯,很好吃!
Enjoy! 那就享受吧!
I'm going to excuse myself. 很抱歉失陪。
I have a lot of work to do to get ready for tomorrow. 我得为明天做许多准备工作。
Good night, Harry. It was nice meeting you. 晚安,Harry, 很高兴与你见面。
Bye, Marilyn. 再见,Marilyn。
Good night, Susan. 晚安,Susan。
Good night, Marilyn. 晚安,Marilyn。
She's going to a fashion show here in the city tomorrow. 她将参加明天在本市举行的时装表演。
She is sleeping here     她晚上住在这儿
so she won't have to travel from Riverdale in the morning. 免得早上从Riverdale赶过来。
You two must be close. 你们两个关系一定很好。
we are. 是的。
The whole Stewart family is close. Stewart全家相处都很好。
I like that. 我喜欢这样。
And then, two years ago, my wife died. 接着,两年前,我妻子去世了。
You miss her. 你思念她。
I do...yes, but I have Michelle... 不错……是的,但我还有Michelle……
and with time... 而且随着时间流逝……
Is there anyone else in your life? 在你生活中还有别的女人吗?
No, not yet. What about you? 不,还没有。你呢?
Oh, I date occasionally, 哦,我偶尔约约会,
but my work keeps me busy. 但我老是忙于工作。
Ooh, speaking of keeping busy- 哦,说到忙于工作---
I have an early start tomorrow, 我明天还得早起,
and the baby-sitter has to get home. 而且临时保姆也该回家了。
Where did the time go? 时间过得真快!
It's midnight. 都午夜了。
Thank you, Susan. 谢谢,Susan。
I had a nice evening. 我度过了一个愉快的夜晚。
Me, too, Harry. 我也很愉快,Harry。 
Harry?     Harry?
Yes? 什么事?
I'd like to meet your daughter someday. 我希望有一天能见见你女儿。
Does that mean that I can see you again? 是不是说我可以再与你见面?
Of course. 当然。
Wonderful. I'll call you, 那太好了。我会打电话给你,
and we'll go out to dinner. 然后我们到外面吃晚饭。
Please do. 好呀。
I promise I won't leave early. 我发誓我再也不会提早走了。
It was for a good reason. 你今天早走是有原因的。
You know something? 知道吗?
What? 什么?
I think we're going to be good friends. 我想我们可以成为好朋友的。
Good night, Susan. 再见,Susan。
Good night, Harry, 再见,Harry
Have a safe trip home. 路上小心点。
Are you all right? 你怎么了?
Sorry. 对不起。
I never liked that umbrella stand. 我一直嫌那伞架碍事。
Good night, Harry. 再见,Harry.
He's an accountant.
He works with numbers.
He's an accountant.
He manages your money.
He's an accountant.
He plans your taxes.
An accountant.
An accountant.
That's his occupation, his job.
She's in business.
She's the vice-president
She's in business.
She's the boss.
A vice-president.
That's her occupation, her job.
She's a sales clerk.
She sells clothing.
She's a sales clerk.
She works in a store.
Ya, she's a sales clerk.
She designs clothing too.
A sales clerk.
That's her occupation, her job.
She's a teacher.
That's her job.
Yaaa she's a nurse.
That's her job.
He's a pilot.
That's his job.
Those are occupations.
They're all jobs.
That's her job.
That's her job.
That's his job.
Those are occupations.
They are all jobs.
He's a vendor.
He sells food on the street.
He's a vendor.
He sells hot dogs.
Ya he's a vendor.
He sells ice cream.
A vendor, an accoutant,
a sales clerk, a nurse,
a teacher, a pilot.
They 're all jobs.
a vice-president,
in a toy company.