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And give her a teaspoon of the medicine after every meal. 每餐之后给她吃一茶匙的药。
Don't worry. She'll be fine. 不要担心,她会好的。
You're welcome. Good-bye. 不用谢。再见。
How are you? 你怎么样?
I'm tired and hungry. 我累了,也饿了。
Well, Marilyn and Richard called. 好啦, Marilyn和Richard打电话来了。
They'll be here soon, and then we'll eat. 他们马上就到。他们一到就开饭。
All right. Is...is Susan coming? 好吧, Susan来吗?
Well, she'll be here later. 来,她会晚一点。
She has to work late tonight. 她今晚得工作得晚一些。
And what's Robbie cooking for dinner? Robbie为晚餐准备了什么?
It's a surprise. 会给你一个惊喜。
I hope it's pasta. 我希望是意大利通心粉。
Robbie, the dinner was terrific. Robbie,晚餐真是棒极了。
Yes, it was delicious. 对, 味道非常好。
What's for dessert? 有什么甜点呢?
Oh, I forgot dessert. 哦,我忘了甜点了。
Robbie!  Robbie!
Don't worry. 别愁。
We've got lots of ice cream. 我们有很多冰淇淋。
Oh, I'd love some ice cream. 哦,我想吃冰淇淋。
Well, there's chocolate and coffee and a little vanilla. 好的,这儿有巧克力冰淇淋, 咖啡冰淇淋和一点香草的。
I'll have vanilla. 我要香草的。
Is that all right with everyone? 各位有意见吗?
I'll have chocolate. 我要巧克力的。
Me, too. 我也是。
Uh, one scoop of coffee 我要一勺咖啡的
and one scoop of chocolate for me. 和一勺巧克力的。
Robbie, will you help me serve? Robbie,你能帮我端么?
I keep thinking about that bag of film. Eight rolls. 我一直在想着旅行袋的事。一共有八卷 。
A whole day's work. 一整天的成果呀。
And good stuff, too. 而且都很精采。
Don't worry, Richard. 别担心, Richard。
Somenoe will find it. 有人会发现它的。
I'll get it. Hello. 我去开门。你好。
Does Richard Stewart live here? Richard Stewart住在这儿吗?
Yes, he's my brother. 是的,他是我哥哥。
I'm Robbie...Robbie Stewart. 我叫Robbie...Robbie Stewart。
I'm Alexandra Pappas. 我叫Alexandra Pappas。
How do you do? 你好。
Your brother left his bag of film on the ferryboat. 你哥哥将他的旅行袋遗忘在渡船上了。
I found it. 我发现了它。
I'm really glad to see you. 非常高兴见到你。
I mean...my brother'll be really glad to see you! 我的意思是......我哥哥见到你会非常高兴。
Robbie! Who is it? Robbie!是谁呀?
It's Richard's film! Richard的底片。
I mean, Alexandra Pappas. 我是说Alexandra Pappas。
Come in, please. 请进。 
Alexandra! Alexandra !
Hello, Richard. I found your bag! 你好, Richard。 我捡到你的旅行袋。
Oh, thank you! Thank you! 哦,谢谢, 谢谢!
Um...Alexandra, let me introduce you. 噢……Alexandra,让我介绍一下。
This is my wife Marilyn. 这是我太太Marilyn。
Richard showed me your photo. Richard给我看了你的照片。
How do you do? 你好。
Oh yes. 哦。
Richard told us all about you. Richard跟我们谈起你。
It's nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你。
And this is my mother, Ellen Stewart. 这是我妈妈,Ellen Stewart。
How do you do? 你好。
And my father, Dr. Philip Stewart. 这是我父亲,Philip Stewart医生。
Nice to meet you, Alexandra. 很高兴见到你, Alexandra。
And...ah...you met Robbie. 还有……啊,你已经见过Robbie 。
Yes. And you must be Susan. Hi. 是的。那你一定是Susan了,你好。
Hi. Welcome. 嗨,欢迎。
I'm so glad you found the bag 我很高兴你发现了旅行袋
and took the time and trouble to return it. 而且不怕麻烦,花时间将它送来。
Oh, it was no trouble. 哦,没什么麻烦。
I just took the wrong train. 只是我坐错了车。
Would you like something to eat? 来吃点东西, 好吗?
Thank you, no. 谢谢, 不用了。
I'm late for dinner at my house. 我回家吃晚饭要迟到了。
I really have to go. 我真的得走了。
Would you like to call home? 你想跟家里通个电话吗?
I'd appreciate that. 谢谢你(让我使用电话)。
Please, use the phone. 请随便用。
Thanks. Excuse me. 谢谢。失陪一下。
Alexandra's a high-school exchange student from Greece. Alexandra是从希腊来的交换高中生。
Where does she live? 她住在哪儿?
With a family in the Bronx. 住在Bronx区的一个家庭 。
Oh, that's not too far from here! 噢,那儿不是很远!
Take it easy, Robbie. 不要太紧张,Robbie。
Thank you. 谢谢。
I can only stay a few minutes. 我只能停留几分钟。
Have some iced tea. 喝点冰茶吧。
Thanks, Mrs. Stewart. 谢谢, Stewart太太 。
Please sit down, Alexandra. 请坐 ,Alexandra。
So, you're an exchange student. 哦,你是一名交换学生。
Where do you go to school? 在哪儿上学?
At the Bronx High School of Science. 在Bronx区的理科中学读书。
Oh, that's a very good school. 哦,那是个好学校。
What are your favorite subjects? 喜欢哪些课程?
Biology and mathematics. 生物学和数学。
Richard tells me you're a doctor. Richard告诉我您是医生。
Yes, a pediatrician. 是的,小儿科医生。
And what does your father do? 令尊是做什么的?
He's a lawyer, in Thessaloniki. 他是Thessaloniki的一名律师。
Would you like some pasta? 你想不想来点意大利通心粉?
I made it myself. 我自己做的。
It might be a little cold. 可能有点凉了。
Thanks, no. I do have to go. 谢谢,不用了。我真的得走了。
It was nice meeting you all. 很高兴见到你们一家。
Well, maybe you'll come for lunch some Sunday, 既然如此,或许哪个星期天能来吃中饭。
so we can really thank you 让我们好好的感谢你
for bringing Richard's bag back. 送回Richard的旅行袋。
Maybe. 再说。
You're welcome anytime. 欢迎你随时来玩。
Good-bye. 再见。
Can I drive you home? 我开车送你回去好吗?
No, thanks. 不用了,谢谢。
The train is just up the street. 地铁就在街的那一头。
It won't take me long at all. 不需要花很长时间的。
Well, you really saved the day for me, Alexandra.你真的帮了我一个大忙,Alexandra。
Bye. 再见。
Bye-bye. 再见。
Good night. 晚安。
She's a smart young lady, and very nice. 她是个聪明的年轻姑娘,而且很善良。
Very! Hey, she forgot her bag! 十分! 嘿,她忘了她的包!
I guess we'll be seeing Alexandra again. 我想我们不久又将见到Alexandra。
Right, Robbie? 对吧,Robbie?

My name is Richard Stewart.
I'm a photographer.
I'm Martha Vann.
I'm Richard. What's your name?
By the way, I'm Richard.
What's your name?
We live in California.
Are you from New York?
No, I'm from Greece.
I'm Robbie, Robbie Stewart.
I'm Alexandra Pappas.
How do you do?
Alexandra, let me introduce you.
This is my wife, Marilyn.
Richard showed me your photo.
How do you do?
Oh yes. Richard told us all about you.
It's nice to meet you.
And this is my mother, Ellen Stewart.
How do you do?
And my father, Dr. Philip Stewart.
Nice to meet you, Alexandra.
And you've met Robbie.
Yes. And you must be Susan. Hi. Hi.
It was nice meeting you all.